Victor Cruz Hit: Giants WR Avoids Serious Injury After Ryan Clark's Brutal Hit

Timothy Rapp@@TRappaRTFeatured ColumnistNovember 5, 2012

Nov 4, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz (80) is hit in the end zone by Pittsburgh Steelers free safety Ryan Clark (25) during the game at Met Life Stadium.  Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via US PRESSWIRE
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Can you say whiplash?

I'm guessing Victor Cruz can after taking a jarring hit from Ryan Clark during Sunday's game between the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers. If you haven't seen the hit in question, here's a peek below.

The hit was flagged as a blow to the head, which obviously was not the case, and the Giants were given a crucial first down and went on to score a touchdown. That was a pretty big deal, considering the play in question was a third-down attempt.

I still think this could have been called as "unnecessary roughness." The play was clearly over for Cruz after the ball was defensed in front of him before Clark absolutely cleaned his clock. 

Now, you could make the argument this was a bang-bang play, but had Clark been watching the play rather than headed on a beeline straight for Cruz, he would have had plenty of time to pull up and avoid the contact. 

Here's a different angle on the play.

One thing is for certain: The "blow to the head" call was incorrect. Most folks will argue there shouldn't have been a call on this play at all, and I'm sure some of you will have strong words for my assertion that the play could have still been called for "unnecessary roughness."

After the hit, Cruz lay limp on the field for a few minutes, and it appeared to be either a head or neck injury. After watching his body recoil after Clark's hit, neither would have been surprising. 

Luckily, Cruz was able to return to the game and the prognosis was bruised ribs, certainly better than what the injury appeared to be initially. 

I imagine the referees in question will be getting a call from the league office about this missed call, and it raises another debate: Should instant replay be allowed to verify the validity of a ref's call? Should the officials be held to the same reviewing procedure if they blatantly call a play incorrectly?

It would take far too much time during the game if each call was reviewed like every touchdown is, but if a coach could use one of his challenges, it wouldn't affect the flow of the game any differently than any other challenge does.

It's something to consider moving forward.

As for Cruz, he should be good to go for next week's clash with the Cincinnati Bengals, and after that the team will have a bye, so he should be able to fully recover before a vital Week 12 showdown with the Green Bay Packers

I think we could all forgive him if he has whiplash on the mind for the next week or so, though.

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