Report Card Grades for West Virginia Football's New Uniforms

Erin Sorensen@erinsorensenContributor IJune 29, 2012

Report Card Grades for West Virginia Football's New Uniforms

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    The West Virginia Mountaineers have decided that if you're going to join a new conference, you might as well look good while doing it. Teaming up with Nike, the Mountaineers very own WR Ryan Nehlen debuted the new all-gray uniforms. Since the debut, the uniforms have already gotten a lot of discussion going, as some really like them and others do not.

    The uniforms will provide West Virginia with 32 combinations as they head to the Big 12. Breaking down key pieces overall, here are the report card grades for the West Virginia Mountaineers new unis.

Color Scheme

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    West Virginia chose to go with the all-gray uniform and it's a little underwhelming. The gray isn't bad, but it isn't good either. It gives a  "blah" feeling when looking at it.

    Plus, the helmet's gray is different than the jersey gray. This may have been intentional, but it just looks funny. Why couldn't the grays be the same? That alone drops the grade for the color scheme.

    Grade: C-

Wow Factor

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    There isn't much of a "wow" factor to these uniforms. Upon first seeing them, it just looked like a gray uniform. I'm sure West Virginia was not aiming to be as shocking as Maryland's state inspired uniforms, but these just don't have a lot to them. Maybe that is what the Mountaineers were ultimately going for though.

    An all gray uniform may not make us all say, "wow," but they could be shocking in the wrong way instead.

    Grade: C


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    I would say West Virginia kept to a fair amount of tradition with these. They're nice and they're in the school's colors. These uniforms won't overwhelm the team when they play on Saturdays, which is a nice benefit. I would say the Mountaineers stayed pretty true to form.

    Grade: A


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    Overall, the uniforms are not a terrible look for West Virginia. While not anything special, they will add something new to the Big 12. Surprisingly, the gray will stand out.

    As long as West Virginia has no intention of getting gray field turf, a la Boise State, these uniforms will be just fine. Put it on gray turf though and that would be a nightmare.

    Grade: B-

How It Could Be Better

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    I would not find these uniforms so underwhelming if the grays just matched. If that was improved upon, these would raise significantly in my book. Otherwise, a little more navy would have been nice, just to off-set some of the gray. However, that's just a personal opinion. I know West Virginia does have a navy uniform, so this just adds an option.

    I do have an idea though: Put a navy jersey with the gray pants. I bet that would look sharp.