11 Most Hated Managers in World Football

Jack Alexandros Rathborn@@jackrathbornContributor IIIMarch 20, 2013

11 Most Hated Managers in World Football

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    Managers are always the prime target for fans' frustration when things aren't going well, but some are disliked across the board.

    There can be a multitude of reasons for managers being hated.

    Whether it be their ineptitude in the job, their brash attitude to the opposition or lack of humility when faced with accepting defeat.

    Here are 11 hated managers in world football, but I am keen to hear your idea on who else could be included in this list, particularly from leagues less covered.

Paolo Di Canio

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    Paolo Di Canio is new to the game of management, but he has certainly made a lot of enemies in a short period of time.

    On one hand, it is nice to have a manager who will give you such entertainment at the press conferences, but Di Canio's attitude has created a lot of hate.

    Decisions that Di Canio has made on the field have caused controversy, including hauling off his goalkeeper before half-time due to a couple of individual errors.

    The controversies that Di Canio was involved in as a player also build a sense of hatred to him too.

Tony Pulis

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    Tony Pulis is disliked not only for the way that his teams play the game, but also the hypocritical attitude when similar tactics are used by the opposition.

    Playing tough, physical football, Pulis' Stoke City have been famed for treading a fine line between what is fair and what is against the rules.

    Some of the challenges are often so powerful that they risk a player's career if mistimed and Pulis is often unapologetic about the nature of the tackles, making him hated by many.

Sam Allardyce

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    Sam Allardyce is another manager famed for "ugly football" and often ruffled feathers in his managerial career by frustrating other teams with tactics that have verged on dirty.

    Allardyce is often in the media for the wrong reasons, criticising officials persistently over the years and picking up a multitude of fines.

    After being sacked by Newcastle, a club who value attractive football, West Ham is another club who are longing for a change as they dislike the way that Allardyce has gone about his business at Upton Park, meaning  a new contract is a long way away.

Luis Aragones

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    Currently unemployed, Luis Aragones created a storm of controversy as manager of the Spanish national team.

    The 72-year-old was filmed directing abuse at Cesc Fabregas in a training session that involved a racial slur against Fabregas' teammate at the time, Thierry Henry.

    Such an insult caused great offence in world football, and the manager instantly became hated around the game.

Diego Maradona

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    A player that often touts himself as the "best player to ever play the game" is always going to create controversy.

    Especially in South America when two other candidates such as Pele and Lionel Messi divide opinion on football's biggest question.

    Interestingly Maradona is not only hated by fans, but the media have also taken a disliking to him after he was banned by FIFA in 2009 for insults directed at journalists.

Jose Mourinho

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    Once described as an "enemy of football," Jose Mourinho has never been scared of taking some criticism in order to win football matches.

    Mourinho has always riled fans around the globe with his antics, from labeling Arsene Wenger a "voyeur" to pulling the ear of soon-to-be Barcelona manager Tito Vilanova, Mourinho divides opinion wherever he goes.

    A hero with Inter Milan but despised by the rest of the league, the Special One is an acquired taste and can often infuriate fans by gesticulating to them after his side has scored, including once against Liverpool in a cup final.

Neil Lennon

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    Neil Lennon is a manager who was hated so much by his club Celtic's rivals, Rangers, that one fan sent him a death threat.

    That is obviously an extreme case, but Lennon has a brash attitude and can often rile supporters with his defensive approach whenever his team do not get things going their way.

    Just last month Lennon was irate at the way that Juventus had gone about defending against the Bhoys, a ludicrous excuse to make and one that he failed to drop for weeks.

Rafael Benitez

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    Rafael Benitez is hated by several pockets of fans across England, mainly stemming from his time as Liverpool's manager.

    Benitez once took a pop at Sir Alex Ferguson and accused the Manchester United boss of having too much power within The FA.

    Further controversy was created by Benitez when he insulted Chelsea football club in 2007 by suggesting they were not a "big club" because they had to provide flags to their fans in a Champions League game to create an atmosphere.

    The hatred that Benitez has endured since taking over at Chelsea as interim-manager this season as been unprecedented, with constant insulting chants directed at him at every game.

Antonio Conte

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    Antonio Conte is hated throughout Italy, and it all starts by managing the most hated and loved side in Italy, Juventus.

    Conte then adds fuel to the fire, firstly, in a light-hearted manner, with his hair transplant that has hidden his rapidly balding scalp.

    As you can imagine, this is part of many insulting songs that rival fans sing.

    Conte is guilty of whining and moaning about decisions, most notably against Genoa when Juve were denied two penalties as the games reached a conclusion.

    Conte has also infuriated fans by fighting his ban for failing to prevent match fixing while managing Siena.

Neil Warnock

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    Neil Warnock is one of the most passionate men in football, but that often comes across wrong towards fans.

    Warnock once ordered some of his players to feign injury in order to have a match cancelled in the battle of Bramall Lane.

    Warnock does not mix his words, often insulting players and managers of other teams, most memorably calling El-Hadji Diouf a "sewer rat."

Kenny Dalglish

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    Kenny Dalglish is one of Great Britain's greatest ever players, but he has constantly caused controversy as a manager and created hatred from his rivals' fans.

    Dalglish does not really help himself, instantly causing dislike, not hate, by the manner in which he addressed the media for the most part.

    Often grumpy and snappy when responding to perfectly reasonable questions.

    Dalglish created pure hatred when he staunchly defended Luis Suarez in the race row that involved Manchester United's Patrice Evra.