WWE: The Booking Explanation of Hornswoggle as Anonymous GM

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistJuly 11, 2012

Everybody who is upset about Hornswoggle being revealed as the anonymous Raw GM needs to relax.

Yes, it was ridiculous, but that was the point. If WWE revealed Hornswoggle as the mysterious man behind the emails when the storyline was going on weekly, then you can throw stuff at the television.

It was a slapstick comedy move. It was WWE making fun of themselves in a way for how the storylines went on for so long, with much success of getting the anonymous GM over to the crowd and the story never concluded.

There was always rumors going around of who it could have been. The rumor I've heard the most is that Triple H was one of the safe bets WWE had to be the GM if they couldn't come up with a better scenario.

In a round about logic, it makes sense the GM would be Hornswoggle. Vince McMahon was the one who appointed an anonymous GM in the first place, and why wouldn't he appoint a family member.

Remember, Hornswoggle is actually McMahon's illegitimate child. Oh yes, another great big storyline that was eventually resolved, but not how WWE intended.

In a 2007 storyline, McMahon had an illegitimate son. The original concept was for it to be revealed as Mr. Kennedy.

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One segment saw McMahon complimented a certain strut Kennedy had walking down the hall, meant to be a tamed down version of McMahon's over the top walk he has when he walks to the ring.

Another segment saw Mr. Kennedy, the week prior to the reveal, say to Vince McMahon that he will be revealed as his son. The segment ended with an attorney revealing Mr. Kennedy wasn't the son. This was done as a last minute creative decision because the company knew they had to suspend Ken Kennedy that week for violating the company's wellness policy.

The reveal was suppose to happen in Mr. Kennedy's billed hometown of Green Bay, WI. WWE instead was forced to call an audible. That audible resulted in Hornswoggle being revealed as McMahon's son.

Not the original ending, but another slapstick way to resolve things. In a bit of irony, Kennedy was going to be revealed in what was his home state and Hornswoggle is also a Wisconsin native.

The reality is the fans who complain these things have never had to sit in a room, book weeks of wrestling television, with all the factors that come up with talent availability.

Injury, double bookings (in WWE's case a talent has to help promote movie or some charitable cause for the company), suspensions, political backstage movesโ€”all change things in a matter of one phone call.

Is there more appealing names that can be shockers that could be the GM or Vince's son? Sure there are. But many times, the other appealing options are already invested in another story. Other times, the great big name you could insert in as the GM, requires the storyline to now move on further and the company doesn't have the time to do it.

For example, if someone relevant like Stephanie McMahon was revealed at the anonymous GM โ€”the story would have to be carried on to the following weeks. She couldn't just be revealed and then never be seen. Hornswoggle is a filler character. He's a nice guy if you ever meet him, but he's there as a bit character for comedy spots. He's a little person. That's what their role is in wrestling.

Hornswoggle as the GM is ridiculous enough resolution over a year later where WWE's sense of humor, which predominantly isn't funny, gets a kick out of it. It's WWE's way of partially laughing at themselves and ribbing the audience.

WWE has the Money in the Bank pay-per-view and the historic 1,000th Raw within eight days of each other. This is going to cause a lot of filler leading up to those two big shows. WWE wants to hold a story climax, payoff and surprises for those two shows.

Also, Money in The Bank is a gimmick pay-per-view where in the span of two matches, 12 guys are booked.

Most of these guys don't even have personal issues with one another. Tensai is beating on Tyson Kidd. Big Show and John Cena have history. For the most part, WWE is just pushing the intriguing gimmick of the guys going after the briefcase and what it means.

This leaves a lot of time to fill.

You have to take the good with the bad. Think of it as if you had a vacation. You have a wonderful vacation to the beach, before you have the time off, you gotta put the time in or work extra hours to make sure the work is all done.

We're going to get a pay-per-view with awesome ladder matches and a great element of unpredictability with the gimmick of the briefcase. Then, we get the 1,000th Raw, an episode which is getting WrestleMania like attention behind the scenes. So, with all that good coming up, you gotta sit through Hornswoggle comedy.