Jay Cutler: 31 Possible Suitors

Kevin Roberts@BreakingKevinSenior Writer IMarch 16, 2009

It's all about me, me, me...

Well, maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. The fact of the mater is, this situation went from bad to worse, and now it's clear that it's irreparable.

Jay Cutler has reported a lack of trust with his coach and front office, and feels it has gotten to the point where it's time for both sides to move on.

The word is that coach Josh McDaniels wanted "his own guy", and didn't feel comfortable with Cutler moving forward, at least up until he knew he couldn't land Matt Cassel.

A trade appears to be imminent, so let the bidding wars begin!

Here is a run-through of the 31 other teams that we might be seeing Cutler throwing passes for.

(No particular order)

1. Philadelphia Eagles

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Well, I guess it all depends just how committed Philly is in Donovan McNabb. McNabb is looking for a contract extension, ensuring a retirement as an Eagle, but the team doesn't seem to feel the need to reciprocate.

This could be a chance for the Broncos to get a proven quarterback, while the Eagles can start over with some young, confident talent.

It's highly unlikely, but it could actually be crazy enough to work for both teams.

2. Washington Redskins

I don't know interested the Broncos would be in Jason Campbell, but I'm sure Jim Zorn is salivating over the possibilities with Cutler.

While it would surely be an upgrade for Washington, I just don't see the Redskins giving up on Campbell that easily.

3. New York Giants

Eli Manning is just one full year removed from hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. Next.

4. Dallas Cowboys

At this point, do we really believe Jerry Jones fully backs anybody?

Remember when he freaked out about the switch from Drew Bledsoe to Tony Romo, in the first place? Well, I do, and it wasn't pretty.

But I believe Jones when he backs Romo. He's their guy.

5. Green Bay Packers

Last season's quarterback drama was enough for the next ten years. They're good, here.

6. Detroit Lions  (previous article)

This is actually my top choice, as seen in my other article. The Lions don't have a ton to offer, talent-wise, but could offer a package of picks, and maybe Daunte Culpepper.

Josh McDaniels could then get a shot at picking "his own guy" in the first round.

7. Chicago Bears

Whether or not the Bears give a heavy run at Cutler will show just how committed they are to winning.

I don't think they'll get Cutler in the end, but not trying to upgrade over Orton or Rex Grossman for the past five years is just shameless.

8. Minnesota Vikings

If the Vikings are set at quarterback, then let the laughing begin.

If they're truly content with Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson fighting over the keys to this team, then they can kiss their season good-bye.

An elite quarterback could make this team one of the top two seeds in the playoffs.

But, what do they have to offer?

9. Carolina Panthers

Jake Delhomme is Jon Fox's guy, so I just don't see it happening. However, he really shut it down near the end of the season, and especially in the playoffs against the Cardinals (five picks).

He's probably not done, but if they can nab Cutler, loyalty may not become an issue.

Fox probably needs to get back to the Super Bowl within the next two seasons to keep his job.

10. New Orleans Saints

For as dumb as this organization has been throughout it's history, at least they're smart enough to see the quarterback position is not one that needs addressing.

Drew Brees threw for over 5,000 yards last season. He's staying put.

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Do you really think the Bucs management is psyched about Brian Griese and Luke McCown duking it out for the starting pot?

Um, no.

It's hard not to like McCown's potential, but when a quarterback like Cutler hits the open market, heads are bound to roll.

Again, this is another team that would probably like the get involved, but they just don't have the pieces to get it done.

12. Atlanta Falcons

They just got their golden boy. Leave'em alone.

13. Arizona Cardinals

They have their starter, already. Now they have to figure out what they're going to do with Matt Leinart.

14. San Francisco 49ers

Kurt Warner might have only been teasing, but the 49ers weren't. They clearly aren't fully backing Shaun Hill, and also aren't completely over Alex Smith.

While those two are serviceable quarterbacks, neither even begins to compete with Jay Cutler. Depending on what the Niner's can offer, this could happen.

15. St. Louis Rams

The Rams could ship off Marc Bulger, a pick, and Brian Leonard for Cutler and a second-round pick.

Leonard could play multiple positions, while Bulger could resurrect his career with targets like Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal.

And if Bulger didn't work out, Denver would have that first rounder to work with.

Cutler would be tossed to the land of the dead, which could have him end up being even more angry than he already is.

16. Seattle Seahawks

Matt Hasselbeck's back appears to be back to normal, but as stated in my other article, Jim Mora may be looking for someone he can grow with. Hasselbeck is already 34, so bringing in a young 25-year old talent could revive the position, as well as the city.

In return, Denver would be getting a solid quarterback, as well as some picks.

17. Miami Dolphins

They like Chad Pennington, and they still need to see what they have in Chad Henne.

18. New York Jets

Of all the AFC teams, this is the most likely landing spot for Cutler. He needs a team, and the Jets need a quarterback. Seems like a perfect fit.

Another interesting note is that Cutler's agent, Bus Cook, is also former Packer and Jet's quarterback, Brett Favre.

19. Buffalo Bills

They made the risky signing of Terrell Owens to aid Trent Edwards, not to drop him for the next best thing.

They're going to ride this one out, for better or for worse.

20. New England Patriots


21. Pittsburgh Steelers

Yeah, I don't think so.

22. Cleveland Browns

They'll let Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson duke it out again, but we know who'll be starting.

Oh, and no, they won't be interested.

23. Cincinnati Bengals

No one seems to know what's up with Carson Palmer, but what we do know is that the Bengals have a lot of invested in him, and won't be giving up on him anytime soon.

24. Baltimore Ravens

See Matt Ryan.

25. Indianapolis Colts

Has Peyton Manning really slipped that much?

No, he hasn't. This could never happen.

26. Houston Texans

Considering how little the highly paid Matt Schaub has actually season the field, this isn't impossible to think of.

Gary Kubiak could do some dangerous work and try to swing a trade with his old employer, while Cutler would be perfect for the system.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars

Is David Garrard really the answer? As long as Jack Del Rio is the head coach, he kind of has to be.

Del Rio is definitely on the hot seat, and switching gears at this point in the race would be a poor decision.

28. Tennessee Titans

They could have tried this, had they not already re-signed Kerry Collins.

But if we're being realistic, no matter who's behind center, this isn't an offense that any quarterback can do much with.

29. San Diego Chargers

Boy, wouldn't that spice up the already growing rivalry between Cutler and Philip Rivers?

Some would argue Rivers is already better than Cutler, and when factoring wins, passion, and experience, they'd be right. All of San Diego agrees.

30. Kansas City Chiefs


This front office is probably one of the main reasons this all blew up.

They got their guy in Matt Cassel, remember?

31. Oakland Raiders

While it's beyond me, Al Davis seems content with JaMarcus Russell.

Overall, it is highly likely that Cutler finds a new home outside of the AFC, and more than likely lands somewhere in the NFC North. I have it narrowed down between the Jets or the Lions.

Now, we wait.

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