Vince Can't See Me; R.O.W, Week 1, Part 1

J. RobinsonCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2009

Let's get, get, get it! As some of you may know, I'm starting a little friendly competition to get the creative juices flowing. Have you ever thought about bringing wrestlers from any era or brand of wrestling, and creating your own wrestling world?

What if you can bring back some of the greatest, and have them clash with some the top current stars of the wrestling world?

With creativity practically oozing from everyone's minds here on B/R, I contacted some buds and we have decided to show B/R how we would run things if we had our own little "dream" federation.

Radical Organization of Wrestling

Roster: Face= F Heel= H

Randy Orton (F)

The Rock (F)

Ultimate Warrior (F)

AJ Styles (f)

Triple H (F)

Shawn Michaels (f)

Randy Savage (H)

Hulk Hogan (H)

Edge (h)

John Cena (f)

Kane (F)

Sting (f)

Batista (h)

Christian (f)

Kurt Angle (h)

Mr Perfect (h)

Jeff Hardy (f)

Matt Hardy (f)

Don Muraco (f)

The Natural Butch Reed (h)

Evan Bourne (f)

Charlie Haas (f)

The Red Rooster (f)

Test (h)

Warlord (h)

Cody Rhodes (h)

Ted DiBiase (h)

Alex Shelley (h)

Chris Sabin (H)

Beth Phoenix (F)

Michelle McCool (H)

Mickie James (F)

Lita (h)

Trish Stratus (h)

Stacy Keibler(F)


ROW Elite Title

Radical Championship

Television Title

Ultimate Risk Taker (URT Championship)

Women's Title

Radical Tag Team Title

Tuesday Night Fever

Commentators for the event: Bobby The Brain Heenan and Jim Ross

Match Card:

Warlord & Butch Reed vs. Kane & John Cena

Test vs. Christian

Kurt Angle vs. Charlie Haas

Motor City Machine Guns (Shelley & Sabin) Vs DX (HHH & HBK)

Helpful Tips

*Shane & Stephanie McMahon Are my Co-GM.

*DX is formed by Triple H & Shawn Michaels; Managed by Ric Flair & Stephanie McMahon

*The NWO is formed by Hollywood Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage and The Ultimate Warrior

*Sting is managed by Miss Elizabeth

*Kurt Angle is managed by Karen Angle

*Test is managed by Kelly Kelly

*Batista is Shane McMahon's personal security

*The Natural Butch Reed and Warlord are managed by Slick

*The New Legacy is made up of Randy Orton, Edge, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and Lita.

*There are no champions. Championships will be decided at the next PPV; Retribution.

(When events take place over the course of the evening I will just give a summary of what goes on; just to make this shorter.)

To kick of the night, Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring, shortly followed by her brother and Co-GM, Shane. They announce how happy they are to be GM's of the ROW and have put together a great event for the first night.

Shane starts by discussing the title picture. Him and Stephanie have decided to watch the superstars for the next couple weeks before they make there final decisions on who who should compete for what title. Until then, all championships will be vacant.

Stephanie then starts to the address the first PPV event; Retribution. The main event will be a six-man elimination style match to determine the ROW Elite champion; the highest prize in the ROW.

She goes on to say that where will be six qualifying matches up until the event; three made by her, and three made by Shane. She announces the first match to be the NWO Ultimate Warrior vs. Don Muraco.

For the final statement, Shane McMahon announces the main event for tonight. It will be an 8 man tag team match, pitting the Hardys, AJ Styles and Evan Bourne Vs New Legacy.

Warlord & Butch Reed vs John Cena & Kane

Winners: Kane And John Cena

Kane delivers Choke Slam to Reed for the final count.

-After the match the Warlord uses his staff and nails Kane with it, busting him wide open. Then he delivers a powerslam to a beaten Cena.

Test w/ Kelly Kelly vs Christian

Winner: Test

Early in the match Christian winks at Kelly Kelly after showing up Test numerous times. Enraged by this, Test gives Capt. Charisma a beating. Test pulls off a victory in quick fashion after the distraction of Kelly Kelly.

Backstage: Shawn Mooney is backstage with The Rock; who claims he has the perfect idea for Thursday's edition of Fever. The Rock challenges Mr. Perfect to a qualifying match for the 6 man Elimination match at Retribution with the permission of Shane McMahon to issue this challenge.

Ultimate Warrior vs. Don Muraco

Winner: Ultimate Warrior

A good 10 minute power match resulting with the Warrior pulling one off on the Magnificent One.

Kurt Angle W/ Karen Angle vs. Charlie Haas

Winner: Charlie Haas

Haas picks up a huge upset victory over once mentor Kurt Angle. By using a German suplex, Haas then rolls over onto Kurt, pinning Haas' legs on Angle's and using his shoulder to hold down Kurt's.

Backstage: Lord Alfred Hayes finds himself backstage with Rated RKO. Before Hayes could even get a word out, Lita cuts him off; with only few words. "I hope Matt gets sick to his stomach witnessing the love of his life with a REAL man. So sick, that he won't even bother showing up."

Stephanie McMahon is backstage with her husband HHH as he gets ready for his match. Hunter questions her on who her final picks are for her qualifying matches. She answered her husband with an announcement of Kane vs. Warlord on The Saturday Stampede. Winner automatically qualifies to the main event @ Retribution.

Motor City Machine Guns vs DX W/ Ric Flair

Winner: DX by DQ

With DX being in control throughout the whole match, Macho Man, Hollywood and the Ultimate Warrior come out and assault Michaels and The Game, causing them to win by DQ.

Main Event: Hardys, AJ Styles and Evan Bourne Vs The New Legacy W/ Lita

Winner: Randy Orton pinfall over Matt Hardy.

Fast pace, non stop action. With Matt Hardy totally in control of Edge, Lita catches Matt with a low blow, followed by an RKO.

Next Week:

Mr Perfect vs The Rock

Winner To Qualify with Ultimate Warrior.

NWO in tag action

Women's Tag Match: Michelle McCool & Trish Stratus vs Stacy Keibler & Beth Phoenix


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