My Last Thoughts on Brett Favre

Chris ScheiCorrespondent IMay 2, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - DECEMBER 28: Brett Favre #4 of The New York Jets leaves the field after losing to The Miami Dolphins 24-17 after their game on December 28, 2008 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

As most of you know, I've been a lifelong Packer fan. Being that, I had very strong feelings about Brett Favre.

Until now.

After the 2005 debacle, Brett Favre played a long game of chicken with Ted Thompson, with neither person wanting to be the bad guy. Favre wanted out of Green Bay, and waited as long as he could to "make his decision" on playing again, hoping that Thompson would eventually say "enough" and release him.

That never happened. The next two years, Favre made quick decisions to continue playing, and had his last hurrah in 2007. When the Packers lost to the Giants with a vintage time-it-with-a-stop-watch Favre interception, I assumed that it had to be over.

We all, including Brett, knew Favre would never duplicate that season again. Believing it, however, was a different story.

After watching Favre's teary-eyed press conference announcing his retirement, I assumed it was over for good. Little did I know (according to Brett), that he told Ted Thompson that he "might want to play come July, so be prepared." Ted Thompson was no mood to put the entire organization and franchise on standby, and the Packers moved on.

Favre was then traded to the Jets, which saddened me. I didn't dis-like Brett for it, he gave Packer fans his heart and soul for how many years. But I knew it would end badly. That was the saddest part.

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With Favre being the secondary option to Thomas Jones, the Jets stormed out to an 8-3 record. Favre (with admission from him) went to then Jets coach Eric Mangini after that game, saying that the Jets needed to be more aggressive.


A 1-4 finish by the Jets left them out of the playoffs, while Favre struggled badly down the stretch, adding to an already horrid recent December play.

Now, Favre was recently cut by the Jets, after numerous requests from Brett that they do so. But, he doesn't want to play. His agent made that clear. And just to be even more clear, Brett went on the record to say that at this time, he was still retired and had no intention of playing football again.

Just like Brett, leave that door wide-open with those first three words, "at this time." So now, we all sit and wait. We sit and wait to see how Brett Favre's world will turn today. We sit and wait to see what kind of news story gets so much attention that Favre has to do something to undercut it. (Remember Favre retiring when A-rods steroid story broke?)

We sit and wait, and soon will hear everyone's opinion on the radio and TV. We sit and wait and talk about this non-stop on Bleacher Report, because that's what Favre wants us to do. Talk about him.

Brett Favre is a Packer icon and a Packer legend. He deserves to be in the ring of honor and the Packers hall of fame, with his jersey retired.

But, this is the most publicity I have ever seen a very sub-par quarterback get. If he does play again, whichever team he goes to and that teams fans will be highly disappointed this time next year. They will think that they are getting a savior, when they're getting a has-been.

They think they will be getting a super bowl win, when all they will get are timely, game-killing interceptions.

That's the Brett Favre we've watched for the last decade. That last sentence describes the last 10 years of his career.

For me, this is it. I just can't talk about him anymore. No amount of thanks will ever be enough for what he did for the Packer organization, but I've had enough.

Let the debate begin without me...

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