A Father and Son's Love For The Game of Hockey

Ryan PickardCorrespondent IApril 29, 2009

Hockey has always been a big part of both I and my Dad's life. Even though we never actually played hockey whether it be in high school or midgets we still were very into. Growing up in New England hockey is a pretty big thing.

We have some of the best college hockey around with Boston College, Boston University, and UNH. We also have the Boston Bruins, an original six team and winner of five Stanley cups.

I have grown up on the Bruins. I was always told by my dad that I should hate everything that is Montreal Canadiens and ever since I was told that I can't stand to see anything with the CH on a jersey.

As I was growing up we would always watch the games together even if we had just got into an argument. I don't know why but there was just something about hockey that brought us together.

My dad will tell me stories about how when he was growing up he didn't even have a TV that would get the bruins games so he would have to go across the street to his aunt's just to watch the game and would only be able to watch it for a couple periods because the games didn't start until eight o' clock back then.

He grew up with the "Big Bad Bruins." He always talks about the huge brawls they used to get into and how much tougher the league was back then. My dad was also lucky enough to see the Bruins win two Stanley Cups in 1970 and 1972. I still have yet to see them win one, the only Boston team I have yet to see win a championship.

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This past September I started my first year of college. When the Bruins season finally came around I had no one else to watch the games with because my roomate hated hockey.

Still after every game I would give my old man a call up to talk about the game. We would talk about the game for a little while and how maybe this was the year they would finally end the cup drought.

After the Bruins swept the Canadiens out of the first round of the playoffs this year I immediately called my Dad. He knew it was me and he just answered with a maniacal laugh and all I could do was laugh with him.

Even if we might not agree on everything I know we will both always agree on one thing and that is hockey.

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