The Detroit Red Wings; Acclaim Amidst the Stars

Steven J. WardContributor IApril 15, 2009

DETROIT - APRIL 26: Chris Osgood #30 of the Detroit Red Wings is congratulated by Kris Draper #33 after a 5-1 victory over the Colorado Avalanche in game two of the Western Conference Quarterfinals of the 2008 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs on April 26, 2008 at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Detroit Red Wings 2008-'09   

With an obligatory glance in the mirror arrears and before the "second season" steals the stage-light ti's only proper those men on whet and balanced edge are offered time to breath.

In this space perhaps a requiem to those in respite, to those who season-long stood strong, who gave, forgave and bled again still then again that the whole would feed from each their part and each one there became a stronger whole.

The essence of a team is reflected in the selfless, in those who sacrifice, in those who prefer to remain obscure; shunning center stage or spot-light and glare for the one standing not so celebrated, near by.

A star is an object made to shine in the darkness nigh, while a constellation emblazons the heavens because of the pure number who celebrate and share in it's shining. The heavens have their architect, their master, their artist; The Detroit Red Wings theirs.

Still, from such a magnificent arrangement, several individual starlets must be noticed and acclaimed-they simply shine too bright.

Is there anything more spectacular than the night sky exploding with sparkling light? From the Constellation "ORION"  are these awards so-named.

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BETA     (orionis) Over-all excellence.... Hernik Zetterberg

GAMMA (orionis) Individual to team M.V.P. Johan Franzen

Delta    (orionis) Sweat to Blood Award..  Tomas Holmstrom

Epsilon (orionis) Excellence in Defense.. Nick Lidstrom

Zeta     (orionis) Artist Extraordinaire ...... Ken Holland

*ALPHA AWARD- The embers against the heavens are at-times without parallel.


It is possible to find the sheen to every member of this organization but the true measure here is how one connects to the next, how one affects the next.

This "Artistry", when  procured year to year, season to season among the most reckless, uncertain times cannot be appreciated fully except by those in peerage past or present; yet the Artist cannot produce unless provided for.

The organization is indeed the Constellation each part a piece, each piece collective, the whole. Look toward the Patriots of New England as another such celebrated organization and a few others exists but not near enough to draw comparable attention therefore success.

How frustrating it must be to possess such a victorious resume' that your organization is picked over yearly as if the only source around? Coach (and artist) Belichick nurtures his charge at every level and they flourish almost with-out fail. Has there been another? I think not, in any sport.

Modern day players, bigger, stronger and potentially more intelligent need more motivation.

It is not sufficient to be chosen to represent your sport nor to be assured a six figure contract  without so much as a trial period; so when a team is capable of producing a winning program year to year then a coach should be yielded credit.

In the NHL players of yester-year knew that if they did not make it on the ice they would be sent to the local mines, farms or whatever excruciating and  laborious work their fathers and fore-fathers had done.

As a result they gave happily, their sweat and blood, a more powerful motivation never was. One would imagine the present day Detroit Red Wings from days yore with a work ethic and commitment such as theirs in perpetual form day in and day out.

Thank you to teams such as these for everything they give; and a special  ovation to these Detroit Red Wings for another complete and glimmering effort when far too many dark selfish days continue to appear elsewhere.


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