Breaking Down Each Moment of Raw's 1,000th Episode

Daniel Massey@EPWWEfan1Senior Analyst IIIJuly 25, 2012

Breaking Down Each Moment of Raw's 1,000th Episode

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    Raw 1000 has now come and gone, and what a night it was!

    Nostalgia and drama all played a huge part in the show and so did two massive announcements! Many people felt satisfied at how the episode was handled, including me.

    There were many legendary returns that were not expected.

    The surprises were there and so was the tension, excitement, and electricity.

    I am making my own return here tonight—I am analysing and reviewing the amazing show that graced our screens last night—Raw 1000.

    Every little detail, every minor moment is covered in this epic slideshow. So just sit back, relax and enjoy reliving Raw 1000 in intricate detail!

It’s Raw 1000!

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    The opening intro which took us through nearly 20 years of Raw in a concise 5 minute video was amazing.

    The video editing department of the WWE should be commended here as they truly know how to put a video together.

    Viewers could reminisce properly before the monumental show began and the video served its purpose of exciting the crowd and the audience at home.

    It was rather interesting to see how they mixed the more humorous moments (such as GTV and Beaker and Sheamus) with those that were more serious (such as Eddie Guererro’s tribute, Mankind’s WWF title win and “Austin and Tyson, Austin and Tyson!”).

    This was simply an excellent start to the show.

New Logo, New Stage, New Name Plates!

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    The new logo is extremely sleek and fresh without looking like it is trying too hard to be new.

    It is a nice deep red, removing some of the brightness from the previous incarnation.

    The stage is now bigger and better than ever before with huge structures surrounding what looked like a new curved TitanTron.

    They stuck with the same entrance for the superstars as there is not a lot wrong with it.

    Subtle changes are better than a huge change sometimes—whether they will stick with it or whether it was just a special stage for Raw 1000 remains to be known.

    The new graphics that introduce the replays and tell us the names of the superstars during the entrances have also been vastly improved, looking more professional than they used to.

    We just need a new WWE title belt to match all these improvements!

Didn’t There Used to Be More of Us?

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    DX opened the show in typical fashion—with comedy and innuendo.

    Triple H and Shawn Michaels came out and many would have been happy with just that, but then they introduced all the old members of DX, barring Chyna.

    The New Age Outlaws and X-Pac were there and looked to be having a blast, as did the crowd.

    Road Dogg doing his old intro was amazing and sent shivers down my spine—he even bleeped himself so he didn’t say “ass” in front of children.

    It was an excellent way to open the show. Seeing the whole of DX back together again was brilliant.

You’re Welcome

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    The addition of Damien Sandow actually benefitted the DX segment.

    He came out and it was clear that he juxtaposed DX.

    What helped them immensely was the fact that Damien Sandow’s mic skills were way above average and he was able to interact with DX without taking away any comedic impact and actually adding some of his own.

    It helped the character grow despite the fact that he took a Sweet Chin Music and a Pedigree.

    I would have liked to see finishers from Mr. Ass, Road Dogg and X-Pac, but I’m sure there were some backstage reasons for that not happening.

J.R on Commentary!

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    J.R joined the commentary team for the six-man tag match.

    I thought he would be out there for the duration of the night but it wasn’t to be.

    I was also a bit disappointed that he was asked to commentate on a match involving current superstars and not one involving legends.

    It would have been more beneficial for him to commentate on the main event as well.

    Nevertheless, any bit of J.R that WWE wants to give us is good for me.

Six Man Tag Team Match

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    This match was annoying at first because it didn’t further any storylines despite involving Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho.

    However, it had an excellent finish which showcased some vintage Jericho moves.

    It was clear to see that the match worked to a crescendo and it worked perfectly.

    I think I was originally annoyed because I was half asleep by half 2 in the morning, saw Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara make an entrance and thought we were in for a dream match.

Charlie Sheen Skype #1

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    What on earth was this about?

    No Charlie you would not fit into DX.

    Calm down.

    And take your cap off.

The Locker Room Is Mentally Unstable

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    The backstage segment with AJ showing how mentally unstable the WWE is as a whole was a fantastic and inventive way to introduce some legends into proceedings.

    She opened the door and we saw Hacksaw Jim Duggan, then R-Truth and Roddy Piper skipping with Lil’ Jimmy and finally Mae Young’s son—the Hand is all grown up!

    If I was Mark Henry I’d be straight on Jeremy Kyle for a DNA test.

Dude Loves Funkasaurus

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    The Funkasaurus beat Jack Swagger in possibly one of the fastest squash matches I have ever seen.

    Dude Love came out to be in the corner of the Dancing Dinosaur and didn’t say a word.

    No promo. No “OWWW HAVE MERCY!!"

    The match was severely lacking and the appearance wasn’t particularly exciting. Quite frankly, I was left wanting to see Cactus Jack and Mankind throughout the show, and when that didn’t happen, disappointment followed.

Trish Teaches Trips Yoga

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    In a very clever segment which mirrored a previous Raw episode (video included) Trish bent Triple H right over to help him stretch and DX came in making some more innuendo, creating a very funny moment for this 1000th episode.

    I don’t know what X-Pac thought he was doing after the segment when he was trying to advance on Trish.

    Looked a bit weird and uncomfortable to me...


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    Slick, the first African American manager in the WWE, made a return on this epic night as the reverend to the wedding of AJ and Daniel Bryan.

    We all knew that it wouldn’t go smoothly and as AJ said yes, she rejected Bryan at the same time—the result?

    We now have a mentally unstable General Manager on Raw. People were quick to criticise the decision on Twitter and Facebook, but I say we should give this a chance.

    There is no doubt that AJ’s acting is a step ahead of the majority of the roster and that’s what you need in a good GM.

    They must be able to act or the segments fall flat.

    Another thing is, AJ, being as mentally unstable as is claimed, will probably make some brilliant matches that would not have made sense if anyone else would have made them.

Rocking Wedding After Party

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    If I could pre-order the Royal Rumble, I would.

    The Rock came out to announce that he would be facing the WWE Champion for the title on January 27th 2013.

    Such a gargantuan announcement knocked the crowd and me for six.

    Punk had already come out to laugh at Daniel Bryan’s failed wedding and told The Rock he was looking forward to it because he would be the WWE Champion in January.

    The Rock then presented Daniel Bryan with his wedding present—a Rock Bottom.

Bret Hart Just Can’t Be Bothered

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    Bret Hart seems to have lost his passion for this job.

    The way he introduced The Miz was absolutely disgusting.

    Whether he did it on purpose because he doesn’t like The Miz is beyond me. But if that isn't the deal, then it was extremely unprofessional and just made Bret Hart look like he couldn’t be bothered to be there.

    I was not a fan of the man to begin with and he did not help his case there.

The Miz Becomes Intercontinental Champion

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    I was praying for this as soon as I realised he was facing Christian for the title.

    I just don’t think Christian has worked with the Intercontinental Championship. Cody Rhodes should have kept it indefinitely.

    Nevertheless, The Miz beat Christian cleanly with the Skull-Crushing finale and solidified his intentions following his return at Money in the Bank last week.

    Hopefully he will restore some prestige to the title that Christian helped to destroy.

Charlie Sheen Skype #2

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    Pick a fight you can win.

    Daniel Bryan truly would lock you in the Yes Lock faster than you can say that catchphrase you seem to have acquired.

    Is Charlie Sheen big in America or something?

SummerSlam 2012: Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H

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    Business sure picked up during this segment as Triple H came out for the second time that night. After nearly battering Paul Heyman for the second time, his wife came out and did it for him, getting him the match with Brock Lesnar in the process.

    As much as it was great to see Stephanie (who has gotten better with age, if you ask me) I can’t help but think it was a bit emasculating for Triple H that his wife had to batter Heyman to get him a match at SummerSlam.

    Nevertheless, it worked, and the main event has been set.

    I must say that I am looking forward to it and it was good to see Lesnar and Triple H fight again, with Triple H coming out on top this time.

    Speaking of tops, I thought it was rather amusing the way they both removed them after the contest just to show off their bodies to each other. Needless.

Lita Used Protection...DAMN!

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    Howard Finkel was the guest ring announcer here. He seemed to really enjoy himself.

    Heath Slater came out to face what everyone thought would be The Undertaker, but it was the return of one of the greatest Divas of all time—Lita.

    I must say she looked better than ever.

    She did hire protection as well in the form of the returning APA.

    This was another excellent way to introduce legends to the show.

    They got their hands dirty as well as a fleeing Slater got shoved back into the ring by the legends he faced in the build up to Raw 1000.

    Lita hit the Twist of Fate and the Moonsault she was so famous for. Bradshaw hit the most devastating Clothesline from Hell I think I’ve ever seen.


Mooney Interviews Moody.

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    Sean Mooney returned for one night only to interview Daniel Bryan as he responded to Charlie Sheen’s comments and his disastrous wedding.

    Please don’t fight Sheen at SummerSlam.

100,000,000 Social Media Follower

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    This is an achievement for the WWE, not this fella. It just means it’s taken him 1000 times longer to jump on the bandwagon than everyone else. This might just be me being an old man though...

It’s Been a Long Time

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    No it hasn’t, it’s been about 3 months since you lost cleanly, Cena.

    That is not a long time.

    Zack Ryder on the other hand worked out that “Mean” Gene Okerlund was behind “GTV”.

    Gene denied the accusation vehemently of was a nice reference to an unfinished storyline though.

    It was actually Goldust, remember?

    They could have brought him back for that as well.

    Oh no, here comes that disappointment again.

The Brothers of Destruction Return

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    Kane came down to the ring but Jinder Mahal (accompanied by Camacho, Hunico, Tyler Reks, and Curt Hawkins) interrupted his entrance.

    They surrounded the ring in a Nexus like fashion before the most famous gong ever rang around the arena and The Undertaker returned.

    It was amazing to see the Brothers of Destruction again as they cleared house.

    Just a little tip to The Undertaker: make sure you practice taking the hood off your coat before going on the 1000th episode of Raw—it might get stuck.  

Charlie Sheen Skype #3

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    Toilet break. I hope he isn’t at SummerSlam.

First MitB Cash-in Loser...loser...looooseerrrrr.

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    Punk looked like he didn’t want to screw Cena over and get the cheap win as he debated how much the Championship was worth against his pride.

    The referee was knocked out and the Big Show came down and absolutely battered Cena to the point where Punk only had to cover him for the win.

    He waited too long and SuperCena kicked out. Big Show caused the disqualification by letting his emotions get the better of him and attacking Cena again.

    The Rock came down to save the day and beat Big Show like it was the year 2000.

    It was brilliant to see and gave me shivers down my spine seeing those two go at it again. It reminded me of No Way Out 2000 when the two competed to see who would go on to WrestleMania.

    Ahh those were the days.

    The main point here is that Cena became the first person to lose a cash-in just as everyone thought he would be.


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    The final huge story of the night came when Punk put a stop to the most electrifying move in sports entertainment and put The Rock to sleep.

    This signified a massive heel turn which didn’t make me think what everyone on Twitter did.

    They think it is to freshen Punk’s character up, because he is better as a heel and because he has become the sell out he rebelled against last year.

    I think it is purely because he will face The Rock at the Royal Rumble and The Rock will never turn heel again.

    It makes the feud more clear cut and helps the crowd work out who to support in the contest.

    This also prevents it becoming like the WrestleMania match between The Rock and Cena where people were divided over who to support.

    It is my prediction that The Rock will go into the Royal Rumble as a huge favourite and a huge face.

    Punk will be more hated than Jericho by then.   


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    Raw 1000 couldn’t really have been much better given the circumstances.

    Steve Austin is the only person that felt like he was really missing, but barring that, the WWE did a fantastic job of mixing the new with the old for a really enjoyable show.

    I hope you have enjoyed this extensive review of Raw 1000. I hope you’re looking forward to the review of Raw 1001! My reviews will be returning next Monday so stay tuned!

    Thanks for reading.

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