Notre Dame vs. Miami : Breaking Down Irish's Unique Shamrock Series Uniforms

Randy ChambersAnalyst IOctober 3, 2012

Notre Dame vs. Miami : Breaking Down Irish's Unique Shamrock Series Uniforms

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    Two improved teams in the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Miami Hurricanes will square off at Soldier Field this weekend, to battle for more respect from the college football landscape. And while we can break down and talk about the matchups on the field, there is one little twist that has been added to this rivalry.

    Notre Dame will debut its new uniforms!

    The 2012 shamrock series is so special that the Irish have tossed tradition out the window for one game and will wear a unique wardrobe that has had the college football world talking for quite some time.

    Whether you like the change or not, let's take one last look at these bad boys before the game takes place this weekend.

    To view the complete set of pictures for the new Notre Dame uniform, checkout the Notre Dame Football Facebook page.

The Jersey Isn't Half Bad

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    When looking at this uniform, you really can't complain about the jersey.

    Well, of course you can, but there are many other things to harp on if you want to get critical about the uniform change.

    It is your typical navy blue look that will feature the word "IRISH" in a Celtic font.

    The numbers and lettering on the front are a little cartoonish if you ask me, but overall, it is probably the nicest part of the uniform. Unlike the rest of the wardrobe, the designers didn't go over the top with the jersey, over-think things or try too hard to come up with something spectacular.

    Really no complaints when it comes to the top that the Irish will wear this weekend.

The Helmet Is Just Weird Looking

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    And here is the fun part.

    Although it may not be such a great time if you are a Notre Dame fan.

    Who in the world was responsible for designing this helmet? Better yet, who in the Notre Dame athletic department actually approved something like this?

    I have one more question.

    Are players actually going to wear this on their heads this weekend?

    The gold part of the helmet is cool, as the Irish have always had some of the best helmets in college football. But having two completely different designs and colors on one lid is the definition of trying way too hard.

    And what makes things even worse is that the colors aren't even split down the middle, as it appears there is more of a 60-40 ratio going on, which is absolutely bizarre.

    We have seen many ugly things throughout sports, but seeing these helmets for three hours straight is going to be painful on the eyes.

Gold Pants Are Goofy Looking

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    Now that we got the helmet and jersey out of the way, the pants are somewhere in between.

    The bottom isn't exactly as neat looking as the jersey but certainly isn't as gross looking as the helmet.

    What makes the pants weird looking is that a wide navy stripe runs down the left leg, but is missing on the right leg.

    Another thing that is a little strange about the pants is that the fighting Irishman seems to be in an awkward pose, which also makes seeing the little guy almost impossible.

    The pants could have been a lot worse, as we have seen many strange uniforms as of late, but much like the helmet, it seems like there is a lot of unfinished work with the bottom half of the uniform.

Reactions Throughout College Football

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    College football is all about tradition and there are very few schools that respect that more than Notre Dame.

    So when these uniforms were released, it drew many mixed reactions—a lot of which were negative, as many were upset with the change of uniform.

    CBS Sports blogger Matt Hinton came up with 11 reasons to hate the new look, and Michael Citro of had probably the best tweet on the day these pictures were released.

    I wish you guys would lay off the Notre Dame uniforms. I think it's great that Adidas is willing to hire blind uni designers.

    — Michael Citro (@OHD_Michael) August 16, 2012

    But whether you like them or not, it is the players that are the ones that have to wear them, and according to Brian Hamilton of the Chicago Tribune, the players are on board with the change.

    #NotreDame LB Manti Te'o, modeling Shamrock Series uni: "I love them. Look good, you feel good. You feel good, you play good. It's true."

    — Brian Hamilton (@ChiTribHamilton) August 16, 2012

    While we all have different opinions on fashion and what looks good, it's good to know the players have accepted looking ridiculous on the football field.

    Although it would have been interesting if the team didn't agree with the new look.


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    Besides the goofy looking pants and one of the worst helmets ever designed, the overall look of the new uniform isn't as bad as many made it seem a month ago.

    However, the helmet is so bad that it destroys the entire look for most people.

    Seriously, that helmet could go down as the worst football helmet, bike helmet, hiking helmet, miner’s helmet, well, you get the idea.

    But thankfully, this new look is only for one game and we will be able to focus on football once everybody gets all of the laughing out of their system.

    Unless Notre Dame wins big in Chicago, who knows, maybe the Irish decide to bring back this wardrobe next season for good luck.