MLB Power Rankings: Week Two

D.A.Senior Writer IApril 20, 2009

JUPITER, FL - FEBRUARY 22:  Josh Johnson #55 of the Florida Marlins poses during photo day at Roger Dean Stadium on February 22, 2009 in Jupiter, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Team (Current Record|Last Week's Ranking)

1. Florida Marlins (11-1|2) - the Fish breezed by their NL East rivals.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers (10-3|8) - riding an eight game win-streak as Manny finally hit homers, Ethier is breaking out, and Billingsley is still underrated. They also lead the MLB in on-base percentage at .393, RBI at 81, and batting average at .302.

3. San Diego Padres (9-4|5) - nobody thought they would be this good - Bell leads the majors with seven saves.

4. Toronto Blue Jays (10-4|1) - Lind, Snider, Scutaro, Rolen, Wells, and Hill are performing offensively - just imagine when Rios gets his groove back. They are tied with the Dodgers in the lead for RBI at 81 and lead the MLB in hits with 141 and runs with 81.

5. Chicago Cubs (7-4|9) - Fukudome might finally be living up to the hype.

6. St. Louis Cardinals (8-5|4) - Pujols's batting average has dropped 66 points to just below .300 but Ludwick and Lohse are performing well.

7. Kansas City Royals (7-5|11) - Greinke is the early Cy favorite having yet to a yield a run in 34 innings pitched, but Farnsworth is a problem.

8. Detroit Tigers (7-5|15) - Cabrera is dominating all offensive stats and Galarraga is a pitching beast.

9. Chicago White Sox (7-5|13) - took an impressive 3-of-4 from Tampa Bay in Tampa Bay as Floyd and Danks continue to impress.

10. Seattle Mariners (8-5|7) - Chavez is offensively impressive and Washburn and Bedard are pitching very well.

11. Boston Red Sox (6-6|24) - riding a four game win streak as the Youker is dominant, although the starting pitching ERA is a major concern.

12. New York Mets (6-6|20) - Santana is their only starting pitcher with a sub-4.00 ERA, which is a concern. Also, CitiField is presenting problems for Wright.

13. Cincinnati Reds (6-5|17) - Votto is an offensive beast, but pitching is still a concern and the rest of the team isn't getting on base (.210 team batting average is the MLB worst).

14. Minnesota Twins (7-7|21) - Kubel is an offensive juggernaut and Perkins is by far their best pitcher.

15. New York Yankees (7-6|22) - it's hard to rank a team this high that has a -17 run differential. They need a bullpen.

16. Pittsburgh Pirates (6-6|10) - Maholm and Duke are studly, while Sanchez is returning to All-Star form and Morgan is a good surprise.

17. Atlanta Braves (6-6|3) - lost five games in a row after the hot start. Their pitching staff leads the NL in strikeouts.

18. Baltimore Orioles (6-6|6) - lost four games in a row. The offense is on-fire. The pitching is another (horrible) story with the MLB-worst batting average against of .319.

19. Tampa Bay Rays (5-8|12) - all starters have a 4.50+ ERA, but Pena and Longoria were riding impressive 10+ game hitting streaks.

20. Texas Rangers (5-7|23) - Kinsler is putting up another MVP campaign and Millwood is impressing with three quality starts. The rest of the pitching staff is awful.

21. Oakland Athletics (5-7|19) - their pitching is superb. The problem is their offense with an AL-worst .230 batting average and 45 RBI.

22. Philadelphia Phillies (5-6|14) - Utley, Ibanez, and even Howard are all batting over .340. Victorino and Rollins need to perform. Also, the Phillies have the NL-worst ERA of 6.87.

23. Milwaukee Brewers (4-8|27) - the team's .224 batting average is not acceptable, especially in the NL Central. They also lead the MLB with four blown saves.

24. Houston Astros (4-8|28) - Pence and Tejada are performing offensively, but where's the rest of team? They have the MLB-worst amount of runs scored (34).

25. Colorado Rockies (4-8|18) - Tulowitzki had cooled down significantly, but Marquis is doing fantastic.

26. Arizona Diamondbacks (4-8|25) - they have the MLB-worst on-base percentage of .280. Haren is pitching phenomenally, but getting no run support (0-3 win-loss record). They have the MLB-worst -22 run differential

27. San Francisco Giants (4-8|26) - they have the NL-worst OPS of .646. The pitching should come around (Cain and Lincecum), but the batting is a key question.

28. Los Angeles Angels (4-8|16) - nobody expected that they'd be this bad. They have a -14 run differential. Saunders and Weaver are performing on the pitching front, but need others to (they really need Lackey and Santana back).

29. Cleveland Indians (4-9|29) - the 22-run performance proves that their offensive can explode at any time. The problem is their MLB-worst pitching with a 6.95 ERA and only two quality starts.

30. Washington Nationals (1-10|30) - there is so much wrong with this team excluding the three-headed monster of Johnson, Dunn, and Dukes. Guzman's injury is devastating as he was probably their best player. The pitching staff has an awful 6.38 ERA and the team even is the worst in terms of fielding (.969 percentage/13 errors).

Previous Power Rankings: |1|


Biggest Free-fall: the Atlanta Braves dropped 14 spots from No. 3 to No. 17 after being swept by the Marlins and losing two-of-three to the Pirates.

Biggest Climb: the Boston Red Sox climb 11 spots from No. 24 to No. 11 after winning three over a Baltimore team that looked impressive early on and winning four in a row overall.

Rankings of the divisions (winning percentage|last week's ranking):

1. AL Central (.508|6): teams occupy the No. 7 (KC), No. 8 (Det), No. 9 (Chi), and No. 14 (Min) spots with Cleveland being the blemish at No. 29.

2. NL Central (.492|3): teams occupy the No. 5 (Chi), No. 6 (Stl), No. 13 (Cin), and No. 16 (Pit) spots with blemishes at No. 23 Milwaukee and No. 24 Houston.

3. NL East (.500|2): teams range from the best (No. 1 Florida) to the worst (No. 30 Washington) including the No. 12 (NYM), No. 17 (Atl), and No. 22 (Phi) spots.

t4. AL East (.531|1): teams occupy the No. 4 (Tor), No. 11 (Bos), No. 15 (NYY), No. 18 (Bal), and No. 19 (TB) spots.

t4. NL West (.508|4): teams shine at the No. 2 (LAD) and No. 3 (SD) spots but blemishes are at the No. 25 (Col), No. 26 (Arz), and No. 27 (SF) Spots.

6. AL West (.449|5): one team in the top-10 at the No. 10 (Sea) spot but the remaining spots are No. 20 (Tex), No. 21 (Oak), and No. 28 (LAA).