Cleveland Browns: 5 Reasons to Draft Greg Little in Your Fantasy Football League

Ryan Phillips@@RumorsandRantsContributor IIIAugust 2, 2012

Cleveland Browns: 5 Reasons to Draft Greg Little in Your Fantasy Football League

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    Cleveland Browns wide receiver Greg Little had an up and down rookie season in 2011, but the 23-year-old North Carolina product is a physical specimen who can impose his will on opposing defensive backs when he's playing well.

    Little could be a candidate for a breakout year in 2012, and is certainly one to watch in fantasy football.

    Here are five reasons why you should select him in your fantasy football draft.

Brandon Weeden Will Make Him Better

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    I know Colt McCoy has fans out there (somewhere), but Brandon Weeden is a better overall quarterback than McCoy and he has more upside. 

    Using his maturity, ability to read coverages and rocket of an arm, Weeden will get the ball to his targets much more effectively than McCoy did. 

    There may be an adjustment period, but Weeden and Little should be hooking up consistently by midseason. 

He's Ready for a Breakout

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    Little sat out the 2010 season while at North Carolina because an NCAA-mandated suspension. And after a year off he arrived in Cleveland as a rookie in 2011 and still was able to catch 61 passes for 709 yards and two touchdowns. 

    Thirty-five of Little's 61 receptions went for first downs as well, which means he was a reliable guy to go to.

    He wasn't all there as a rookie after sitting out for an entire season, but he still put up decent numbers. Now with a full offseason behind him he is poised for a big breakout in 2012. 

He's in Better Shape

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    Little entered training camp in much better shape this season and claims he has lost 11 pounds through an improved diet. He also worked hard in the weight room sculpting his body.

    He's already known as a physical freak, and Little's 6'2", 220-pound frame makes him a big, strong, athletic target for Weeden. 

    Now with his first full offseason behind him, expect the UNC product to step up in big ways.

He Can't Possibly Drop More Passes Than He Did in 2011

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    Little dropped a whopping 14 passes as a rookie, but Browns coaches claim that lapses in concentration caused those problems, not hands of stone. 

    Frankly, it's understandable that Little had issues hauling in passes as a rookie after sitting out the 2010 collegiate season. He can still step up and be a leader among the Browns' receiving corps this year, but he will need to focus more. 

    There is almost no way he'll drop that many passes in 2012, especially with a better quarterback under center.

Some Believe He's in for a Pro Bowl Type of a Season

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    Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer is around the Browns as much as anyone and she believes Little could be on his way to a Pro Bowl season. That's high praise. 

    If a writer who is in and around the Browns as much as Cabot sees a marked change in Little and believes he can make a run at a Pro Bowl spot, you should take notice.

    He will probably drop a bit in your fantasy draft because the Browns aren't expected to contend or have a great offense. That means he could be a steal.