NBA 2K13: Playing the Best Basketball Game Ever Made

Louis Sklenarik@@mr_take_overContributor IIISeptember 18, 2012

NBA 2K13 is going to be the sports game of the year, period.

When I was a kid it was always NBA Live—a game you could constantly dunk the basketball in whenever you wanted, and it was literally impossible to incorporate any kind of defensive strategy into. However, over the last three or four years the basketball video game has been taken over by Two-Take Games, or better known as 2K Sports.

From taking over a game with a small guard like Jeremy Lin, or dominating with a big man like the Lakers' new center Dwight Howard, watch out for NBA 2K13 to be one of the best basketball games to ever come out.

I started playing NBA 2K in the 2010 version of the game and it has only gotten better since then. I have always been an avid video game fan, obsessed with the desire to watch games get more realistic. Sports games have always been a particular interest to me because they let you create your own reality.

If I want LeBron James to play for the Knicks, I can make that happen.

Naturally I have been playing basketball video games since I was a little kid, and I can honestly say that the last three years of this 2K basketball series have been some of the best games I have ever played.

NBA 2K10 was absolutely fantastic.

It featured some of the most realistic graphics that anyone had ever seen and gameplay that was as smooth as could be.  Trades were interactive with both salary-cap and hard-cap restrictions, which made the game make you feel like you were a real GM. Defense was actually possible and probable if you had a really good center.

If Kobe Bryant was driving down the lane, it was actually possible that he might not slam a dunk in your face.

NBA 2K11 was just as good, if not better.

They introduced the best version of the shot stick to date—this allowed you to take different kinds of shots all over the floor with just the touch of the right analog stick. Taking a shot while running would be like a drifter-type shot. Tilting the stick backwards while you shot the ball would result in a fadeaway shot.

They also brought Michael Jordan back into video games, which resulted in one of the biggest boosts to a video game's credibility in recent memory. They also created a My Career mode, where you could make you own player and build his career up from the D-League to the Hall of Fame.

NBA 2K12 was the most recent version of them game.

They greatly improved the Career Mode, where you could now not only play as a created character but also the career of just an actual NBA rookie. However the game lacked some of the new features we were used to seeing in the games.

Defense was harder to play than in recent years. It was hard to get hot with any one particular player on any team. It was near impossible to dominate a game with a big man, so if you didn’t have a lights out shooter on your team, you were in trouble. Not to say that 2K12 was disappointing, but it wasn’t as good as we thought it would be.

It was pretty much a carbon copy of the 2011 version, with updated rosters.

NBA 2K13 packs a new punch this year, as it is loaded with new features that will make the game both different and more fun for everyone.

Lets look at several new game play features that make the game better.

One would be the Control Stick.

NBA 2K13 will now have a feature that will let you basically control everything you do with the basketball with just one part of the controller. Compare this to older basketball games where you had to press several buttons just to do a crossover.

This Control Stick will now control your every move—from jump shots, to crossovers and post moves. You will use just that stick to make sick moves on your defenders.

Another new feature would be the Dynamic Shot Generator.

This feature is similar to what Madden 13 put out a few weeks ago. NBA 2K13 will now feature a unique physics system in the game that makes the gameplay beyond realistic. Every time you touch a player it alters your dribble or shot. It will make the game so much more exciting and realistic.

No more crazy, impossible layups over a seven-foot center, and it will be cool to see if it lets you draw fouls easier.

Another cool feature is going to be the player signature skills.

Similar to what Madden did a few years ago, superstar players will now have unique skills that make them better in the game. For example, according to the 2K Sports website, Derrick Rose is going to be a ‘floor general’ which will let him impact the game in his own unique way.

There are numerous unique abilities players can have, and you can use them to your own liking to change the course of every game you play.

There is also going to be a revamped passing system in this year’s game. In past years the passing system has been kind of either too easy or too hard. This year will feature all new kinds of passes, including a new bounce pass feature according to the 2K Sports website.

There are numerous more features to the game that will be announced in the next few weeks. The demo of the game should be coming out soon as well; It usually comes out a week or two before the release date of the actual game.

I think we will be playing the best NBA 2K game ever on October 2nd.

NBA 2K13 packs a new punch that should make the game better and more realistic at the same time. With the combination of both the new features and the previous success of the previous titles, I think this game is going to be awesome.

If all the new features aren’t enough for you, Jay-Z is producing the soundtrack for the game. Pre-order the game now to get more features as well, including All-Star teams and the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest.

Have fun!


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