Memo to Mike Tannenbaum: Get Jay Cutler!

Eric HolzmannContributor IMarch 12, 2009

Sometimes in the world of sports, things happen that enable a team to make a move to better themselves.  Last year, the New York Jets had that kind of luck when the Brett Favre situation unfolded the way it did, thus enabling them to acquire the living legend.  This year, the stars are once again aligning for the Jets to make a move that would not only help this year, but will also help for the next 10 years to come.

So this is my official plea to Woody Johnson and Mike Tannenbaum...do whatever it takes to get Jay Cutler in a New York Jets uniform!

We've all heard the knocks on Cutler.

He's immature.

He's arrogant.

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He hasn't won anything.

All of these are excellent points, but Cutler also has things you want in a franchise quarterback.

He has a huge arm.

He's confident.

And he's only going to be 26 years old when this upcoming season starts.

He has thrown for 9,024 yards and 54 TDs in 37 career starts.  He threw for 4,526 of those yards last season.  I know about his 17-20 record as a starter, but the porous defense and the injuries at running back had just as much to do with that as Cutler's play did.

You can easily make the argument that if not for Cutler, the Broncos wouldn't have been as good as they were last year to begin with.  He is getting better, despite what people want you to believe.

The best thing about Cutler, however, is his swagger.

The Jets haven't had a quarterback with Cutler's swagger since Joe Namath was here.  He doesn't back down from anybody and he truly believes he is the best at what he does. Isn't that something all the great ones have?

Also, our new head coach has the same type of swagger that Cutler has.  It would be nice for the Jets offense to have a leader with the same type of attitude the defense is going to have.

The Jets brass has publicly stated that they like the QB situation as it is right now, and they might be right.  We really don't know what Kellen Clemens is at this point, since his one opportunity was on a bad football team.  Brett Ratliff, off a sizzling preseason last year, definitely deserves a chance to show what he can do.

That being said, do either of them really hold a candle to the skills Jay Cutler has?

As much as the Jets fan inside me wants the team to develop one of these guys, the football mind I have tells me that I am wishing for something that Cutler already has shown he can do. 

What's the proper package to acquire Cutler?  I don't know.  I would guess it's going to take a couple of No. 1 picks to get Denver to consider moving him.  As long as they're not asking for the moon, the Jets should do whatever it takes to get Cutler over here. 

If they added him, they wouldn't have to worry about the QB position for at least eight years, and maybe, just maybe, Jay Cutler can make a guarantee of his own and bring a Super Bowl victory to the "other" New York football team.

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