The 2009 NFL Draft All-Reached-For Team

JDAnalyst IMay 1, 2009

COLLEGE PARK, MD - NOVEMBER 10:  Darrius Heyward-Bey #8 of the Maryland Terrapins begins to celebrate as he scored on 37 yard reverse against the Boston College Eagles in the fourth quarter at Byrd Stadium on November 10, 2007 in College Park, Maryland. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

I love the "All-Undrafted Team" lists going around, but I noticed something important was missing. We're letting the overrated guys and the teams that drafted them off the hook a little too easily.  

So without further ado, here is my "2009 All-Reached-For Team."


Everyone else says Josh Freeman here, and I semi-agree, but he at least has the potential to turn into a first round value. Let's call him a backup for now.  

I think I'll go with little-bitty Nate Davis (fifth). I don't mind him at all, but with the solid potential of Tom Brandstater on the board and proven guys like Graham Harrell and Chase Daniel going undrafted, Davis is hard to justify.

Running Back

I'll go with Tony Fiametta (fourth) first, but only because decent fullbacks aren't too rare.

After that, I like most of the back selections, but I'll go with Glen Coffee (third) as a bit of a reach. He gained most of his college numbers behind a spectacular line.

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Wide Receiver

I don't even want to think about Darrius Heyward-Bey right now.

After him, I'll say Mohamed Massaquoi, just because the second round is high for a bigger, slower (albeit physical) guy. Aaron Kelly and Jaison Williams didn't even get drafted, F.Y.I.

Tight End

I'm sorry, but I have to say Brandon Pettigrew. I don't think he was a reach in terms of his ability, and tight end is a need for the Lions (what isn't?).

It's just that with so many good tight ends in this draft, why not grab a much-more-valuable offensive lineman in the late first?

Offensive Line

I think Eric Wood is the understood answer here (first), just because of the Bills' needs and the depth of the draft class on the interior.

I suppose the backup is guard Rich Ohrnberger (fourth), who is just a little small for my liking with other talented guys still on the board.

Defensive Line

If I wanted a nose tackle out of a puny school, I would've taken the high-potential-but-undrafted Chris Baker out of Hampton in the extremely late rounds. The less talented Sammie Lee Hill from Stillman in the fourth just doesn't appeal to me much.

Two guys I like are DEs David Veikune and Cody Brown out of the second round, but I do feel that there were much better, very similar players on the board at the time.


I don't see any real reaches here. I guess I'll take DeAndre Levy (third), just because he was projected much lower. He has the potential to live up to this spot, though.


Darcel McBath and Louis Delmas (second) may turn out okay, but they need to prove to me that they're better than Sean Smith. If they do, I'll apologize for putting them here. Smith didn't really deserve to be earlier, but I like Sean much more than the former two.

Allen Asher isn't a bad player, but he's a little small and slow for a third round pick, so he's my backup.


Hey, I like Michael Mitchell a lot, but do you know what I like even better? A hard-hitting linebacker with average coverage skills!  

Hey Al, I know you've already taken heat for this, but let's face it; William Moore is the exact same size, much faster, and doesn't completely lack coverage skills.


All of them.  

It's nothing against punters and kickers, of course. For playoff teams, a good kicker is an absolute must-have. However, I just don't think that there is that definitive of a talent difference between fifth round David Buehler and seventh round Ryan Succop.

I hope this isn't too harsh. I actually feel bad for these players, because it's not like they draft themselves too high. I guess in a way, this is my apology to all of these players who are about to undergo years of scrutiny for something they didn't even do.

Sorry guys. At least you'll have a lot of money for your troubles, right?

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