Cincinatti Bengals Draft Analysis Part Two

Daniel ClearyContributor IMay 3, 2009

In Continuing reviewing the Bengals draft from last week, today I'm going to focus on the two 3rd round picks in Michael Johnson, Chase Coffman, and as well as their 4th round pick Jonathan Luigs.

When it comes to defensive end Michael Johnson, the first question is when will he give 100% effort for the whole season. 

If you ask him he'll tell you he has played 100 percent in every game he has played in, but if you ask the scouts they will tell you countless times that it looks like he isn't giving full effort. 

That is the main complaint when it comes to Johnson who from a physical standpoint and the stats he put up at Georgia Tech should of been considered the top defensive end in the draft. 

There is no question Johnson has the skills—he is considered by most to have top 10 skills if his head is in the game at all times.  This time last year when Todd Mcshay put up his mock draft of 2009 he had Johnson going No. 2 overall so clearly the talent is there. 

The second question is what position will he play for the bengals, is he gonna stay at his position in college which defensive end, or be sort of the new Eric Henderson which was the hybrid DE/OLB on the team. 

Personally I feel he would be great as the hybrid DE/OLB for the team if you watch the highlight  of him from college he has the speed to be able to play outside linebacker and with his speed and long arms he could be very disruptive being a blitzing linebacker on passing downs.

When it comes to the roster impact on the drafting of Michael Johnson the main person affected by the pick was former college teammate of Johnson Eric Henderson.  With Johnson getting looked at as the hybrid DE/OLB the highly injured Henderson was no longer needed and got his release. 

If Johnson stays and becomes the main pass rusher at DE on third down, another question becomes, which one of the current DEs Odom and Geathers gets taken off the field for Johnson. Both guys earn big time money and are mostly pass rushers so which one of these three get the short end of the stick. 

With the pick of Chase Coffman the Bengals get that TE that can stretch the field. This is probably the first time since Marvin Lewis has been coach of the bengals they have someone on paper at tight end that can go down the field and catch the football. 

 Some would say that Ben Utecht is someone that could potentially do this but I see him as someone that is more of an all around TE that is good at both blocking and receiving. 

The main problem that comes with Coffman is his blocking. Coming from a spreed offense at Missouri he was never asked to block and alot of times was split out wide on most downs. 

While this hurt his blocking it made him become a great route runner who is said to run routes like a wide receiver. He was such a huge part of Missouri offense that after his four years of college was over he ended up being the NCAA career leader in receptions for a TE.

The main roster impact that will happen over the pick of Coffman is there is probably going to be a battle in camp between Reggie Kelly the dependable blocker and team leader against last year rookie Matt Sherry who the coaches said a lot of great things about last year at training camp before he went down with a shoulder injury. 

The question in this battle is do the bengals feel that Utecht is good enough of a blocker that Kelly and his contract that he is probably overpaid for the production that you get from him is expendable. Personally, I feel that it is and Kelly gets cut at the end of training camp.

No surprise to any Bengals fan the team took a center in the draft.  Lucky for us fans we never have to watch Eric Ghiaciuc get pushed back by the big nose tackles of the AFC North. However it will be great to watch him be abused as a Kansas City Cheifs. 

Now back to the pick of Jonathan Luigs who was the winner of the Rimington Trophy back in 2007—which goes to the best center in college football—when he blocked for two future 1st round picks in Darren Mcfadden and Felix Jones. 

The strengths of Lugis is his size he has great feet and athleticism which allows him to get to the second level with ease. He is also known for his smarts which makes him pick up the team scheme as well as opposing team blitzes. His weakness however is that he is not center out there and could have trouble with the big nose tackles that Ghiaciuc had trouble with as well.

However from reports from people close to the team the bengals seemed to be set with him starting from day one. If that is the case you have to think that two guys of the current trio of current centers on the team will most likely be cut. 

So that leaves Kyle Cook, Dan Santucci and Andrew Crummey fighting it out for that last spot, the team seems to like Cook who was going to replace Ghiaciuc in the starting lineup before he injured his toe. and was put on injured reserve. 

So my guess on the center position heading into the first week against Denver to be Lugis and Kyle Cook.


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