Oregon Football: 5 Keys to Victory over Colorado

Nathan LoweryCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2012

Oregon Football: 5 Keys to Victory over Colorado

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    Oregon continues their 2012 conquest of college football with a PAC-12 foe Colorado coming to town this Saturday.

    The Ducks are the overwhelming favorite in this weeks match-up, as they have been all season, and shouldn't be too worried about losing this game.

    Chip Kelly however will make sure that his time is focused against the Buffaloes and will play their hearts out for at least one quarter before the backups come in.

1. Controlling the Line of Scrimmage

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    As in any game, the Ducks will need to focus on winning the battle up front and continue to improve the physicality of this team,

    If the offensive line can create holes for Mariota and Barner, and the defensive line  make plays in the backfield, Oregon will win.

2. Limiting Points off Turnovers

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    The one knock on the Ducks this season is that they have struggled with turnovers a little too much this season.

    The flip side of that is that the Ducks have done well in not allowing any points off turnovers.

    They will need to do the same against Colorado.

3. Covering Receivers

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    My blood pressure is still high from the Washington State game.

    Watching Oregon corners continually allow Cougar receivers to make wide open receptions was one of the most frustrating things I've ever watched.

    The Ducks need to keep Colorado receivers on an island and not allow them to get into space.

4. Not Allowing the Game to Be Close

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    Arizona State still pulled out the win against Colorado, but I don't think anyone outside of Boulder liked the game being that close.

    Oregon will have to be sure to not given Colorado any chance at winning this game, and dominate from the start like they did against the Sun Devils.

5. Playing Oregon Football

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    Oregon is the overwhelming favorite in this game, and just need to continue playing the way that they have been all season.

    Simple as that.