Breaking Down South Carolina Gamecocks' New 'Battle' Uniforms

Patrick Clarke@@_Pat_ClarkeCorrespondent IOctober 9, 2012

Credit: GamecocksOnline
Credit: GamecocksOnline

The No. 3-ranked South Carolina Gamecocks will need to be prepared for battle on Saturday, when they head into what is sure to be a hostile Tiger Stadium to take on the No. 9-ranked LSU Tigers. 

In the lead-up to its can't-miss Top 10 SEC clash this weekend, South Carolina has unveiled its new alternate, "Battle" uniforms, which the Gamecocks will wear in Baton Rouge.

According to SaturdayDownSouth.com, the eye-catching threads were designed by Under Armour just for South Carolina's latest road test at LSU on October 13.

Here's what quarterback Connor Shaw and his teammates will look like when they take the field this weekend.

Although one can't even begin to compare football to war, these uniforms look battle-tested and are definitely deserving of the name. 

Though the Gamecocks players will look more like U.S. Army Rangers on the gridiron this weekend than college football players, kudos to Under Armour for whipping up another creative military tribute.

The uniforms will still stay true to South Carolina's tradition of calling itself "Carolina" on the front of the jersey, as seen below.

The best thing Under Armour did with the Battle unis was keeping the jerseys one color. Had they made them camouflaged along with the pants, this concept would have been a total disaster. Instead, they added some more intrigue to the "Wounded Warrior" uniforms they designed for the Gamecocks last season against Auburn.

Here's what Under Armour designed for South Carolina last fall.

Not too shabby, but definitely lacking the intimidation that the Battle unis possess.

Of course, Steve Spurrier is hoping these one-time unis work out better than the Wounded Warrior last season. The Gamecocks were 4-0 coming into their showdown with Auburn on October 1, but they lost by three at home to ruin the premiere of their tribute threads.

This video from GamecocksOnline provides you with multiple angles of the Battle uniforms along with some critical dubstep. 

The dark room certainly adds to the look, but there's no question that the players will seem 10 times faster and stronger just by putting these uniforms on this Saturday.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to tackle a camouflaged Marcus Lattimore at full speed.

Win or lose this weekend, South Carolina will look more intimidating than ever before.

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