The Arrogant Bob Gainey

Francois GendronSenior Writer IApril 23, 2009

After the quick elimination of the Montreal Canadiens in four games, the Montreal Canadiens General Manager, Bob Gainey, gave a press conference to talk about the past season and the future of his team.

Many press members were at the Bell centre to collect Gainey's impressions and to ask him a couple of questions regarding the past season and the future of the organization.

There was some tension in the air as a couple of rumors indicated that Gainey would dismiss himself of the GM position.

 Bob Gainey has no intention of quitting, though.

Forget the dismissal scenario that was expected by many. This question was asked in a poll done by a television station in the Province of Quebec earlier today and 74 percent of the people thought that Gainey would call it quits today.

Many fans are still angry with head coach Guy Carbonneau's firing.

We could hear the ''Carbo, Carbo...'' chants at the Bell Centre late into the third period of games three and four of the series. I am not saying that 74 percent of the fans wanted Gainey out but 74 percent of them expected him to resign today.

Forget it.

The man isn't resigning.

Au contraire, Bob is probably thinking he has done a ''pretty darn good job.'' Today's answers to the questions, his body language and his posture said so—pure arrogance, refusing to admit his failure.

When asked if he considers coming back behind the Canadiens' bench, Gainey answered that ''it is a possibility',” but also admitted that he wasn't ready to answer the same question 24 hours earlier and to tell all, he would need a couple of weeks to think about coming back as head coach for next season.

Hiding behind the fact that his own bosses will have to evaluate his work and decide of his future with the Habs, a rather confident, Bob Gainey, gave only a few new elements to the questions fired towards him.

The usual vague ''Gaineyesque'' answers to questions from the press about the future of Saku Koivu with the team. About the future of Alex Kovalev, Mike Komisarek, Alex Tanguay, Robert Lang and the others that I forgot to name here.