Frustrated D-III Pitcher Resorts to Brutal Tackle After Wild Pitch

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 4, 2013

When all else fails, just blow that baserunner up like a linebacker taking down a running back trying to score. 

This video features a more rare baseball play, as a pitcher who can't seem to find the zone takes out the opposition with a flying tackle. 

The benches obviously clear. 

Deadspin has more information on what seems to be a textbook hit—you know, if these guys were actually playing football. 

The pitcher from Berry College throws a wild pitch after the Hendrix College batter, Matthew Simmons, calls timeout. Granted, he called it a little late, which is a tad annoying, but that is no excuse for what comes next.

Even Kenny Powers would think what happens after that is a little over the top. The pitcher tosses a wild pitch and the runner on third sets off towards home, at which point the pitcher no doubt thinks "Screw it" and decides to annihilate this Hendrix baserunner. 

He goes down so easily I thought he resembled Jay Cutler for a second there. 

Surprisingly, the entire incident ends with nothing more than some light shoving and a very loud expression of feelings by the two teams. If there was a moment we were sure would end in an all-out brawl, we thought it would be the pitcher resorting to thuggery over actually getting to the base he is supposed to cover. 

As Deadspin notes, Berry College was trailing at this point in the game, 7-2. It would go on to beat Hendrix by a score of 9-7, proving that karma was apparently sleeping one off. 

Now, we understand the runner didn't touch home, but you don't need to when you get blown to smithereens. Obstruction rule aside, we like to think it's the most polite thing to do. 

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