Analyzing Latest RGIII Buzz Coming out of Redskins' Camp

Kathleen So@@kathleensoCorrespondent IIJuly 23, 2012

Analyzing Latest RGIII Buzz Coming out of Redskins' Camp

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    Robert Griffin III was the hottest buzz around the NFL Draft and now he’s the focus of the Washington Redskins as they begin training camp this week.

    The Redskins have been mired by several question marks for quite some time now. When will the team switch coaches again? Who will be the quarterback to finally lead the team? Will the team ever make a comeback?

    And now, the ‘Skins are hoping that their questions have been answered. With their acquisition of the second pick in the first round of the NFL Draft, the team is hoping to rebuild the once popular and successful franchise. Although that time seems far beyond memory, the Redskins are pushing past that and putting all of their energy into getting RG3 ready in training camp.

    Coach Mike Shanahan has a lot on the line here. If he should come up with a record similar to last season’s 5-11 result, then there’s a good chance he could be saying goodbye to Washington.

    The Redskins are counting on Griffin and his superstar socks to lead the team. Here’s the latest buzz on how the rookie quarterback is measuring up.

It's Official

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    The Redskins finally sealed the deal and made it official. Griffin is now a Washington Redskin, and it’s in writing.

    After missing rookie camp, Griffin signed his four-year, $21 million contract with the Redskins on July 18th (via Mark Maske of

    Now he has joined the rest of the rookies before training camp officially opens on July 26th. This should give him time to mentally and physically prepare for training camp with the entire team and coaching staff.

    With all the pressure and expectations riding on Griffin, getting his contract signed and squared away is a huge relief. Now he can focus on what Washington needs him to their saving grace.

Is RG3 Ready to Lead?

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    According to David Sheinin of, Coach Shanahan placed Griffin’s locker right next to the team’s veteran leader, London Fletcher.

    The hope is for Fletcher to help Griffin develop into the leader that the Redskins need in their quarterback. But can he do it? Will Griffin come through?

    Griffin was a leader at Baylor and a model player at the collegiate level. He is a Heisman Trophy winner and an incredibly capable quarterback. In 2011, he had a 72.4% completion percentage and completed 4,293 yards with 37 touchdowns.

    He’s got the numbers down. But the pros are a different story.

    Griffin will have a lot to learn and a lot of pressure to work past. But the rookie from Waco, TX seems as capable as he is charming. He is eager to learn and most importantly, he is committed to the Redskins.

    As Griffin goes through reps and becomes more comfortable in training camp, his leadership is sure to come through.

Competition at Quarterback?

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    During the NFL Draft, the Redskins made a puzzling move by drafting another quarterback, Kirk Cousins from Michigan State.

    So does RG3 have some competition for the starting quarterback position?

    It seems that Coach Shanahan has made it clear to the team, the fans, and the media that Griffin is indeed the starting quarterback for the Redskins.

    But Shanahan has gone back on his word before.

    Around this time last season he swore by John Beck as the starting quarterback. And whether 'Skins fans want to admit it or not, they believed the coach. What else could they do? Beck was supposed to be the out-of-the-blue answer to the team's prayers.

    And then look what happened.

    So it's alright to wonder what the Redskins' upper management is up to. But it looks like Griffin's status and position are pretty much set for now. According to David Sheinin of, Cousins is a valuable resource to Griffin, and therefore a valuable resource to the Redskins. Cousins and Griffin help each other learn the plays and practice the route combinations. Cousins is a support for Griffin, a fellow rookie and a friend.

    Mike Shanahan has a lot to prove this season. And let's not pretend that the team's two wins last season against division-mates the New York Giants can be considered improvement. Last time anyone checked, the Giants won the Super Bowl and the Redskins were still 5-11.

    Coach Shanahan has a lot riding on Griffin and he knows it. But from what the young quarterback has shown so far, he's ready for the challenge.

    With a brand new team, a new style of offense and a hefty new playbook to know by heart, Griffin could really use Cousins by his side during training camp. And if Cousins performs well, maybe that will give Griffin some extra motivation.
    Couldn't hurt.

    Redskins fans, as well as NFL fans are waiting to see what Griffin can do.

    Training camp is almost here and the buzz around RG3 continues.