Deals NFL GMs Need To Get Done, 2009 Edition

Will HowardCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2009

SAN DIEGO - DECEMBER 28:  Quarterback Jay Cutler #6 of the Denver Broncos throws a pass against the San Diego Chargers during the NFL game at Qualcomm Stadium on December 28, 2008 in San Diego, California.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Last night, I took about five hours, seriously, five hours and looked through every trade and potential signing related headline I could find.

From the rift Jay Cutler and Josh McDaniels, to Tony Gonzalez wanting to leave Kansas City when they finally are getting the puzzle pieces to win a division title-(Cutler leaving Denver wouldn't hurt either) to yes, the dumbest rumors involving Michael Vick playing in the NFL again.

So I composed a list of deal that need to happen, probably soon, preferably before things in their current situations get any worse.

1. Torry Holt to the 49ers.

Yeah, Holt had an off year, yeah he might be getting old, but he's a proven former No. 1 wideout, probably best suited to be a speedy No. 2 now.

Holt still has amazing upside, especially when given a a good scheme. Even without Mike Martz calling the offense, Holt could rebound from his off year, and peak with 1,000 yards and six to eight touchdowns again.

Holt immediately makes Shaun Hill more comfortable and gives the Niners a legitimate long ball threat.

Throw in Andre Smith via the draft to secure up the O-Line, smack Vernon Davis upside his head and inform him he's not god's gift to tight ends, and this offense starts to get on the radar of Defensive Coordinators.

Other Places for Holt-Jacksonville, and maybe Cleveland.

2. Braylon Edwards and Cleveland's Round Two, Pick Four to Philadelphia for Hank Baskett, Victor Abiamiri, and Philadelphia's Round One, Pick 28

Braylon Edwards doesn't fit into Eric Mangini's system. He's a whiny, selfish kinda of player, who albeit has talent like Keebler has cookies, can't seem to harness it to the extent it needs to be.

Andy Reid got the best out of Terrell Owens, if only for a while and can do it with Edwards as well. The emergence of DeSean Jackson makes Baskett expendable and Abiamiri is the out guy out in the defensive end competition.

The Eagles would only be moving down nine spots where TE Brandon Pettigrew from Oklahoma State will probably still be.

Cleveland picking up Pick 28 can focus on Pick 5 and B.J. Raji or Brian Orakpo and maybe use number 28 on Hakeem Hicks or Brian Robieskie.

Other options—Phily acquires Anquan Boldin from Arizona, San Francisco or Indianapolis try to pry Edwards from Cleveland.

3. Anquan Boldin and Pick 31 to Baltimore for Picks 22, 57, and 119

Boldin is unhappy, and may hold out if his trade demands aren't met. Swapping first round picks and nabbing a second and fourth rounder, makes sense.

Arizona can regroup and make another Super Bowl push and Joe Flacco gets his piece of gold No. 1 wideout.

Boldin's complaining is going to hurt his value and if Arizona can pull this off, you have to give them kudos.

Other options—Taking far less than boldin's value to dump him.

4. Jay Cutler and pick 79 to Minnesota for picks 22, 86, and another player

Jay Cutler needs to end up in Minnesota. Flat out, no Tarvaris Jackson, no Sage Rosenfels, yes Jay Cutler.

Cutler gives Minnesota the best chance to win right now, and probably secures Adrian Peterson won't leave via free agency when his number comes up.

Minnesota gives Denver a team willing to shovel out draft picks for Cutler.

If Minnesota would send Jackson in the deal, Denver has to take it.

Detroit, the Jets, and Tampa Bay, all are Cutler suitors, have more holes than a quarterback can fill. Cutler is what Minnesota needs right now.

With Jared Allen and the Williams' their defense is sound, they will address the WR situation in the draft and could be a home for Marvin Harrison or Torry Holt.

Other options—As noted Detroit, the Jets, and Tampa Bay, all have picks and players that Denver might want, and the Jets, realistically, probably are the front runners to acquire him.

My feeling is that when draft day comes Minnesota will still see him available and try to acquire him.

5. Tony Gonzalez to, well nowhere

Quit complaining and enjoy the fruits of rebuilding. you've got Cassel, Bowe, and a good core of players to make a serious run, and now you want to leave? you have got to be kidding me.

Other options—Gonzalez whines his way onto a 4-12 team not in Kansas City

6. Michael Vick to Subway

Anyone outside of the quarterback desperate Jets or 49ers that gives this guy a chance, will be put on my list of people who need punched in the face.

Vick deserves another chance like I need to be starting at TE for the Rams. He's a choke artist, con-artist, and needs to learn to be a "sandwich artist" at Subway.

Other options—dare I say Canada.

7. The Buffalo Bills to Las Vegas or Toronto.

Pretty self-explanatory. I just had to throw this one in. GMs can't do anything about it, it's just one of those, it made sense in my mind.

8. Julius Peppers to New England for Picks 34 and 47, and a future 1st round pick.

Carolina, give Julius what he wants before he sits out and holds out and does any number of other things all involving the word out.

Two second rounders and a first rounder next year or the year after is probably all you're gonna get unless you want all three of New England's second rounders this year.

Other options—Peppers to Dallas, or one of two other "unnamed" teams, or Peppers holds out.


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