Top 5 NBA Players Who Wasted Their Offseasons

Ross Bentley@@imrossbentleySenior Analyst ISeptember 16, 2012

Top 5 NBA Players Who Wasted Their Offseasons

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    Despite being paid millions of dollars for a short portion of their life to play competitive basketball at the elite-level, sometimes NBA players take their privilege of being a professional athlete for granted and decide to waste their time away from the game.

    Whether it is not focusing completely on improving their game, getting into trouble with the law, getting out of shape or anything else that takes away from their game, some NBA players will routinely waste their offseason and not take advantage of their talent.

    Even one incident in an offseason that damages your game is enough for a player's offseason to be considered a waste.

    This offseason was no different as these players did not take full advantage of their time away from their teams to get better, but instead wasted their offseason, which will undoubtedly show up in their game on the court next year. 

5. Kris Humphries

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    Kris Humphries has the opportunity to be a part of a contender next year in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, Humphries continues to allow his personal life to overshadow his play on the court.

    It all started with his infamous marriage, and now divorce, to socialite Kim Kardashian, which continues to drag on to this day.

    Even after his marriage ended, Humphries has now become a media target.

    This offseason he has been sued by an ex for allegedly giving her herpes, and his dating life is under intense scrutiny from pop culture websites and magazines.

    While some of this was unavoidable for Humphries, he certainly hasn't made much of an attempt to stay out of the spotlight, and there is little doubt it will affect his play with the Nets next year in some capacity. 

4. Matt Barnes

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    Matt Barnes always seems to be getting into more trouble than he is worth during his career 

    Both on and off the court, Barnes has the reputation of being a trouble maker.

    This offseason his difficulties with the law continued when he was arrested this summer for allegedly verbally threatening a police officer after missing a court date, according to ABC News 7 Los Angeles. 

    Barnes later signed on to play next year with the Los Angeles Clippers for the upcoming season, but even they can't be happy that Barnes cannot keep his act together during the offseason and stay out of trouble so he can focus on basketball only. 

3. Dwight Howard

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    It has not been a good six months for Dwight Howard.

    His flip-flopping with the Orlando Magic and constant back and forth trade rumors has shined an extremely negative light on him, and turned him from one of the most popular players in the NBA into one of the least.

    It's hard to imagine Howard being able to focus entirely on improving his low-post game this offseason, when he spent the majority of it trying to nudge the Magic into sending him to Brooklyn, and then Los Angeles.

    Howard was spotted in LA multiple times prior to the trade that eventually sent him to the Lakers, including attending Dodgers games, which certainly rubbed many fans the wrong way.

    Howard will have a long way to go to save his image, and not only did he miss out on improving his game much this offseason (remember he couldn't participate in the Olympics because of injury either), but he also spent way too much time trying to strong-hand the Magic into giving him exactly what he wanted. 

2. Dion Waiters

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    For most lottery picks, the Summer League is their first real chance to impress the team who took a chance on them in the draft. Most players take it seriously enough to go into the summer in great basketball shape.

    Dion Waiters, the fourth overall pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers, apparently didn't feel that way for this season.

    Waiters was never in supreme condition when he was at Syracuse, but he looked particularly sluggish and out of shape in the Cavs' Summer League.

    On top of that, Waiters didn't even really seem to find much wrong with his performance, telling the Syracuse Post-Standard:

    It’s different for the NBA Draft, when you don’t have to do nothing. It was a couple weeks between the draft and summer league. I still wasn’t (in game shape). But now, you see me, there’s a big difference.

    While it is certainly possible for Waiters to be in shape by the time the season starts, the fact that he was not ready to go for Summer League is a huge red flag for Cavs fans.

1. Jason Kidd

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    You would think at age 39 and after two decades in the NBA, Jason Kidd would know not to waste an offseason by doing something stupid, but apparently it still hasn't gotten through to him.

    Kidd was arrested this offseason for a DWI after he crashed into a telephone pole coming home from a charity function. 

    TMZ is even reporting that Kidd was so drunk he had to be carried out of the club before he got into his car to drive.

    If all of the allegations are true, this is a tremendously irresponsible decision from Kidd, who now has to deal with the backlash heading into possibly his final season ever.

    On top of all of that, Kidd jilted the team he won a championship with, the Mavericks, to join the New York Knicks for next season to mentor Jeremy Lin, only to see Lin not resign with the Knicks and go to Houston. 

    Overall a complete waste of an offseason for Kidd. 

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