5 2013 Free Agents the Denver Broncos Should Consider Targeting

Joe Rapolla Jr.Featured ColumnistJune 26, 2012

5 2013 Free Agents the Denver Broncos Should Consider Targeting

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    You may say it's too early to think about 2013 NFL free agency, but a little careful planning and wishful thinking never hurt anybody. 

    In the NFL, free agency is like Christmas, and it is never to early to write a list. After all, it needs to be checked twice...or many more times than that. 

    Here's a list of free agents that the Denver Broncos should be targeting...next year. 

5. Malcom Floyd, WR

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    I can't say enough about what a valuable addition Malcom Floyd can be on the Broncos. 

    First off, he's spent his entire career with the San Diego Chargers, which means he is not only familiar with their playbook, but also the playbooks of the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs. Obtaining a former division rival is always a smart asset, as Floyd would also be valuable in telling the Broncos where/how teams exploit them. 

    Putting strategy aside, Floyd is a fantastic athlete with great speed and enormous size for a wide receiver. He's been a bit of a late bloomer in the NFL, so even at 30 years old, he is just now hitting his stride. 

    I foresee him having his best season yet in San Diego this year and being a hot free agent on the market come next spring. 

4. LaRon Landry, S

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    LaRon Landry, who trended worldwide on the Internet after he tweeted a picture of his freakishly enormous arms, will only remain a New York Jet for one season. 

    For his sake, he's hoping to put a strong season together in New York and then re-enter the free agent market as one of the most highly sought after safeties in 2013. 

    Landry has the strength and ability to be great, but just hasn't been able to stay healthy during his NFL career. While one must always be weary of signing an injury-prone player, Landry's size and ability make him worth pursuing. 

    After next season, when Champ Bailey could easily retire, the Broncos need to focus on rebuilding their secondary. 

3. Jairus Byrd, S

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    Another solid safety to pursue, Jairus Byrd could be very willing to leave Buffalo after 2012. 

    In 2011, he was one of the only successes on what was otherwise a miserable defense. The signing of Mario Williams at defensive end, however, does make the Buffalo defense more likely to succeed, and therefore, make's Byrd more likely to stay. 

    Should Buffalo not resign him,though, the Broncos should definitely consider putting a bid in on this young, up-and-coming safety. 

2. Alan Branch, DT

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    Although safety will be the Broncos biggest need going into 2013, the defensive line, particularly the defensive tackle position, will need some addressing as well. 

    Alan Branch is not a flashy player, but he is fabulous at what he does, and this is exactly what the Broncos need - someone who clogs up the lane, stops the runner, and holds the line together. 

    The Broncos have plenty of pass rushers, but they need a run stopper like Branch. 

1. Mike Wallace, WR

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    I think Mike Wallace's free agency process next year has the potential to be the biggest and most publicized of the year, as the 25-year-old wide receiver is just hitting his stride and, by many predictions, will be the next elite wide receiver in the NFL. 

    The Broncos are not the team that needs to pursue Wallace the most, but they could certainly use the help at wide receiver, and obtaining someone of Wallace's potential is too good to pass on. 

    The fight for Wallace is going to be intense, and he will demand a multi-year, high figure deal. Have no doubts, he's worth the money.