Jay Cutler Is Not to Blame

landis claytonContributor IMarch 17, 2009

I speak in terms of a fan.

Not only a fan of my home town team the Denver Broncos but as a fan of football in general.

I am not a fan of coaches.

I do not watch games every Sunday to see what coach is going to do what with his team, because simply put, it doesn't matter all that much to me.

Now there are instances in which coaches make great play calls in critical moments in a game.

But I watch the players carry it out not the coaches.

I think of the situation in Denver and I begin to think about what I would do as a coach. I scheme about plays and draw up scenarios in my mind about what I would do in the off-season to improve my team.

But I'm not the coach so it doesn't make a difference.

So instead I try to understand the logic of the 32 year old McDaniels in trying to trade a franchise quarterback from a team that has needs far from the quarterback position.

I come up with nothing.

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It's not our offense that needs work its our defense. I'm not the first one to say that and I wont be the last. Good move in bringing in Brian Dawkins i'll give him that but our defense just stayed static.

The Broncos have no play-maker upfront; we have no big hitter in the middle. We have no defensive players that have proven they can get to the quarterback time and time again.

Well besides Dawkins but he's also 35 years old. We have backups; free agent reserves.

Some guys that have not started a game in there professional lives and yet the orginization wants Jay out and Cassel in?

If I wanted to be a Patriot fan I would move to Boston and buy a Tom Brady jersey.

But I'm not.

I'm a Denver Bronco fan and wear my Jay Cutler jersey every Sunday.

This is the Broncos Josh and if Cutler is traded and the Broncos go sub .500?

You should be fired. 

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