The Top 5 Most Amazing Dunkers in Washington Wizards History

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The Top 5 Most Amazing Dunkers in Washington Wizards History

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    From the initial Chicago Packers to the current Washington Wizards, this is a franchise that has contracted some of basketball's greatest players. While the number of pure slam-dunkers isn't huge, this club has had some notable guys with throw down ability.

    The evolution of the dunk has been one that has taken crazy turns. In modern basketball, crowds aren't amazed by a regular two-handed finish; however, this was quite the sight many years ago.

    With athletes getting bigger, stronger and faster, current and former Wizards' players have given us many eye-opening slams that we still remember today.

    Whether it's old school or new, it's time to pay homage to some of the best dunkers in team history.

5. Michael Jordan

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    The greatest player in NBA history could also go down as the best dunker of all-time; however, he doesn't top this list. Michael Jordan, still an effective finisher, was well past his prime during his short stint with the Wizards.

    But that didn't stop him from throwing down some rather retro dunks during his two years with Washington.

    It's crazy to fathom that even after three seasons into retirement, the 38-year-old Jordan could still step on the court and show flashes of his former self. Even if he did have the infamous all-star brick, he was still a capable finisher inside on a drive.

4. Caron Butler

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    Before Butler became an injury-plagued veteran, he had two All-Star appearances as a Wizard, as well as some impacting dunks. With a 6'7" body and above-average hops, he possessed the size and strength to rise above defenders and destroy them with a jam.

    Though he only played five seasons with Washington, Butler had some of the more impressive dunks in team history. One that has to come to mind is his hard and-one finish over Andrew Bogut.

    He was certainly one of the league's most intriguing players to watch as a Wizard, but probably won't have as many highlight plays elsewhere at age 32.

    However, Butler should always be remembered in Wizards' history as one of the most prolific dunkers ever.

3. John Wall

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    We witnessed that John Wall had leaps in his one year with the Kentucky Wildcats. Luckily for the Washington Wizards, that translated nicely into the next level.

    Wall is an example of the modern day NBA point guard: quality size with a ton of athleticism. Heading into his third professional season, it's quite exciting to imagine the posterizations this guy is capable of.

    With his ability to blow by defenders on a fast break and get to the basket, it wouldn't be shocking to see Wall with some of next season's most jaw-dropping plays.

    As for now, he stands a chance to one day become the best dunk artist in Wizards' history.

2. Gus Johnson

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    Gus "Honeycomb" Johnson was one of the early pioneers of the beloved slam dunk. He wasn't the fanciest finisher, but knew how to utilize an open court for easy slams inside.

    Playing most of his career with the Baltimore Bullets, Johnson created a resume that was good enough to land him in the prestigious Basketball Hall of Fame. He was also one of the faces that helped the now-called Wizards gain popularity back in the 1970's based off his hard efforts and exciting playing style.

    Considering his impact on the franchise, you would likely see him on many all-time Washington Wizards' lists. While he was a bruising forward in his prime, he gave fans plenty to cheer about, including many highlight dunks in the process.

1. JaVale McGee

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    If you want to see a big man with insane leaping ability, look no further than JaVale McGee. Besides his shot-blocking ability, the seven-footer has been known to truly throw down in authoritative fashion.

    The craziest thing about McGee's dunks is his finishes off alley-oops. With either flashiness or finesse, he was an easy target to find while looking for points in the paint.

    In his four seasons with Washington, McGee had some nice dunking credentials. He competed in the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest along with finishing last season with 150 dunks, the second most in the league.

    While he is no longer in a Wizards uniform, there is no question about him being one of the most exciting players in franchise history, if not the best dunker.


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