Maybe Cutting Terrell Owens Wasn't The Wrong Move

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IMarch 26, 2009

PHOENIX - FEBRUARY 13:  Terrell Owens of the Dallas Cowboys plays during the McDonald's All-Star Celebrity Game held at the Phoenix Convention Center on February 13, 2009 in Phoenix, Arizona.  (Photo by Nick Doan/Getty Images)

I love Terrell Owens, but I hate how he would whine if he didn't get the ball enough.

I was heartbroken when he was cut because there was not a single player that I felt worked harder, was more passionate, or loved Dallas more than Terrell Owens.

He even stated in interviews that he wanted to retire a Cowboy. How can a Cowboy fan not like that kind of attitude?

However, like the world is gray, so it football.

Jerry Jones is by all means a smart man. He is not going to cut a Pro Bowl receiver and a future Hall of Famer unless that player is more detrimental to the team than he is helpful.

One of two things happened.

Either Jerry Jones went senile and cut the team's best player on offense OR that player was causing trouble and for Jerry Jones to cut you that means it was a lot of trouble.

I don't think Jerry Jones is senile.

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So... Terrell must have been more trouble than me, Robert Allred, Andrew Nuschler, and any other Cowboy writer realized or could even know since we do not live in Dallas's locker room.

When Terrell was cut, I wanted to do some cutting. I wanted to cut up Ed Werder's career because I felt that ESPN and its constant coverage hurt the locker room which led to the cutting of not only Terrell Owens, but Pacman Jones, who I felt was changing.

However, a few interviews and other reports have caused me to rethink the issue carefully. Very carefully.

After listening to Terrell Owens and others, I came to a few beliefs.

Terrell Owens truly wanted to bring the sixth championship to Dallas just like he wanted to bring the championship to Philadelphia.

There is just one problem. Terrell also believes that they can't do it without giving him the ball.

He has never truly realized that even his mentor, Jerry Rice, had to give up some catches to John Taylor, Ricky Watters, and Roger Craig.

Sometimes Jerry Rice was wide open and the quarterback probably missed him. Mainly Steve Young, who would scramble and run a lot.

There is a clip where Jerry is talking to Steve and Steve says, "Dang. I'm sorry about that." I think it is safe to infer the conversation is about passing the ball.

Except Terrell cannot talk when he is on the football field, he echoes.

And everybody with a ten block radius can hear that echo and that affects the locker room. Terrell Owens, as sincere as he is, needed to have a real gag order placed on himself.

He was buzzing in Tony Romo's ear just like Donovan McNabb and we all know how that ended.

Owens not only would be in Tony's ear, but according to an official report by Wade Phillips, whose gag order has been lifted, Terrell Owens would act like the coach.

Uh oh!

A player a coach? That is not right. Any one of us who has played football knows that when coach talks, you stop talking.

Wade Phillips is portrayed as this big softy, but he resents that title and I think that now that he is the guy in that locker room in charge, he will be able to take these players far.

Terrell Owens could not separate the bad from the good and that is why he is not on the Dallas Cowboys.

With the absence of Terrell Owens, Roy Williams can now become the top wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, a team he has been rooting for since he grew up in Odessa, Texas.

Patrick Crayton and Miles Austin can compete for the starting second receiver job and Jason Witten can go back to being the clutch tight end he is.

Most importantly, without Terrell demanding the ball, the Cowboys can run the ball more with a trio of running backs capable of starting in the NFL and take the pressure off of Tony Romo's arm.

It also makes the Dallas Cowboys a much younger team with the absence of Terrell Owens and 32 year old cornerback Anthony Henry, who also was traded away.

The Cowboys are coming back fresh, free of distractions, free of injuries, and free of topics the frenzy media can focus on.

In theory, if one really thinks about it, it is a fantastic idea, now we as sports fans have to wait to see the results.

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