Derrick Rose: Take Notes Celtics, You Could Learn Something

Ryan WinnAnalyst IMay 2, 2009

You know the classic parent-child argument, when the kid screams at the parents, "I am __ years old! You don't know my generation!"

Watching the Bulls-Celtics post and in-game reactions, I am starting to believe that rookie PG Derrick Rose is actually proving that statement to be true.

So, just how did the 20-year-old Derrick Rose react to the game-clinching block?

"I just didn't want to lose the game. But I missed those free throws, I have to make those."

"Those free throws" he was referring to were two misses before Rondo launched a half-court shot that was never going in. No chest pumping from him. No self-indulged praise. No saying they deserved the win. Instead, he talked about what he needs to work on.

How about we turn the tables to a game that fell into the Celtics' hands—Game Two.

Paul Pierce on the game: "We feel very confident because we feel like we haven't even played good basketball. Our best is yet to come."

Really? Beating a team on a last second three pointer, a team that just beat you in similar fashion two nights ago, does not take good basketball? By saying you beat a team without even playing well insinuates you played a bad team.

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I'm sure his mind has changed since. After all, this is a team and a rookie that has pushed you, the self-proclaimed greatest basketball player in the world, to the brink of your abilities.

I have been pointed out that ESPN (who I guess I should not base my sound clips off) steered me wrong, and cut off the part where Doc Rivers praised the Bulls, so there is a glimpse of class on that bench.

But saying one thing and doing another should prove something. If he truely felt that way, would his players continue to spew garbage about themselves? It's a question not easily answered, but definitly deserves some thought.


How about during the game? It has been a much-talked about issue, so I am sure everyone watching the series has seen Kevin Garnett attempting to intimidate the Bulls by snarling and barking from the bench.

Please. The inventor of the Annexation of Puerto Rico was more intimidating with the Alka-Seltzer in his mouth in Little Giants.

You can see him, along with Eddie House, predominantly, mouthing off to their opposition constantly (thanks to TNT and ESPN's infatuation with the injured forward), with Garnett seen going as far as yelling "I told you motherf***ers," after Ray Allen hit the game-winner in Game Two.

Obviously, after sending the game to a deciding Game Seven based on pure grit and determination, the Bulls aren't flinching.

After Brad Miller was fish-hooked by Rajon "greatest point guard in the league" Rondo (I am going to refer to him like this from now on) in Game Five, you would have expected the Bulls, being so young and inexperienced, would allow their emotions to run wild and retaliate in Game Six.

Instead, it was Rondo (the recipient of plenty of jeers throughout the game) who went WWE on Kirk Hinrich, helicoptering him into the scorers table. Don't go looking for it to be reprimanded—it won't happen.

(Despite Robert Horry's two-game suspension for his bump into the scorers table a few years ago. You may forget, the NBA is pretty hypocritical.)

How did the Rookie of the Year react? He was probably the calmest on the court.

As Vinny Del Negro and Aaron gray hustled to keep Hinrich form exploding, and Celtics players alike were holding people back, Rose stood with the ball in his hand, saying with his body language, "I don't need this. Let's play."

(Of course, the media pointed out how brilliant Rivers was for holding his players on the bench. Apparently the fact that Hinrich was the one who got punked means nothing.)


With all this going on, it is nothing beyond a miracle that the young Bulls has not turned this into NFL Blitz and started close-lining Rondo when he drives the lane. It is shocking they have not turned around and upper-cutted Garnett.

They have almost shown the up-most class. Almost.

After Ben Gordon drilled a long-ball in Game Four, he grabbed his crouch in an obvious reaction to the Celtics bench. An act of poor sportsmanship? Absolutely.

But what has the youngest player on the court done to ruffle any feathers? What has the kid my age (still makes me cry at night) done to deserve any hatred? Rose plays the game, and he plays with more fire than any rookie should.

In fact, he plays with the same intensity as Kevin Garnett—but with class.

Maybe it's because his mom is in the stands watching him. Maybe it's because he was forced to be humble after missing two crucial free throws in last year's National Championship. The only certain thing is that it is impossible for a casual fan to not root for him after watching, hearing, and comparing him.

This is not to say Rose is always perfect. He complains about calls. He gets angry on the court.

But what do you hear from him before he leaves for the locker room, packs his bags for Boston one more time, and prepares for the game of his life?

"It will be a tough game. I hope we win, but we'll see."

No Kanye-esque self-proclamations. No pre-emptive excuses. No curse words.

Sit down and shut up, elders. This time, you are the immature ones.

You should listen to the kid.

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