Tony Stewart Is NASCAR Sprint Cup's Biggest Whiner

Jim FolsomContributorMarch 25, 2013

Tempers run hot after the race in California.
Tempers run hot after the race in California.Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

As much as I would love to pull for Tony Stewart, I just cannot do it. He seems like a really cool guy at times. He's a great driver; nobody can deny that. He's even been very successful as an owner/driver, which not many have been able to pull off. Not to mention, he is one of the very few IndyCar stars to come over to the big-time racing of NASCAR and become one of the best in that series, too.

There is a lot to like about Stewart.

But just when you would like to start rooting for him, he goes and shows what a little crybaby he is still at his age.

Stewart was fighting mad after the race at Joey Logano, for the egregious sin of not pulling over to let him pass at the end of the race. Now, who among us thinks that Stewart wouldn't wreck Logano, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt or his own mother if the win was at stake? Anyone?

I guess a guy in the lead on a restart is just supposed to pull over for him? Apparently, he thinks so.

Logano can surely use a lesson in what not to say in the post-race interviews. If any fault lies with him, it is that he was, perhaps, a bit too honest. While honesty is admirable, it may not be smart to admit that you were getting a bit of payback for last week while they are putting your adversary—Denny Hamlin—in a helicopter to take him to the hospital.

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Stewart is the biggest whiner in NASCAR history. If this sport ever gets to the point where guys can't "make the cars wide" at the end of the race, then park the damn things and take up fishing. He would be the first guy to run another guy into the infield with a few laps left if he had the lead.

I, for one, am sick and tired of Stewart always wanting to fight somebody and talk bad about somebody every time he doesn't win. But when he wins and somebody else wants a piece of him, he hides. He accuses everybody else of being cowardly, but the reality is he is thrilled when the pit crews step in to keep the drivers from going at it.

The truth is Stewart is a coward. He is a whiner. He is a spoiled brat. Every time he loses, it's because somebody raced him dirty. But he is one of the dirtiest drivers on the circuit and always has been. That's not always a bad thing, if you can take what you dish out.

Dale Earnhardt was a dirty driver. Stewart thinks he's a poor man's Earnhardt. He is not. Earnhardt may have been a bit dirty, but if somebody raced him the way he raced, he would usually just say the guy was doing what he had to do to win.

I cannot think of an instance when Earnhardt ever went after another driver after a race either to fight him or to trash him in the media. He would settle it on the track. Tony Stewart could take a lesson.