New York Jets: Management Temporarily Fixes Right Tackle, Needs Help at Receiver

Will Agathis@WAgathisCorrespondent IIAugust 28, 2012

Exhibit A: Jabar Gaffney
Exhibit A: Jabar GaffneyJim Rogash/Getty Images

The end of this offseason has been strong. After the draft and free agency, the Jets did a lot of the right things to this day. They gave Mark Sanchez another chance, they gave up on Wayne Hunter and are even effectively using fan favorites such as Josh Mauga.

Putting in Austin Howard was the first step in fixing the right tackle situation, the most embarrassing positional group for a team in all of football. Today, the Jets made the second and most important step: they traded Wayne Hunter for Jason Smith, the St. Louis Rams' second overall draft pick from 2009.

Sure, St Louis fans know that Smith has been far from good, but he has a lot of potential, and if not for injuries, he may improve at a faster rate. Being on a team with great starters all over, Smith should have no problem fitting in, even if he is the weak link coming in.

A genius player-for-player trade by Mike Tannenbaum, these types of deals aren't seen in the NFL very often. For this reason, I think that Tannenbaum has more tricks up his sleeve. I would definitely like to see more moves come from Tannenbaum, especially with some of the recent roster cuts.

The specific roster cut I am referring to is Jabar Gaffney's release from New England.

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Jabar Gaffney nearly eclipsed 1,000 yards last season with the Washington Redskins, one of the most troubled teams at quarterback last season.

Not to mention, he was just on the New England Patriots, who is still the Jets' biggest rival in the AFC. The information he would bring and the pressure he'd take off Stephen Hill and Santonio Holmes makes him a smart acquisition.

Gaffney would fill in as good insurance in the event that Stephen Hill doesn't develop fast enough or Santonio Holmes gets injured. At this point, Gaffney is the best of the worst and is a must-grab for the Jets.

Another good player that the Jets should pounce on is former New York Giant Jeremy Shockey. While 32 and not getting any better, he is still a somewhat reliable receiving target, picking up over 400 receiving yards in all 10 seasons he has participated in. While never a very good blocker, he would be a nice pair up with Dustin Keller. 

It's always good for a team to have two good tight ends or at least two capable tight ends. With Dustin Keller going down, a player to fill in like Jeremy Shockey is a must right now.

Moves like the Wayne Hunter trade really make a fan excited, as the general manager is finally listening. Let's see if Tannenbaum continues to follow through as this make or break season rapidly approaches.


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