Ranking the Best Chris Bosh Photobombs of All Time

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistFebruary 18, 2013

Ranking the Best Chris Bosh Photobombs of All Time

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    The NBA's rubber-faced, photo-bombing culprit from the Miami Heat was at it again last night, dropping his goofy mug in as he has become known to do while Chris Paul was lifting his All-Star Game MVP Award over his head.

    Chris Bosh is constantly the butt of jokes in the NBA, as evidenced by the All-Star Game in which Western Conference point guards continually abused Bosh on the perimeter.

    It's easy for people to find things to complain about when it comes to Bosh, especially because he is such a weird dude.

    The Bosh personality doesn't jibe with most of the other players in the NBA, and for that it seems he should be respected, especially because he's never ceased to be the person he is, even in the face of constant criticism.

    After winning an NBA Championship with the Miami Heat this past year, Bosh was given an extended piece on ESPN.com, and it was extremely eye-opening in terms of how aware he is of the unwarranted criticism he receives.

    It was this one thing during fashion week: I had my legs crossed, and they called me gay. I've got my legs crossed, I'm chillin', I'm getting my grown man on at the event. It just seemed like anything I did, it was always chastised or made fun of.

    Through criticism, Bosh continues to be the goofy dude that he's always been, even embracing his personality more since joining the Miami Heat and enjoying more media coverage.

    So, in celebration of a tremendous personality, let's take a look back at the best photobombs that have come out of Bosh's majestic career.

Default Face Bosh

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    Chris Bosh is most often seen sitting on the sidelines with an abnormal face.

    Why is that? Well, this seems to be his default face.

    It's the reason he's so often seen making a strange face while on the court, or why he's so easily criticized for looking like a goober at any and all times.

    Bosh's face seems to be in a constant state of evolution, ready to change and morph at any time, but never into a normal shape.

    For that, we should thank him. You'll get the gist of just what this face is capable of with a quick rundown of Bosh's greatest hits.

7. What Is This?

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    It's part photobomb and part Chris Bosh being incredibly, wonderfully strange, but it's a creepy gold mine nonetheless.

    Whether or not he's actually doing pull-ups is up for debate, but there's no question that he's busy being intentionally hilarious, even back in the days when he was only accidentally hilarious.

    When he was roaming around with the Toronto Raptors, Bosh was busy screeching on the court and constantly looking like the team's mascot.

    This is one of the first looks into the intentionally strange, but unequivocally hilarious mind of Bosh.

6. Did You Get It?

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    The piéce de résistance in Chris Bosh's toolbox of photobombing has been the postgame interview photobomb.

    Whenever one of the members of the Miami Heat gets interviewed, Bosh always seems to calmly amble over and somehow wriggle his way into the frame.

    What's best about Bosh's constant bombing is that he doesn't seem to be doing it because he's crazed for attention, he's just having a bit of fun in the midst of a ridiculous situation.

    LeBron James or Dwyane Wade stand there trying to be serious while talking to a sideline reporter, and here comes Bosh sauntering up pretending to pick his nose on television.

    It's juvenile, it's completely stupid, but God help me if I can't keep from laughing every time he does it.

5. Something Tasty in the Front Row

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    Call it a pseudo-photobomb because of the fact that nobody is going out of their way to take a picture of Shane Battier and DeAndre Jordan, but it's funny all the same.

    I've got no idea what's going on here. Bosh might see some fine young honey in the front row, and he's reacting how any rubber-mugged dude would, or he might just be giving a bit of a mean mug to a referee.

    Whatever the reason, Bosh's duck face is one of the most common reaction faces that he pulls out, and he does it with all the suaveness and civility of a 17-year-old girl getting ready to post a few pictures to Facebook.

    It may not sound like it, but that's totally a compliment.

4. I'll Get You Back

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    All-Star Weekend 2013 was not a pretty one for Chris Bosh.

    Sure, his team won the Shooting Stars Challenge, and he took home a trophy for his efforts, but when he was on the main stage, there was nothing but embarrassment coming his way.

    Bosh watched as Tony Parker and Chris Paul dribbled between his legs, he was dunked on, he air-balled shots and was crossed over more times than I'd like to count.

    As a reminder that he'd always remember what went down during the All-Star Game, Bosh stared down the back of Paul's head as he was getting his MVP trophy, letting us know that he's just biding his time until he can get his revenge.

3. Bosh Stares Deep into Your Eyes

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    This is probably the most underrated of all the Bosh photobombings.

    On the surface it's just Bosh meandering up behind Dwyane Wade and staring into the camera, which is really nothing special.

    What makes it special is that you can see the entire thing develop.

    He's in the background conducting an interview of his own, and as you see that disperse, you see Bosh slowly realize his opportunity.

    Bosh makes his way over to Wade, shaking off onlookers and guys trying to joke around with him. He's got a mission to complete.

    Once he's about five feet away, he's in full-on bombing mode. He steadies his face, crouches down and completely takes over the moment. Nobody is listening to the interview at that point.

    In other words, mission accomplished.

2. At the White House

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    I'm sure this was a picture that was originally meant to be Micky Arison with the three amigos standing behind him, but Bosh took the opportunity to accomplish the ultimate goal of a photobomber: dropping in a goofy face at the White House.

    It would have been incredible if he were able to get into the background of a photograph with President Obama, but this one would have to do.

    As Arison, Wade and LeBron are doing their best to look dapper, Bosh cocks his neck and does his best "tough guy" mean mug, completely taking over the picture.

1. Chris Bosh Rises

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    This was the bombing that got Chris Bosh the reputation as the best photobomber in the NBA, although there's not really a ton of competition for that distinction at the time being.

    It's really the perfect unsubtle photobomb, as Bosh isn't at all visible before he suddenly begins to appear at the bottom of your screen.

    Bosh smoothly rises, neither participant in the interview has any idea that it's happening and the cameraman finally decides that he's going to have to pull back, just to completely fit the majesty of Bosh's bomb in the entire screen.

    LeBron cracks a smile and Bosh knows his job is done, zipping out of view of the camera from whence he came.


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