BYU Football: What Taysom Hill Must Do to Prove Doubters Wrong

Samuel Benson@@sambbensonContributor IIIMay 9, 2013

BYU Football: What Taysom Hill Must Do to Prove Doubters Wrong

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    Taysom Hill has seized BYU football's starting role as quarterback, and Bronco Mendenhall has complete confidence in the sophomore.

    Unfortunately, some Cougar fans do not feel the same way.

    After the quarterback frenzy BYU has been through the past few years, you can't blame them. Hill is inexperienced and isn't the pocket-passer that most Cougar legends are, but there are several things to like about him.

    He will prove his doubters wrong, and this is how.

Spend Plenty of Time in the Pocket

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    Looking back at the great quarterbacks in BYU's history, the vast majority are primarily pocket-passers who rarely run the ball. The game has changed, though, and although it is important to be a threat to run, being a strong passer is even more crucial.

    A designed running play is what cost Hill much of last season to injury last year, and with a talented wideout in Cody Hoffman, airing it out a little more won't hurt. Besides, a passing attack is what brought BYU national relevance and many fans want to remember that.

Show off His Speed

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    So, Taysom Hill should pass a lot.

    But that doesn't mean his speed shouldn't be a threat to opponents.

    Hill made all of our jaws drop with a 68-yard touchdown run last year against Hawaii, and he has the quickness to be a great dual-threat quarterback. Although passing should be the first priority, the option to run should still be present.

Win Big Games

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    BYU's 2013 schedule is full of games that would send national waves with a win. Wisconsin, Notre Dame and Virginia all welcome the Cougars to their home turf, and BYU hosts Texas, Boise State and Utah.

    A big game is always the perfect stage to garner attention (see Ty Detmer and Miami in 1990) and winning one on the road would be even bigger. Besides, there's no better way to get people to like you than to beat a team they don't. And Wisconsin, Notre Dame, and Boise State all have plenty of haters.

Be a Leader

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    Riley Nelson never had the size or skills to be a quarterback at a higher level of FBS football, and I was never truly in favor of him starting. But the reason that Coach Mendenhall gave him the role over other gunslingers was because of his leadership.

    Taysom Hill is a young player on a team filled with veterans. He is the quarterback, though, so it is his role to be the leader of the offense. It is his offense, and he needs to control that.

    Being a leader has cemented the legacies of so many athletes in the world of sports—Hill will walk in their footsteps.