Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs: Game 1 Postgame Grades and Analysis

Peter Emerick@@peteremerickSenior Writer IIMay 7, 2013

Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs: Game 1 Postgame Grades and Analysis

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    The Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs gave fans one of the most memorable playoff games in NBA history.

    The Spurs surged back from down 16 with under 4:30 left, on an 18-2 run, to send this one into overtime and ultimately sunk the Warriors 129-127 in double overtime. 

    Stephen Curry put up a ridiculous stat line of 44 points and 11 assists on 51.4 percent shooting from the floor. Curry scored 22 points, without shooting a single free throw, in the third quarter alone, but unfortunately games aren't won in the third quarter alone.

    Tony Parker and Co. surged back in the fourth quarter, capped off by a game-tying three-pointer from Danny Green, who ended the night with 22 points on 6-of-9 shooting from deep.

    Manu Ginobili shot an atrocious 5-of-20 from the field in Game 1, but he sank the biggest shot of the game, as he drained a three ball to put the Spurs ahead for good in the second overtime.

    While Parker ended with 28 points, eight rebounds and eight assists, he was stifled early on by Klay Thompson's aggressive and lanky defense. Once Thompson went to the bench with under five minutes left in the fourth, Parker took over. 

    The question in this series now becomes how long Curry can continue to put up ridiculous production at an efficient level. The Spurs' response to his play in the next few games will decide this exciting second-round series. 

Point Guards

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    Stephen Curry, PG, Warriors

    It's Stephen Curry's world; he just graciously lets us all live in it—as Curry ended Game 1 with 44 points, 11 assists, four rebounds and two steals. 

    This may sound cliche, but there's honestly no word that really describes Curry's 22-point third quarter.

    Just check out his shot chart from the third:

    Looks like a Shamrock Shake with a cherry RT @eyeonbasketball: Here's Steph Curry's Game 1OHWAIT JUST THE 3RD.…

    — J.A. Adande (@jadande) May 7, 2013

    After his 22-point third quarter, Curry semi cooled off, but he continued to keep his team in the game when they needed him. 

    He ended the night with 44 points on 18-of-35 shooting—yep, that's above 50 percent while shooting 35 shots—and he also shot 6-of-14 from beyond the arc.

    With his 11 assists, he kept his teammates involved at an efficient rate. The question now becomes how long will Curry be able to put up this kind of explosive production against Gregg Popovich's well-coached and disciplined team?

    Overall Grade: A+

    Tony Parker, PG, Spurs

    Stephen Curry stole the show for the first 42 minutes of the game, but Tony Parker stole the spotlight right back as he led the Spurs on their 18-2 run to send this one into overtime. 

    Parker ended the night with LeBron James-esqu numbers, of 28 points, eight rebounds and eight assists.

    While he shot just 11-of-26 from the floor, Parker willed his team to a ridiculous comeback win, and he did it right when Klay Thompson went to the bench with his sixth foul with under five minutes left in the fourth quarter.

    Early on, Parker couldn't get much production against Thompson, and that will be a matchup to watch as this series rages on.

    Solid overall night by Parker as he put the Spurs on his back and carried them to an epic Game 1 win that Warriors and Spurs fans alike will forever remember. 

    Overall Grade: A

Shooting Guards

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    Klay Thompson, SG, Warriors

    Klay Thompson showed up in Game 1 ready to prove that he's ready to be taken seriously. That was until he fouled out with over 4:30 left in the fourth quarter 

    In the first half, when Stephen Curry wasn't shooting like a programmed robot, Thompson led the Warriors to a four-point halftime lead. 

    I'm not saying that Thompson's absence was the main reason why the Warriors blew a 16-point lead with under six minutes in the fourth quarter, but it certainly impacted it.

    Thompson ended the night with 19 points, five rebounds, three assists and two steals, while he shot the ball at an impressive 53.3 percent from the field. 

    He let his team down, though, by fouling out and failing to be on the floor when his team needed him the most. 

    Overall Grade: C+

    Danny Green, SG, Spurs 

    Who would've thought that Danny Green would've been the Spur knocking down big shot after big shot down the stretch, capping off their 18-2 run that sent Game 1 into overtime.

    Green shot 6-of-9 from beyond the arc,and he ended the night with an impressive 22 points. 

    Even more impressive, though, was his production on the defensive side of the ball with three steals and two blocks. 

    Green has ice in his veins, and he showed that in Game 1 as he sank three-pointers at clutch times like he was shooting in a gym by himself.

    Solid overall night by Green. The poor rotations that led to wide-open shots for Green will haunt the Warriors in their dreams as they sleep.

    Overall Grade: A-

Small Forwards

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    Harrison Barnes, SF, Warriors

    Lost in the spotlight of another magical performance by Stephen Curry and the Spurs comeback was Harrison Barnes' battle with Kawhi Leonard.

    Barnes, very quietly, ended Game 1 with 19 points and 12 rebounds, on 57.2 percent shooting from the floor.

    Most impressive, though, was his third-quarter slam over Tim Duncan that helped keep the Spurs at bay for the time being.

    Unfortunately, though, Barnes made a big defensive mistake in the second overtime that led to Manu Ginobili's wide-open three ball that won the game. On a side note, Barnes continues to develop, and that is extremely encouraging for the Warriors. 

    Overall Grade: B

    Kawhi Leonard, SF, Spurs 

    It wasn't a bad night for Leonard, but his defensive production wasn't really present for the Spurs, and that's a testament to the Warriors' impressive movement on offense.

    That was true, until Leonard came alive in the fourth quarter and overtimes.

    Leonard was a major part of the Spurs resurgence with 18 points, nine rebounds (four offensive), three assists and two steals, while shooting 63.6 percent shooting.

    Leonard stepped up his defense on the perimeter, specifically against Stephen Curry in the fourth quarter and overtimes, and that was a major difference-maker for the Spurs as they stole one from Golden State.

    Overall Grade: B+

Power Forwards

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    Festus Ezeli, PF, Warriors

    Even though Festuz Ezeli totaled 12 minutes of action, he was nearly nonexistent, at least on the offensive side of the ball. 

    He accounted for zero points and two rebounds. Fortunately, his presence in the paint wasn't that unproductive.

    Even though he didn't put much up on the stat sheet, his presence was felt on the defensive side of the ball. Unfortunately for him, though, Mark Jackson found a more productive offensive rotation that didn't include him, and that's why he rode the pine for most of the game.

    Overall Grade:

    Tim Duncan, PF, Spurs

    Tim Duncan left Game 1 with five minutes left in the fourth quarter, and he didn't just go to the bench. He actually walked straight on back to the locker room.

    No, it wasn't because he didn't want to watch his team lose. It was because he was suffering from an undisclosed illness

    Impressively enough, Duncan returned to the court once the game went into overtime, and although he didn't add any more production to his 19-point, 11-rebound stat line, his presence alone was felt. 

    It could be Duncan's illness, but he certainly looked a step behind the Warriors fast-paced offense throughout the night. But it didn't matter in the end, because the Spurs snuck out of Game 1 with the win. 

    Overall Grade: B-


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    Andrew Bogut, C, Warriors

    Andrew Bogut's 10-point and 15-rebound stat line was impressive, but he wasn't a major factor down the stretch for the Warriors. 

    What Bogut didn't do well was guarding the paint late in the fourth quarter when the Spurs were surging back. 

    His defense on the screen-and-roll game was questionable to say the least, and he wasn't as aggressive as the Warriors needed him to be on the offensive side of the ball as well. 

    Aggressive play on both sides of the ball has to be Bogut's focus moving forward, because if that was his mindset in the fourth quarter, the Warriors would be up 1-0 instead of being down 0-1. 

    Overall Grade: C+

    Boris Diaw, C, Spurs

    With four minutes left in the game, Boris Diaw had zero points and he was rather nonexistent throughout the majority of the game.

    Then, Diaw turned it on, ending the night with seven huge points, including a big corner three ball in overtime to push it toward the second overtime.

    Diaw certainly stepped up when the Spurs needed him—ending the night with seven points and five rebounds—and that was a major reason why the Spurs pulled off an impressive comeback win.

    Overall Grade: B-

Sixth Man

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    Jarrett Jack, PG, Warriors

    I feel like the first three guys off the Warriors' bench—Carl Landry, Jarrett Jack and Draymond Green—could be their official sixth man, but we'll just stick with Jack. 

    Jack played a ridiculous 42 minutes and ended with 15 points, four rebounds, two assists and two steals. 

    While Jack hit a number of big shots in the fourth quarter to ensure the Warriors sent the game into overtime, he missed the potential game-winner for the Warriors.

    Jack also shot just 5-of-15 from the floor, which didn't help the Warriors keep the Spurs at bay in the fourth quarter.

    Overall Grade: B-

    Manu Ginobili, SG, Spurs 

    There are two ways to look at Manu Ginobili's performance.

    The first perspective focuses on his absolutely awful 5-of-20 shooting from the floor. The other perspective is to ignore that and focus solely on his 16 points, 11 assists and one ice-cold game-winner.

    Aside from his game-winner, though, Ginobili had an absolutely awful night when he was shooting the ball. He had poor shot selection and was putting up shots early in the shot clock.

    Luckily, none of that matters, because of his final three ball that signaled Bon Jovi's "Shot through the heart."

    What an up-and-down night for Ginobili. Fortunately, it ended on quite an upswing.

    Overall Grade: A-


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    Warriors Bench

    What a night for Kent Bazemore coming off the bench for the Warriors. 

    First, he sank the go-ahead shot with under four seconds for the Warriors. Then, he followed that up by being in a precarious situation, choosing between Boris Diaw and Manu Ginobili on the final play that led to Ginobili's game-winner.

    It wasn't poor defense for Bazemore; it was just a case of being in a tough position. 

    The Warriors' bench as a whole, though, had a solid night with 35 total points and 17 rebounds. Draymond Green fouled out in overtime, and the Warriors could've used his defense in the final seconds.

    Overall Grade: B-

    Spurs Bench

    Obviously, Manu Ginobili padded the Spurs' bench production with his game-winner, but aside from that, the Spurs' bench wasn't especially efficient.

    They added 35 points, but it took them a combined 35 field goals to hit that mark.

    What doesn't show up on the stat sheet, though, is the fact that a few bench players were on the floor when the Spurs made their 18-2 run in the fourth quarter to send this one into overtime.

    All in all it was a solid, albeit inefficient performance, for the Spurs bench.

    Overall Grade: B