1. Matt Barnes says Derek Fisher ‘wanted to run and tell the cops’ about their fight https://t.co/hWMHkFxgrB https://t.co/IYtchLU6N5

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  3. Barnes: Fisher Wanted to Run, Tell Cops

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  6. Noted grown man Matt Barnes calls Derek Fisher out for snitching - https://t.co/ufnyO2We7m https://t.co/p9uYPzhkSn

  7. Matt Barnes: ‘Derek Fisher wanted to run and tell the cops and NBA’ https://t.co/2GlHnslrpy https://t.co/p8INjGW8RE

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  16. Matt Barnes: Derek Fisher shouldn't have told police, NBA about their fight https://t.co/oVbWDp4A3u https://t.co/uc2AI7Jp7F

  17. Matt Barnes talks to the LA Times about his altercation with Derek Fisher & he doesn't sound happy about it: https://t.co/POIoTvRlBu

  18. Matt Barnes vs. Derek Fisher isn't over yet. https://t.co/rRtVvBaXLE https://t.co/J6eIBUn0aT

  19. Rihanna Blasts Matt Barnes for Romance Rumors

  20. Rihanna Slams Matt Barnes for Hinting at Romance

  21. Barnes Get Put on Blast by Rihanna for Dating Rumors

  22. Pregame - Doc on Matt Barnes: On the floor, he's a great agitator. That's an underrated asset in our league. Not the dirty stuff.

  23. Wonder what kind of reaction Staples Center crowd will give Matt Barnes?

  24. Matt Barnes highlights on the scoreboard -- nice ovation from the fans.

  25. Barnes to Clips Friends: Watch Out Come Game Time

  26. Barnes Ready to 'Foul the Beep' Out of DeAndre

  27. Matt Barnes get a nice ovation from the crowd at Staples Center.

  28. Matt Barnes getting some recognition and cheers after a video highlight on the scoreboard. Gives us a wave from the bench.

  29. Clippers just showed a tribute video for Matt Barnes and crowd gave him a nice ovation.

  30. #ClipperNation showing love to former Clipper, @Matt_Barnes22.  https://t.co/Mpx2ffhxy7

  31. Great ovation for Matt Barnes as he enters game for first time.

  32. Matt Barnes shown on video board then raises his hand to acknowledge the fans. Checks in with less than 3 mins in the first quarter

  33. Matt Barnes fouls Jamal Crawford on a 3 with 1.3 seconds on the shot clock. WELCOME HOME

  34. Matt Barnes disagrees with a call, and I'm over here getting all nostalgic.

  35. Matt Barnes is grabbing at his right hamstring.

  36. Matt "Draw a 3 Shot Foul" Barnes

  37. Three free throws for @matt_barnes22! 8 seconds remain

  38. . @Matt_Barnes22 knocks all three down! #Grizzlies trail 90-89 w/ 8 seconds left in the game.

  39. So Clippers foul Matt Barnes for 3 - 90-89 with 8.0 left - LAC ball

  40. Matt Barnes: Derek Fisher Snitched About Their Fight https://t.co/9cPqTkWeTS https://t.co/r6cw1W9prk

  41. The Clippers got to know a much different Matt Barnes than the one he's painted to be https://t.co/HBUy71755X

  42. The Clippers looked forward to seeing Matt Barnes, a player they only remembered fondly https://t.co/efB7QHcWyI https://t.co/DAXkDj3ySH

  43. Derek Fisher says he hadn't heard that Matt Barnes called him a snitch and doesn't care.

  44. Also, Derek Fisher responds to Matt Barnes' latest; Arron Afflalo is ready and awaiting word https://t.co/xjpdzNDG1x

  45. MEM's Matt Barnes received a flop warning for violating leagues anti-flopping rule on Nov. 9 vs. LAC. See play here: https://t.co/FHBD6cUWxd

  46. Grizzlies' Matt Barnes issued a flop warning for this play vs. Clippers on Monday: https://t.co/PGJqBlgKce

  47. Grizzlies’ Matt Barnes gets flopping warning for three vs. Clippers https://t.co/Q2iuBZQhSJ

  48. . @Matt_Barnes22 for three! Thank you @MacBo50 #MEM: 26 #GSW: 39

  49. Matt Barnes over Jeff Green as "sixth man" is a low key adjustment from Joerger. We'll see if it holds.

  50. Joerger says the emphasis on Matt Barnes tonight was so he could play Klay Thompson when Tony Allen wasn't on him.

  51. . @matt_barnes22 for three! #Grizz up 92-81 | 4:15 4Q