50 College Gameday Signs That Should Be Made for 2012 Games

Dan Vasta@CI_StatsGuruSenior Writer IIIJuly 24, 2012

50 College Gameday Signs That Should Be Made for 2012 Games

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    ESPN's College Gameday is every die-hard's favorite show during the fall simply due to the fact that the analysis, entertainment and excitement to start your Saturday is essentially perfect.

    However, it is the fans who always make the show flawless due to the creativity and pageantry we see. Most die-hard fans will have some headgear or paint on their face to show off to the cameras, but the signs they always bring are often hilarious.

    Always relating to the featured game of the week, the fans will bring signs that are comical and even witty. Every sign is expected to be checked by security before they are allowed on television, but more times than not we enjoy the creativity.

    College football after all is arguably the best sport in the world because of its fans, and thus here are your top 50 College Gameday signs that, in my eyes, should be made for the 2012 season.

    Note: I list my projected slate of games for every week of the season excluding the SEC Championship. Since some games have two or three great games I will use both of them for that week, but feel free to send your opinions on which signs you would like to see.

Saban’s World

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    9/1 (Michigan vs. Alabama)

    Nick Saban is looked upon as the ruler of college football due to winning three total BCS titles and two of the last three.

    Alabama is back for another run at the BCS title and Saban is the caliber of a coach that will likely keep the Tide in contention for as long as he is around.

    The Crimson Tide, of course, are opening the season against Michigan at Cowboys Stadium, home of owner Jerry Jones.

    Jerry’s World is what the stadium is also known as, but many Tide fans will feel as if Saban owns the place if he has another sensational start to the season.

Alabama Is America’s Team

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    9/1 (Michigan vs. Alabama)

    Another shot at the Dallas Cowboys: Whether you hate or love Alabama football, many feel like they are becoming the most dominant team in college football.

    Michigan is still looked on by many as one of the more popular teams in all of sports, being the winningest college football program in the history of the sport, but another dominating and/or impressive victory by Alabama will allow them to become as good as it gets.

Saban 4 Prez

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    9/1 (Michigan vs. Alabama)

    Nick Saban is ruling the landscape of college football right now and there hasn’t been a program outside of the SEC that has been able to challenge the program.

    Les Miles and the Bayou Bengals have given Alabama some trouble during the regular season, but Alabama is the premier program in the country and is seemingly only getting better by the season.

    Nick Saban could run for nearly anything and dominate it, due to the staggering success he has already achieved in Tuscaloosa.

You Won’t Want to Ever Come Back B/c You Won’t Come out Alive

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    9/8 (UF at A&M)

    Many Aggie fans were either insulted or felt disrespected by Will Muschamp ripping A&M, and obviously the mayor (Nancy Berry) fought back with her own video, poking some fun at the Gators coach.

    Muschamp has since enjoyed the video coming off the SEC Media Days, but will likely see the Gators and Aggies battle on ESPN’s College Gameday.

    The first home game for A&M will be electric, and having it against the storied program of the Florida Gators should make for one of the best atmospheres of the entire college football season.

    We can bank that Texas A&M will do anything and everything in their power to come away with the victory against a Florida squad searching for an identity on offense.

    Plus, newly-hired coach Kevin Sumlin has shown to be an offensive genius and going up against a defensive-minded coach in Muschamp only juices up this matchup even more. 

Gig ‘Em Chomps Gators for Breakfast

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    9/8 (UF at A&M)

    There may not be a rivalry brewing between Texas A&M and Florida since they are in opposite divisions, but the offseason discussions between coaches Muschamp and Sumlin make for one of the most intriguing matchups in the country.

    Plus, both of these teams have some expectations, and the loser of this game will be under a boatload of scrutinty for the rest of the season. 

A&M Rules the SEC

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    9/8 (UF at A&M)

    The average SEC fan believes they have no shot at an SEC title anytime soon, but obviously the Aggie faithful have all the confidence in the world as the die-hard fans they are.

    Texas A&M by most prognosticators are picked to finish fourth (SEC Media) in the West Division, but an early victory over Florida could go a long way for their chances down the road.

    A devastating or ugly loss (think two to three TDs) would be the last thing the faithful would want. Still, Texas A&M should fit right in with the SEC thanks to their amazing fanbase, and we can also bank on a hostile environment in this game.

Golden No More!

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    9/15 (ND at MSU, or Bama at Ark)

    The Spartans are attempting to get an opportunity to play in their first-ever BCS bowl and it starts with a home-opening victory against Boise State. However, taking on the Irish will only increase their chances of putting together another double-digit campaign full of springboard wins.

    A nationally televised victory over Wisconsin helped them get into the Big Ten title last season, and this victory over the Irish may finally propel them into those coveted January bowls (Rose is an obvious desire).

Kelly, You OK Bro?

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    9/15 (ND at MSU, or Bama at Ark)

    Brian Kelly went bonkers a few times on the sidelines after a few careless and heartbreaking turnovers in the redzone by his Domers.

    Tommy Rees certainly made him a bit upset, but the overall execution absolutely dashed the hopes of Notre Dame playing in a BCS bowl last season.

    Michigan State is the home team in this September contest and you just know the fans will take a few shots on the opposing coach while they can.

East Lansing, Where Magic Is Made!

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    9/15 (ND at MSU, or Bama at Ark)

    Last year’s magical ending against Wisconsin at night on national television was a dream come true for the Spartans at the time, but they would love nothing more than another magical moments against Notre Dame.

    It was just two seasons ago where they pulled off a fake field-goal to win the game in double overtime. Many cannot wait for this game because these two teams are both dark horses to land in the BCS (MSU favorites), but Sparty is on the verge of putting together a sensational season.

Hey Tyler, How Does That Dirt Taste!?

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    9/15 (ND at MSU, or Bama at Ark)

    Tyler Wilson took some heavyweight hits from LSU and Alabama last season and it will be interesting to see exactly how many times he gets hit again this season against the two juggernaut defenses.

    Alabama travels well and even on the Gameday set as a road team, there will be quite the hecklers who would potentially give the Razorback faithful a run for their money.

Dear Grass, Les Will Eat You

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    9/22 (LSU at Auburn, Michigan at Notre Dame)

    Les Miles is a growing legend in Baton Rouge. Even after a tough performance against Alabama, many feel they are the top team heading into the 2012 season.

    Their defense is loaded and the offense may only get better (schedule, too) and Les Miles is the one that puts it all together.

    Known as the “Mad Hatter,” Les Miles has taken a bite out of Tiger Stadium’s grass before, and despite it occurring two seasons ago many still love the fact that he took a bite out of such a prestigious stadium’s grass.  

War Damn Eagle!

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    9/22 (LSU at Auburn, Michigan at Notre Dame)

    Auburn could be taking on the top-ranked team in the country when they meet up (or second, worst case), and the fans will be going bonkers all day leading up to kick-off.

    There are many sayings and players that Auburn could use against the Bayou Bengals, but nothing beats the classic saying, “War Damn Eagle!”

Top-Ranked Tigers Thrashed!

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    9/22 (LSU at Auburn, Michigan at Notre Dame)

    The prognosticators will likely pick the Tigers (haha) in this game, but it will be the Bayou Bengals that get the majority of the picks.

    LSU will be first or second assuming they can avoid the catastrophic upset, which means an upset by Auburn will rank high on the list if they manage to pull it off.

    It will not just change the upward direction of Auburn, but the entire landscape of college football, and the BCS will take quite the turn as well.

    Remember, it was back in 2001 when the Tigers upset the top-ranked Florida Gators at home. We could witness yet another upset in the gauntlet known as the SEC.

Gene Deserves His Own Commercial

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    9/22 (LSU at Auburn, Michigan at Notre Dame)

    Gene Chizik has done a great job in college football (save his time with Cyclones), but his ability to haul in the talent and be able to coach everybody toward a BCS title (SEC title, too) and a few successful seasons has been remarkable.

    There should be a ton of more successful seasons in the near future, but thus far Chizik has been all that and then some.

    Last season there were some who doubted Auburn even playing in a bowl game (I had my doubts) and yet these Tigers ended up winning eight games when the year was complete. Chizik arguably deserves even more credit and a future ESPN commercial could not hurt either.

We Eat Corn….And Badgers!

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    9/29 (Wisconsin at Nebraska, OSU at MSU)

    Nebraska has a vital season coming up as they enter their second season in the Big Ten, but their featured games this season in Lincoln make for one hell of an upcoming season.

    A few night games will be amazing to witness for the Husker faithful, and a contest against the two-time Big Ten champions will certainly bring up the electricity a few more notches.

See You in Indy….O, Wait?

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    9/29 (Wisconsin at Nebraska, OSU at MSU)

    The Buckeyes will be one of the more talented and productive teams heading into the Big Ten, but even if they were to win every single game, they will not be playing in any sort of a bowl game or conference title.

    For every heavyweight battle that the Buckeyes encounter this season, we should expect the fans to talk a ton of trash since Ohio State is one of the most prestigious programs to begin with as well.

Run the Table and You Can Stay Home for the Holidays

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    9/29 (Wisconsin at Nebraska, OSU at MSU)

    Although the future looks bright with Meyer as the man in charge, Ohio State is going to receive a ton of hate from opposing Big Ten schools regardless of what their record is.

    The tough part is, this schedule is perfect to make a run toward a BCS title and it is unfortunate for the current players (and Urban) that they will not be rewarded for their potential national or conference championship-quality performance in 2012. 

    Plenty of Spartan fans will be ripping apart the Buckeyes after defeating them in Columbus last season and for once they may may have an advantage heading into their late September contest.

Rex Is a Baller, Montee a Wheeper

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    9/29 (Wisconsin at Nebraska, OSU at MSU)

    Montee Ball just set the FBS record for most total touchdowns in one season (39), but Rex Burkhead may put up some solid numbers in this upcoming season.

    Nebraska will lean heavily on Burkhead, whereas the Badgers have a few legit backups (James White, Melvin Gordon).

    Still, Burkhead has not garnered nearly enough attention or credit thus far in his career, mainly because the Huskers have not put together a BCS-caliber season.

    All of those things may change in 2012 thanks to this stud, north-south running back.

Mike the Tiger, I Am Your Father

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    10/6 (Nebraska at OSU, UGA at SC, LSU at UF)

    EA Sports' NCAA Football has been a great video game to own for over a decade and it has been often talked about by the fans and players. However, it has been their recent commercials that get everybody excited for the season to get underway.

    This season's commercial takes the cake, with Les Miles walking in on LSU’s mascot (Mike the Tiger) while playing the popular video game.

    Mike was playing with Robert Griffin III (latest and newest addition to the game) as his LSU signal-caller, which as expected did not exactly brighten up Miles.

    Les’ famous quote at the end of the video only makes the current icon that much more enjoyable of a coach to be around and follow.

Urban Legend

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    10/6 (Nebraska at OSU, UGA at SC, LSU at UF)

    Urban Meyer won two BCS National Championships with the Florida Gators, but heading back to his home state of Ohio will only spice up the nation that follows the Buckeyes as fans or haters.

    Either way, Ohio State is in great hands with Meyer, and if they can take advantage of seven home games we should expect the entire fanbase to fall in love with one of the best coaches in the country. 

Visor’s Destroy Naughty Dawgs

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    South Carolina has defeated Georgia for two straight seasons and many believe the Gamecocks will take them down for the third straight season.

    Mark Richt is a solid coach, but he is no Steve Spurrier at the moment.

    South Carolina is coming off the greatest two-year span in its program’s history and we know the Columbia faithful will show their support for its most successful coach ever.

    Plus, this season has a ton of intrigue as the Gamecocks feel they have a realistic chance of competing with every team on their gauntlet of a schedule.

Ol’ Ball Coach Three Times Better Than Yall

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    10/6 (Nebraska at OSU, UGA at SC, LSU at UF)

    Steve Spurrier is in the College Football Hall of Fame as a player, and he certainly will be inducted as a coach in the distant future as well.

    This legend and current coach for South Carolina has a great future ahead for the Gamecocks, but many feel that either this or next season will be the year where we see them play in the BCS.

    Plus, if they were to knock off Georgia for a third straight season then we can almost bank on Cocky, Spurrier and his team heading to Atlanta for possibly even brighter pastures when January rolls along.

Will Muschamp Will Eat More Grass Than Les

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    10/6 (Nebraska at OSU, UGA at SC, LSU at UF)

    Competition is one of the reasons why college football is the best sport to follow because the battles between opposing fanbases are remarkable to witness.

    The pageantry that is shared on fall Saturdays is like none other, but the Gators could be hosting the top-ranked team in the country and we should look for plenty of creative signs being used between the Gators and the Tigers (if they host Gameday).

Payback Is Really Fun

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    10/13 (OU vs. TX, SCAR at LSU)

    Formerly known as the Red River Shootout and now as the Red River Rivalry, the annual battle between the Sooners and Longhorns is quite the feeling.

    However, the feeling was a bit sick-to-the-stomach for Longhorn fans after being humiliated and obliterated by Oklahoma last season, 55-17.

    The Texas offense was dreadful, turning it over five times in their rivalry game last season, but the offense this season should be dramatically improved.

    Also, let us not forget that the pregame festivities is what makes this game one of the best rivalries in the sport (Texas State Fair, split 50-50) and both sides will have several signs in support of their coveted team.

And You Thought Last Year Was Rough?

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    10/13 (OU vs. TX, SCAR at LSU)

    Oklahoma’s fanbase will take on all challengers in the country, since they feel like their support is as good as it gets.

    The Sooners demolished the Longhorns last season, and while many feel it isn’t possible to suffer another brutal loss, OU will respectfully disagree.

Our Pass Rushers Are Simply Better

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    10/13 (OU vs. TX, SCAR at LSU)

    Let the debate begin in terms of which pair of pass rushers are the best in the SEC and perhaps the country. Florida State has a few legit rushers as well, but debating SEC football is a ton of fun (or listening to people debate and argue).

    Jadeveon Clowney and Devin Taylor against Ki-Ki Mingo and Sam Montgomery is a legit argument, since the four are some of the best lineman in the country. 

    South Carolina could be walking into some trouble when they head into Death Valley, but let the men decide it all on the field.

Hey Gholston, Cheap Shot Much?

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    10/20 (LSU at A&M, MSU at UM, SC at UF)

    William Gholston took quite the cheap shot on Michigan’s Denard Robinson, and all of college football saw it with their own eyes.

    Many feel it was one of the more dirty plays in quite a while, and the Wolverine fans certainly will turn this into a huge deal.

Always Little Brothers 4 Life

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    10/20 (LSU at A&M, MSU at UM, SC at UF)

    Despite losing the last four contests, Michigan’s fanbase will make Sparty understand they will be their little brother, per se, regardless of the recent results on the field.

    Plus, Michigan has gone to several BCS bowls in the BCS era (five), whereas Michigan State is still looking for their first bid. 

Who Tasted Sugar and Who Didn’t?

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    10/20 (LSU at A&M, MSU at UM, SC at UF)

    Michigan did end up playing in the BCS Sugar Bowl despite not winning their own division (MSU did).

    Many will argue that the Spartans were punished for playing in the Big Ten title (they could have just won the game), but most Michigan fans believe even despite the loss to MSU earlier in the season that they were more worthy.

    The Spartans of course defeated Michigan, but they also lost to Notre Dame on the road earlier in the season.

    We could break it all down a lot more, but the rivalry and hatred between these two schools certainly exists. That, of course, only makes the 2012 matchup that much worse between the two.

Sorry We Ain’t Ole Miss Steve!

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    10/20 (LSU at A&M, MSU at UM, SC at UF)

    The Gators loved Steve Spurrier when he was their ball coach back in the '90s.

    However, after the latest jab toward the Ole Miss Rebels, Spurrier should take some expected heat from his alma mater.

    This is really about the love and yet hatred between these two SEC East programs, and their late October contest might just decide who plays in Atlanta (I didn’t forget UGA).

Mary Won’t Help You This Time

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    10/27 (Michigan at Nebraska, MSU at Wisc)

    Michigan State put together one of the greatest college football finishes we have ever seen when their time-expiring Hail Mary prayer was answered on a deflection to Keith Nichol.

    Another heartbreaking loss by the Badgers may knock them back a few notches, even though the Badgers essentially have their calendars booked for Indianapolis on December 1, with both Penn State and Ohio State ineligible (Purdue, Illinois, Indiana).

    Still, Badgers fans will not forget about last season’s tough loss and despite getting the upper hand in the more important game one season ago (Big Ten title), they will try to blowout the Spartans with an exclamatory victory.

Sexy Rexy for Heisman

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    10/27 (Michigan at Nebraska, MSU at Wisc)

    Rex Burkhead (who is loved by his fans) deserves a few mentions on this article because he is all that and then some for a college back.

    This stud horse of a back single-handily carried the offense last season and the hope is that Taylor Martinez can get some help from his receivers as well as improve his own game to ensure less men at the line of scrimmage.

    The book has always been to load the box up and dare the Huskers' passing game to defeat you, since it rarely did one season ago.

    If this offense can mature and get a notch better, Burkhead will be a dark horse to get invited to New York since his numbers could be staggering this season (perfect schedule to go bonkers).

Blackshirts D Rips Apart Shoelace

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    10/27 (Michigan at Nebraska, MSU at Wisc)

    Nothing beats getting riled up for the biggest game of the season, and the Maize and Blue certainly rallies up the troops.

    Nebraska could have a Big Ten title appearance on the line in this matchup or perhaps even a potential BCS bowl if they were to come away with a victory over Michigan. Nebraska could be undefeated, or at the worst have a loss (or two) heading into this matchup.

    If Nebraska were to be 7-0 or 6-1 heading into this matchup, I would suspect that the Blackshirts defense would have a large say in their success. The scoring defense last season was just No. 42 in the country, allowing 23.38 PPG last season.

You Won’t Get a Rematch This Time

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    11/3 (Alabama at LSU)

    The Game of the Century last season did not quite live up to the hype, although the game was entertaining for yours truly.

    A 9-6 defeat at home for Alabama did not cost them a trip to the BCS National Championship, since they did get and make the most of their rematch with LSU, however many fans from LSU were upset heading into the title game.

    LSU had to play an extra game in the SEC title as Alabama was allowed to rest up and prepare for the Bayou Bengals, but LSU defeated every team on the slate heading into their 14th game.

    If LSU were to defeat Alabama for a third consecutive regular season, many feel that Alabama would certainly not get another second chance.

We Won’t Need Overtime

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    11/3 (Alabama at LSU)

    LSU ended up winning in overtime 9-6, but we can guarantee that LSU will do everything in its power to lay a beatdown on the Crimson Tide with payback on their minds.

    The Tigers beat the Tide in their backyard last season and they feel like they can do the same in their own backyard, in a game that should decide the SEC West and BCS title.

    Let the countdown begin, as we are just 102 days away (7/24) from another dream matchup in the SEC.

Honey Badger Annihilates McCarron on Twitter & Gridiron

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    11/3 (Alabama at LSU)

    One of the more intriguing offseason storylines in the SEC was the Twitter war between Tyrann Mathieu and A.J. McCarron.

    The “Honey Badger” is not afraid to announce himself as the best defensive player in the country, and his sharp tongue (he backs it up) made some headlines against the starting quarterback of Alabama.

    McCarron simply was pumped and ecstatic, with Alabama winning yet another national championship, but Mathieu took the tweet in a different way, believing that it was a team effort and that McCarron didn’t have a whole lot to do with it.

    These two players are not exactly best friends after this war of words, but it only spices things up once they square off. 

Les Miles Not Saban Is King

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    11/3 (Alabama at LSU)

    Les Miles has defeated Nick Saban for two consecutive seasons (three of four) and is arguably the best coach in college football (right after Saban).

    Even with the brutal loss to Alabama, that doesn’t take away the consistency and ability to dominate the SEC conference like LSU did last season.

    Les Miles not only has a bright future in Baton Rouge, but he can become one of the better coaches in the BCS era with all the talent he is hauling in and coaching up right now.

    The last thing many remember is the beat down they took against Alabama, but LSU handed a ton of their blowouts last season and those should continue in the near future thanks to the “Mad Hatter.” 

Saban……Simply the Best

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    11/3 (Alabama at LSU)

    Let the debate begin, because many believe Les Miles is every bit as good as Nick Saban. Obviously winning two more BCS titles gives him the edge at the moment, but Miles is coming off an undefeated regular season.

    Still, Nick Saban is 55-12 with an SEC title and two BCS National Championships for the Crimson Tide. Winning another BCS title and two more SEC crowns with LSU helps build the fame of Saban, but he is just the ultimate winner.

    Alabama has turned into a juggernaut of a program and then some, but the scary part is, Saban is just beginning to make his mark in Tuscaloosa since the future could bring a lot more success than it already has.

West Far Superior from Weak East

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    11/10 (Ark at SC, UGA at AU)

    When most SEC East teams travel to take on an opponent from the SEC West, there is a sense of a mismatch, since it has been the SEC West that has won the last three SEC and BCS titles.

    It is Georgia, though, that may very well have an SEC and potentially a BCS title appearance on the line when they travel to the Plains.

    Auburn has a chance to make a name for themselves once again with a victory over a highly-ranked Georgia team, but Auburn could be ranked fairly high as well.

    The annual battle of the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry is always a highly anticipated contest and it could have a ton of SEC and BCS implications once again.

We Win Titles, You Lose Them

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    11/10 (Ark at SC, UGA at AU)

    Georgia has not played in the BCS National Championship yet, but they have received a decent amount of hype throughout the last decade and Auburn has been a team that surprised us more times than not.

    Looking at the polls through the BCS era we have seen Auburn run the table on two separate occasions, whereas Georgia is still looking for just one of their own.

John L. Smith, Aka Mr. Slap Happy

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    11/10 (Ark at SC, UGA at AU)

    John L. Smith is at the moment taking over Arkansas for just one season, but many fanbases will take their respected digs against the Razorbacks with the bad decision made by Bobby Petrino in the hiring of Smith.

    The current Razorbacks head coach always makes for a great interview, and he often grabs the attention of most who are not paying attention.

    He has a knack for giving unorthodox quotes that the media will eat up, but he is a passionate coach who wants to win as much as the next.

    Most who do not know John L. Smith certainly will in the near future, now that he is the head coach of a top-10 quality team heading into the 2012 season.

Bobby Is Missing One Hell of a Race (Pun Intended)

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    11/10 (Ark at SC, UGA at AU)

    Bobby Petrino was considered one of the best offensive coaches in the country before he made the terrible offseason decision that cost him his job (h/t ESPN.com).

    Since we are talking about the SEC after all, we should bank on a few jabs toward the Razorbacks whether they are in the race of the SEC West or not. 

Urban Cryer

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    11/17 (OSU at Wisc, OU at WV)

    Urban Meyer is a fairly popular college football coach these days thanks to the success he had at Bowling Green, Utah and Florida. After taking a season off in which the Gators did not have a ton of success, many non-Ohio State fans did not appreciate that from the current Buckeyes master.

    However, this is college football and there will always be doubters, haters and at least some passionate fans who just want to see their own team dominate. 

Who Killed Kenny?

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    11/17 (OSU at Wisc, OU at WV)

    Bob Stoops did not have an opinion nor did he seem happy about the decision of Kenny Stills to put on a dress, so look for many fans in Morgantown to have a few signs when they host the Oklahoma Sooners.

    Whether or not College Gameday appears will be interesting after they were blasted by the best team in the country during the regular season, but this matchup should gives us a ton of points thanks to the wide receivers.

    Kenny Stills is the best of the bunch for the Sooners, arguably, but West Virginia will do their best at updating the rest of America on what occurred during the offseason. 

Day One of Infinity Until We Lose Again

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    11/24 (Michigan at Ohio State, Auburn at Alabama, Notre Dame at USC, Florida at FSU)

    Ohio State was not happy about losing to Michigan this past year, because those 2,926 days since the Wolverines last defeated them were quite the achievement.

    Those seven years were tough for Michigan and many Ohio State fans who believe they can start another long drought for the Maize and Blue.

Gladly Costing You a Big Ten Title…….Priceless

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    11/24 (Michigan at Ohio State, Auburn at Alabama, Notre Dame at USC, Florida at FSU)

    Those American Express commercials are a bit old, but many fans travel across the country to see their beloved teams.

    Ohio State always is playing for pride and so much more when they tussle with Michigan in their regular season finales.

    Still, the Buckeyes realistically could cost the Wolverines a Big Ten title appearance, as well as a bid to the BCS, if they can dethrone them.

Best of Luck in January, O, Wait!

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    11/24 (Michigan at Ohio State, Auburn at Alabama, Notre Dame at USC, Florida at FSU)

    Michigan fans may be traveling to Columbus, but we have to expect their fans to travel well like they always do.

    The Wolverines will take their expected shots on the Buckeyes since they are not eligible to play in the Big Ten or BCS title. 

Tomahawk Chomping to Natty Champy

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    11/24 (Michigan at Ohio State, Auburn at Alabama, Notre Dame at USC, Florida at FSU)

    Florida State is the obvious choice to represent the ACC in the BCS according to the media in their preseason picks, so there is a good chance they finally live up to that hype, right?

    Their defense is finally loaded up front and the secondary has more athletes and electric players than seemingly in the past decade.

    Their offense has a returning, experienced and talented quarterback in E.J. Manuel, and he has a ton of playmakers to spread the wealth to. If they are undefeated with a home date against their in-state rivals, bank on Gameday showing up since the storylines would be fairly high in this contest.

    The Gators could surprise some folks this season as well in the SEC East, but the expectations for FSU will once again be a bit higher.

    BCS or bust in 2012 for the Noles, but the talent is so overwhelming that there is a great chance they rise to the occasion despite many doubters.

To Be a Rivalry It Must Be Competitive

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    11/24 (Michigan at Ohio State, Auburn at Alabama, Notre Dame at USC, Florida at FSU)

    Auburn and Alabama have won the last three BCS titles, but last season’s Iron Bowl was a bloodbath for the Tigers.

    Alabama rolled them for four quarters, as it was the suffocating defense that made life absolutely miserable for Auburn.

    Many fans from both teams respect one another from a program standpoint, but the heated rivalry is arguably the best in all of collegiate sports right now.

    Alabama feels like they are by far the best the program in the country at the moment, whereas Auburn still feels like they are getting undermined by everybody in the landscape of college football.

    Something has to give when the two teams meet up again in what should be a highly entertaining contest in Tuscaloosa.

Another Heisman Against the Domers

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    11/24 (Michigan at Ohio State, Auburn at Alabama, Notre Dame at USC, Florida at FSU)

    Matt Barkley could be the fourth Heisman winner and third quarterback from the program to win the award in the last decade.

    USC’s final victory against Notre Dame in their season finale (Stanford was final game last year) has always allowed a Trojan Heisman frontrunner to garner that extra attention from the voters.

    Defeating and often torching the Golden Domers looks that much better because of the name, so a virtuoso performance by Barkley could propel him to a Heisman Trophy if the Trojans are playing for a potential BCS bid.

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