2009 NFL Mock Draft: The Real Deal Express 3.0 (March 15)

Matt ReaganCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2009

I have done two previous mock draft's and have spent a lot of time explaining why each team needs this player or that player.

What I am going to do this time is pick a player per team and leave one comment.

If most of you are like me, I don't need to hear for the thousandth time that Andre Smith missed the combine, or Crabtree broke his foot, or that Darrius Heyward-Bey is the fastest player. We all know much of this by now, and probably too much!

So in this mock, Id like to call it an express mock draft, I will list the teams by pick, the player they choose, where they went to school, their height, weight, and 40 time

Let's get started:

1. Detroit Lions         Matthew Stafford QB, Georgia (6'2", 225, 4.81)

With the Lions getting five-time Pro Bowler Julian Peterson, they will pass on Curry and select the rocket-arm QB to rebuild the team around himself and stud WR Calvin Johnson.

2. St. Louis Rams      Jason Smith, LT, Baylor (6'5", 309, 5.09)

Orlando Pace officially retired and Smith, who is the most athletic and gifted LT, looks like the second coming of All-Pro Ryan Clady and will step in and start on day one.

3. Kansas City Chiefs    Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest (6'2", 254, 4.54)

Just because they got Vrabel, who is on his last legs, doesn't mean Curry can't come in and dominate in the 3-4.

4. Seattle Seahawks     Eugene Monroe, LT, Virginia (6'5", 309, 5.12)

With Walter Jones nearing retirement, adding the Jones clone makes perfect sense. After Walter retires Monroe will be the LT of the future.

5. Cleveland Browns     Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas (6'3", 263, 4.63)

The Browns pass rush was absolutely terrible last year, and the dynamic Orakpo is a terror off the edge and would improve their pass rush immediately.

6. Cincinnatti Bengals    Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech (6'2", 215, 4.52)

With Johnson and Coles getting old the Bengals get a player once considered a top four lock in Crabtree to slide right into their lap.

7. Oakland Raiders     B.J. Raji, DT, Boston College (6'2", 337, 5.12)

Everyone loves Crabtree to the Raiders, but Raji is a beast and hands down the top DT in the draft will anchor the middle for years to come.

8. Jacksonville Jagurars     Michael Oher, LT, Mississippi (6'5", 309, 5.34)

The Jags are desperate for help and probably over pay Oher at this point, but his rise and the fall of Andre Smith at least get them the help they need.

9. Green Bay Packers     Everette Brown, DE, Florida St. (6'2", 256, 4.66)

The Pack had nothing close resembling a pass rush, and Brown is athletic enough to make the switch to outside 3-4 OLB and create pressure on opposing QB's.

10. San Francisco 49ers     Mark Sanchez, QB, USC (6'2", 227, 4.93)

Coach Singletary stated at the end of the season that QB is his No. 1 priority. Sanchez can make all the throws, will be able to sit behind Shaun Hill, and be able to stay in sunny California, where he grew up.

11. Buffalo Bills     Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU (6'4", 296, 4.94)

The Bills are another team with a weak pass rush and Jackson is quick enough to play DE and strong enough to go inside to DT.

12. Denver Broncos    Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio St. (6'0", 204, 4.51)

Jenkins 40 time hurt him and scouts began to discuss a move to safety, but both starting CB on the Broncos are on the wrong side of 30 and Jenkins is a play maker that would start for them somewhere.

13. Washington Redskins     Andre Smith, RT, Alabama (6'4", 332, 5.42)

With the mega signing of Hanyesworth on the D-line, Smith's slide would land him in position to be the anchor of the O-line that the Skins build around.

14. New Orleans Saints     Vonte Davis, CB, Illinois (5'11", 203, 4.40)

The flamboyant Davis would give the Saints a true No. 1 corner and a new starter from week one.

15. Houston Texans    Clay Matthews, LB, USC (6'3", 240, 4.62)

Matthews has been shooting up the boards and has the ability to play all three LB spots as well as put his hand down and rush off the edge.

16. San Deigo Chargers     Chris Wells, RB, Ohio St. (6'1", 235, 4.51)

With L.T. signed for two more years, Wells will be the heir apparent, but will also let L.T. carry the ball less because Sproles isn't a feature back.

17. New York Jets    Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri (6'0", 198, 4.45)

Maclin injured himself and has fallen out of the top 10 due to injury concerns, but the Jets are desperate for WR help, and the play-making Maclin should start immediately.

18. Chicago Bears     Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland (6'2", 205, 4.25)

Chicago was sweating it out as the dynamic DHB will give them a nice compliment to put opposite Hester, and Orton will have to decide which WR has single coverage so he can get the ball to him.

With two receivers that have to be accounted for, opposing defenses will put eight men in the box at their own risk to try and slow emerging star RB, Matt Forte.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers     Brian Cushing, OLB, USC (6'3", 243, 4.68)

The Bucs let Brooks and June go as free agents so Cushing is as big of a need for them as there is.

20. Detroit Lions     Peria Jerry, DT, Missisippi (6'2", 298, 4.98)

With the trade of Redding to Seattle and Shaun Rogers long gone to Cleveland, the Lions need a DT and Jerry is the second-best available and should start day one.

21. Philadelphia Eagles    Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia (5'11", 216, 4.58)

Injuries to Westbrook have left the Eagles thin at RB, and Moreno would be a nice change-of-pace back to compliment the aging Westbrook.

22. Minnesota Vikings    Percy Harvin, WR, Florida (5'11", 192, 4.39)

Harvin will pair with Berrian and give the Vikings even more speed to surround Adrian Peterson.

23. New England Patroits     Rey Maualuga, LB, USC (6'2", 249, 4.81)

The Pats struck gold with Mayo last year and traded Vrabel, so adding the hard hitting Maualuga is more than a need. He wouldn't have slid if he didn't have injury concerns.

24. Atlanta Falcons     Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma St. (6'6", 283, 4.80)

Falcons TE's caught 19 passes all year and Pettigrew would provide QB Matt Ryan with another big target. Also, his blocking would make RB Michael Turner even more dangerous.

25. Miami Dolphins     Larry English, DE/OLB, Northern Illinois (6'2", 255, 4.82)

Parcells loves his LBs, and English can play DE or OLB and would be a perfect fit in the 3-4.

26. Baltimore Ravens     Darrius Butler, CB, Connecticut (5'11", 183, 4.41)

After losing Chris McAllister and Samari Rolle's age, the young ball hawk would fill an immediate need and keep one of the best defenses rolling.

27. Indianapolis Colts     Evander Hood, DT, Missouri (6'3", 300, 4.88)

Hood is another player who is rising and would be a great fit in the Tampa 2 because he gets deep penetration into opposing backfields and can rush the passer.

28. Philadelphia Eagles     William Beatty, LT, Connecticut (6'6", 307, 5.16)

They already lost their two starting tackles, so landing Beatty was a must and he will be an automatic starter.

29. New York Giants     Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers (6'3", 218, 4.50)

A Plaxico clone and the weapon they need to get their passing game rolling again.

30. Tennessee Titans     Hakeem Nicks, WR, UNC (6'1", 212, 4.51)

Nicks would give the Titans the big, sure-handed target they sorely lack and should start at WR for them.

31. Arizona Cardinals     Donald Brown, RB, Connecticut (5'10" 208, 4.45)

Brown has leap frogged McCoy after a great combine, and he is the workhorse back the Cards thought they were getting when they signed James.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers     Eben Britton, LT, Arizona (6'6", 309, 5.14)

The Steelers had one of the worst lines in the NFL last year and Britton played LT and RT, and could possibly play inside, giving them the best bang for their buck.

Here is the link to round two of this draft http://bleacherreport.com/articles/140366-2009-nfl-mock-draft-the-real-deal-31-round-2-only-march-17


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