3 Reasons USC QBs Always Disappoint in the Modern NFL

Corey Walker@coreyalexander5Contributor IIFebruary 27, 2013

3 Reasons USC QBs Always Disappoint in the Modern NFL

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    For USC QBs, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood doesn't last forever.

    As they learn when they reach the NFL, the pedigree of your college means little when you cannot produce.

    Carson Palmer, Mark Sanchez and Matt Leinart were all heavily hyped, high profile prospects. However, they all have failed to live up to expectations and are struggling to live up to their promise.

    Their college days are long behind them; the memories of Rose Bowls and National Championships seem meaningless now.

    These polished and prolific collegiate quarterbacks have been disappointing at the next level.

    Here are the reasons why.

USC's Talent Hides Flaws

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    It's not hard to be productive when you're guaranteed to have at least two All-American receivers and a staunch offensive line.

    It was very clear from his scouting reports that Matt Leinart had arm strength issues during his time at 'SC. It was known that his arm was average at best, and it became a huge issue and ultimately limited his potential at the next level.

    His flaws were exposed during his time in Arizona. Because of his average arm, he had trouble accurately placing the ball deep. He could not put the velocity on the ball necessary to get through tight windows and failed to complete 60 percent of his passes.

    However, when you are throwing to Dwayne Jarrett, Dominique Bird and have Reggie Bush in the backfield, you can afford to have these deficiencies.

    Because of the talent that surrounds them, USC quarterbacks are extremely productive.

    But this is a double-edged sword.

    They aren't forced to consistently improve their weaknesses; therefore, they get to the NFL and are not nearly as ready as they think they are.

Hollywood Egos

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    An issue for USC quarterbacks is that they are treated as well as professional QBs before they even hit the playing field in the pros.

    Los Angeles doesn't have a pro team, so USC has pretty much is considered their unofficial NFL team.

    Most college athletes are treated like celebrities, but at USC, it's taken to an extreme.

    The Hollywood location magnifies their presence. They're often hounded by paparazzi and can be found on TMZ more often than a Lindsay Lohan mugshot.

    This large amount of exposure at such a young age often gives these quarterbacks a false sense of entitlement.

    They're constantly told that they're "special" and have the "It Factor."

    Therefore, they have no hunger, as evinced by Matt Leinart's reported lack of work ethic

    And as we all know, lack of work ethic in the NFL means a disastrous career.

Lack of Adversity

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    USC QBs usually have everything going for them.

    They're groomed to be in this position.

    They aren't used to losing and having to prove themselves is something foreign to them.

    They don't have to overcome the doubters like Tom Brady or Kurt Warner had to.

    Both Matt Leinart and Matt Barkley attended powerhouse Mater Dei High School.

    Carson Palmer and Mark Sanchez both had private "quarterback gurus" grooming them.

    Although there's nothing wrong with extra practice and exposure, it is important that potential NFL players learn what it's like to have to beat the odds.

    USC Quarterbacks are always the favorite, never the underdog.

    One of the reasons why small school prospects often outperform their large program counterparts is because they are used to being doubted and overlooked.

    USC quarterbacks have always been the winner, and that's part of the reason why they become losers at the next level.

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