Favre's Un-Retiring Won't Cause As Much Backlash

Ari HoringSenior Analyst IMay 4, 2009

When Brett Favre retired, there were doubters out there who said they didn't believe him. I'll admit I wasn't one of them.

After an embarrassing end to Favre's 2008 season, there was no way I could see him playing for the Jets in 2009. 

The Jets didn't seem to want him as their quarterback, and Favre didn't seem to want to be there anymore either.

Even if Favre wanted to play somewhere else, since he was under contract, he wouldn't have been able to choose the place he would go to. There was no way Favre was going to go through the same fisasco as the one last summer.

Thus it seemed as though Favre, although still wanting to play, retired. I always assumed that if Favre's doubters were right and he suddenly decided to come back again, there would be even more backlash than we saw last year against Favre.

However, it seems that since the Jets have released Brett Favre from the reserve-retired list, effectively allowing the future Hall of Famer to sign with any team, people don't seem as upset as last year at the idea of him un-retiring.

When he un-retired last year, most people were not really as upset about him changing his mind as much as they were mad about the trouble he caused the Packer's franchise.

They had already moved on and had named Aaron Rodgers their guy, and suddenly Favre wanted the team to be his again. 

Now that his return doesn't have any affect on anyone besides his family, a lot of people including me support Brett Favre's return.

The man can still play and up until his lingering shoulder injury, he was playing like a Pro Bowler.

It seems to me that it is almost a guarantee that he is going to un-retire and end up with Minnesota Vikings. If  it does happen, I will be definitely be watching the Vikings-Packers matchup on Monday night in week four.

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