BYU Football: Grading the Cougars' New Black Uniforms

Samuel Benson@@sambbensonContributor IIIOctober 2, 2012

BYU Football: Grading the Cougars' New Black Uniforms

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    After months of eagerly anticipating the release of a new, black uniform for BYU, it was finally announced on Monday that these slick jerseys will be worn against Oregon State next week. The majority of the fan base, along with myself, are excited about the new look, but many others are disappointed about it.

    Here are reasons to be excited and upset about the new uniforms, and grades for every aspect of them.


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    There is not much of a difference in the design of these new uniforms than the originals, as they feature the traditional trio of stripes on the shoulders and legs. They also have the "Y" logo on the neck in front of the new, Nike "Flywire" lines that were added earlier this season.

    The numbers on the front and back seem to be very noticeable, as they are mainly white with a blue outline. However, the sleeves blend in with the black and could use a brighter outline, as well.

    Grade: B+


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    The helmets, aside from the color, are probably the most dramatic change of all. They feature an all-black, matted tone with royal blue and white stripes running up the middle. The "Y" logo in white adds a nice, refreshing look to the royal blue and makes it stand out.

    The "Band of Brothers" logo above the facemask looks great in black, and the dark facemask itself gives the helmet a menacing look.

    Grade: A+

Wow Factor

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    If BYU was intending to shock the nation with these, I think that they will succeed. As the tradition of the university sticks with the traditional blue and white, adding the black was a great step.

    With the fans wearing black, it will definitely have an intimidating look to it. The only thing that really sinks in is the stripes (as mentioned earlier), but the rest of it looks great.

    Grade: A-


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    I am glad that the Cougars decided to stay with the traditional look of the uniform and didn't go completely berserk with a whole new design. But if there is one thing that the fans have been upset with when it comes to the new unis is that they strayed from the normal colors.

    In my opinion, I think that it is a refreshing change and will look great. It is a whole new uniform aside from the basic design, but that could turn out to be good.

    Grade: B-


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    BYU made a great move with these new uniforms and will look sharp next week. The helmet has to be the highlight, but along with the other aspects of it, the Cougs will be sure to turn heads for next week's blackout.

    Grade: A