Hey, Lane! SHUT UP Already!

Joel Barker@joelabarkerSenior Writer IFebruary 14, 2009

What in the world?! How did we get this guy?! Where did he come from!?

I am beginning to believe Al Davis isn't nearly as senile as most of us think.

Coach Lane Kiffin on the other hand might just be.

This guy has not ceased making waves since day one! It all started with the press conference when he talked about beating Florida next season.

Of course most of us knew that was said tongue in cheek, but considering all that has come out since, I'm not so sure anymore.

All of us Volniacs were ready to punch our ticket on the Lane Train until about a week ago.

The comments that were made at the recruiting breakfast were designed to be "pep rally" type material. But the bad publicity that it generated was not expected by most of us!

You gotta know the rules, Lane. You can't call out the most successful coach in the nation and not expect some backlash. You especially can't call out the most successful coach in the nation and accuse him of cheating...especially considering HE DIDN'T CHEAT!

Only a day later, we hear that the University is turning in two secondary recruiting violations that Kiffin had allowed. Are you kidding me?! People who live in glass houses should not throw stones, Lane.

Then there's the Sports Illustrated story of Kiffin "firing" someone because they were late picking him up at the airport! Kiffin's exact quote was, "I came back and within five minutes I'd fired the guy who was in charge of the guy who'd been sent to pick me up. Here's the point: We need to win. That's 25 minutes that Nick Saban and Urban Meyer had, that I lost, because somebody was late picking me up at the airport."

What the !?!?!

Of course Mike Hamilton's spin on this situation is that Lane is running a tight ship compared to the old regime. Also, Kiffin wasn't pleased with the support staff he inherited from Fulmer.

That's all well and good. I understand that. But what the heck is he doing telling all of this to Sports Illustrated? Why not keep these things in house?

We fans don't care to know that you "fired" someone because they were 30 minutes late picking your arrogant self up at the airport.

Finally, just today we learn that the University has turned in yet another secondary violation because Coach Kiffin blurted out a recruit's name on radio.

Sure that recruit was the nation's No. 1 prospect, Bryce Brown, who is on campus this weekend for an official visit. But once again Coach, READ THE RULEBOOK!

Look, I'm all for Coach Kiffin. I felt a change was needed, and I still believe the right hire was made.

But for all of us fans who are getting a little perturbed at his apparent lack of knowledge, arrogance, and BIG MOUTH; he needs to lay low for a little while.

It's been great to have the Big Orange in national spotlight, but not when it makes your brand spankin' new coach and his gold-plated staff look like imbeciles.

Thank goodness spring practice and the Orange and White game are coming up, because I'm ready for real, football related news to come out of Knoxville instead of this very bad publicity and public scrutiny.

Come on, Coach. You're in the SEC now. It's time to grow up and play with the big boys.


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