Why Michigan Has The Best College Football Program Of All Time

Dan AldrichContributor IFebruary 27, 2009

Well, where to start. There are so many reasons to why The Michigan Wolverines are the #1 college football team in the history of NCAA Football.

Of course every Ohio State fan is going to argue this just because of how ignorant most are. Recent history means nothing when measuring all time dominance.

Notre Dame fans will argue this too with all they can throw at our faces. Let me remind you little leprechauns that The University of Michigan(that's right Ohio State I used the word The before the name) literally taught your team how to play football.

Maybe this will let some OSU fans know that Michigan really is #1 of all time. Even some other fans of other teams or prospective fans trying to choose a team.

If you're a Michigan fan and just don't know all the history then here is your chance to learn a few things.

Michigan has 872 wins and a .740 winning percentage. This is good enough for #1 in Div. 1-A football history.

They have compiled 110 winning seasons and 25 undefeated seasons since 1879. More than any other team in history.

Michigan is only one of three teams to have a winning record against independent schools and every Division 1-A football conference. Not bad considering how many conferences are in football.

Michigan's 1901 team was the first team to ever go undefeated, untied and not allow a team to score a point on them and win the Rose Bowl without being scored on. The 1901 team also won the National Championship, the first in Michigan Wolverine Football history.

You have to like the National Championships at 11, tied with Notre Dame. After Rich Rodriguezs' system is in with his players we could see No. 12.

When it comes to Conference Championships, Michigan has 42 compared to Ohio State's 35. Once again this will be fixed with Rich Rod and his system.

The Wolverines have had only 8 losing seasons ever. The last shutout they have suffered was on October 20, 1984 against Iowa. That is a streak of 287 games.

Michigan Stadium also known as "The Big House" is the biggest(or second biggest because I know Penn State fans will call me out on this) and one of the most well known football stadiums in America. It will host over 108,000 fans when renovations are complete in 2010 beating Beaver Stadium(again).

The original capacity of Michigan Stadium started at 72,000 with footers to allow expansion for up to 200,000 fans. It is "The House That Yost Built". Before renovations the capacity was 107,501. Extra seat? That was for coach Fielding Yost.

Okay, now back to comparing and making fun of Ohio State. All Michigan fans like that. Why wouldn't we? They suck.

Michigan's: The Victors is one of the most widely recognized songs in college football today. It was wrote after a last minute comeback over the University of Chicago, that clinched the Western Championship, hence the line "champions of the West".

It also shows we are better than Ohio State. They take a song written by The U of M after an embarrassing loss, when Michigan's song was after a great and prideful defeat.

The song is so great that Gerald Ford had it play at his Presidential Inauguration. Before he died he said he wanted "The Victors" played at his funeral so he could hear just one more time.

For all of you Michigan fans, if their is anything I missed that you would like to add, I want to know.

This should bring great pride and strength to all fans out there and realize that we will be back. Michigan will never go away.

The Wolverines will once again hold that trophy high above their heads. They will once again be No. 1.



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