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Sandy MacPhersonContributor IApril 25, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 19:  Bill Hall #2 of the Milwaukee Brewers in the field  against the New York Mets at Citi Field on April 19, 2009 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

New Vipers catcher Rick Guarno

New Vipers catcher Rick Guarno

Patrick Arlis, Calgary’s steady hand behind the plate last season, is moving on to pursue coaching interests in the Milwaukee Brewers organization.

In his only season with the Calgary Vipers of the Golden Baseball League, the 28 year old catcher who is a traditionally a light hitter, had a career year with the bat hitting 35 points better than his career .238 minor league batting average at .273. 

His seven home runs were also a career-high, besting the six dingers he hit while playing for the Jupiter Hammerheads of the Florida State League (A+) in 2005.

In his place, the Vipers have signed Rick Guarno out of Colorado in the Pacific Coast League (AAA).  

Guarno is also not known for his bat, but he comes in with these dubious stat; he’s played in 287 career minor league games, has hit 15 homeruns and has been hit by pitches 42 times.  That’s once every seven games!!! 6.83 games to be exact.

Legendary batting champion Ted Williams who played in nearly 10 times as many major league games as Guarno has minor league contests (2292-287) only got plunked 39 times in his entire career.

Craig Biggio got nailed a major league baseball record setting 285 times in 2,850 big league games, exactly once every 10 games….

Kinda makes Biggio look like a fraidy cat.

Have I mentioned that for the price of lunch at McUpchucks you have a 1-in-7 chance of seeing a live human hit with a object hurtling at him at speeds anywhere between 80-100 MPH?

Welcome to Calgary, Rick. I look forward to watching you do what you do best.

First baseman John Urick is also on his way into Calgary.  The 27 year old former Oklahoma State slugger is at a career crossroads and might be an asset if he has one of those breakthough years that late bloomers tend to do.   Don’t hold your breath however, waiting for that to happen.

Rick Guarno

2002MBCNEC19-NCAA   5318937611000235112137 426.323.381.376757
2003ALRSBC20-NCAA   5620954722715486034286 183.344.436.555991
 TRINwst20ColA- c 371371632821930112910512.234.293.343636
2004TRINwst21ColA- c 28105112410060052080212.229.311.238549
2005ASHSAL22ColA-c 19697187002106630112.261.342.362704
 MODCalif22ColA+ c 57188264810012301174170514.255.338.324662
2006MODCalif23ColA+ c 2060101550160272240202.250.366.383749
2007TULTex24ColAA c 752482864150637401767121442.258.331.391722
2008TULTex25ColAA c 271001529305150132160122.290.342.470812
 COLPCL25ColAAA c 24971423721101101710122.237.240.381621
Minor League Totals - 6 Season(s)2871004127253564151089566223421211218.252.321.361682

John Urick

2003OKSBig1221-NCAA-  56210527310213531233253 135.348.438.6001038
 STANYPL21NyyA- 1b 5918618429001622363601047.226.345.274619
2004BATMidw22NyyA 1b 118397611122901565145285430315.282.368.469837
2005TAMFSL23NyyA+ 1b 943403881231114600325672015.238.316.409725
 COLIL23NyyAAA 1b 12000000000010000.000.333.000333
2006LAKSAL24PhiA 1b 1003585295272653125310090265.265.369.402771
2007CLEFSL25PhiA+-1b 772623563141105501357833265.240.330.416746
2008CLEFSL26PhiA+241b 122421561123211077025010773057.266.350.418768
 REAEast26PhiAA-1b 49220001001201010.222.273.222495
Minor League Totals - 6 Season(s)5751975262507134552313411259464311342644.257.348.409757

Patrick Arlis

2000ILLNCAA19-NCAA   222342000000190
2001ILLNCAA20-NCAA   55201256716044312112262 124.333.373.473846
2002ILLBig1021-NCAA   49179375811173714411365 032.324.374.514888
 JAMNYPL21FlaA- c 4714817409032501224020034.270.366.392758
2003GRESAL22FlaA c 74246265081121103176130411.203.262.256518
2004GRESAL23FlaA-c 6120723475121731185910100.227.292.290582
 JUPFSL23FlaA+44c 312011001001400001.083.154.167321
2005JUPFSL24FlaA+ c 91305387492635912572018413.243.296.344640
2006CARSou25FlaAA c 68205204814021321354620301.234.351.332683
2007KANNorthern26-Ind20  46168224410011921163850635.262.339.339678
 CARSou26FlaAA c 15460410020171602110.087.204.109313
 ALBPCL26FlaAAA c 12000000001000000.000.333.000333
2008CalGold27-Ind   78293518024174200326310333.273.343.433776
Minor League Totals - 7 Season(s)484163219738881522175269174399143261528.238.314.334648

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