Baseball's 15 Greatest Stadium Pranks of All Time

Mark MillerCorrespondent IJune 25, 2012

Baseball's 15 Greatest Stadium Pranks of All Time

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    The lighter side of baseball is part of what makes it so great. Every sport has its share of pranks, but the antics involved with baseball take on a different tone since they can surface in so many different ways.

    It could be a spring training prank, rookie hazing, the postgame shaving cream pie—basically anything resulting from players having too much time on their hands as they sit in the dugout.

    With that, here are some of the funniest stadium pranks of all-time.

Walk-Up Switch-Up

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    Many pranks are centered around clubhouses and spring training, leaving fans in the dark.

    Every once in awhile, however, fans are lucky enough to enjoy the humor of these situations.

    That was the case here, as Arizona Diamondbacks infielder Kelly Johnson came up to bat, only to hear that his at-bat theme song had been changed to "It's Raining Men."

Hot Foot

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    Bert Blyleven is one of the all-time great goofballs, as displayed by his choice of T-shirts.

    He also perfected the art of the hot foot, a prank that gets lots of laughs in the dugouts and absolutely shouldn't be mimicked by any Little Leaguers out there.

    Here we see a Detroit Tigers pitcher victimizing Don Kelly with the hot foot during a game at Target Field.

Cup on the Cap

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    Placing a bubble on top of a player's cap isn't an uncommon occurrence, but others choose to take it further.

    White Sox third-base coach Jeff Cox fell victim to this prank as he was given a little something extra on his helmet prior to the game, and he presented the lineup card to the umpires none the wiser.

Fan Giveaway

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    During Fan Appreciation Day in Toronto, it was announced that one lucky fan would be winning a car being brought onto the field by Joe Carter.

    Teammate Derek Bell's expression is priceless as he realizes that the car being "given away" is none other than his very own.

Not Going Anywhere

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    After seeing and hearing Pedro Martinez's behavior on and off the mound, you can hardly blame Nomar Garciaparra for wanting to take this action to keep the Red Sox ace in line.

Three-Man Lift

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    The three-man lift is a seemingly annual spring training tradition where rookies are entangled next to each other and a player subsequently attempts to lift them, or so they think.

    These guys have to know what's really coming, don't they?

Getting Bubble Gummed

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    While playing with the New York Mets, Luis Castillo fell victim to this all-too-common prank, as piece after piece of gum made its way onto his cap.

    When he finally retreated to the clubhouse and noticed it as he passed by a mirror, he was not at all amused.

    You'd think he'd only have himself to blame for failing to notice that 20 pieces of gum and a cup made their way onto the top of his head.

Scene of the Crime

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    Ryan Braun is the unquestioned leader of the Milwaukee Brewers, but I'm going out on a limb here and saying teammates may not want to follow his lead when it comes to base running.

    As if it wasn't enough for him to repeatedly see his base-running error on TV, his teammates were kind enough to mark the scene of the crime for him.

Bobby Valentine's Disguise

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    One of the more hilarious acts by a MLB manager comes to us courtesy of Bobby Valentine.

    During a game against the Toronto Blue Jays in June 1999, Valentine was ejected after arguing a catcher's interference call.

    Rather than catch the remainder of the game from the clubhouse, Valentine put on a fake mustache and street clothes and returned to the dugout in disguise.

    The Commissioner's office didn't see the humor of his act, suspending him $5,000 for making a return after the ejection.

Kyle Kendrick

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    Arguably the best prank in baseball history, it took a team effort to make sure Kyle Kendrick truly believed he was on his way out the door.

    The feeling of being traded can't feel good, especially when you think you're headed to the other side of the world.

Supportive Teammates

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    When it comes to positive emotions for baseball players, it probably can't get much better than the feeling of hitting a walk-off home run in extra innings.

    Seeing your teammates flock to home plate awaiting your arrival is the ultimate affirmation of what you've done for your team.

    Nate McLouth, unfortunately, wouldn't know anything about that as he reached home plate after hitting a walk-off home run in the Braves' 10th inning win over the Phillies, only to find no one there, no one in the dugout, no one in sight.

Mike Trout Gets His Name (and Number) out There

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    When you're a rookie, you speak when spoken to. At least that's the way Angels pitcher Jared Weaver looked at things when Mike Trout spoke out of turn during manager Mike Scioscia's team meeting.

    As a punishment, Weaver had Trout's cell phone number displayed on the scoreboard multiple times during the game.

    It's not known exactly how many of the roughly 3,000 people on hand gave Trout a jingle, but nevertheless, his number was changed after the incident.

Shaving Cream Pie

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    In what is probably one of the most common post-game pranks/celebrations in baseball today, player after player finds himself on the receiving end of a shaving-cream facial after getting a game-winning hit.

    Most will attest to the fact that it burns when it gets in your eyes, but since it typically means you've done something great to help your team, it's well worth the pain.

Repaying a Debt: Part 1

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    During his time with the Mariners, manager Lou Piniella won a wager with Ken Griffey Jr.

    He was supposed to repay the debt with a steak dinner, but he took that to an extreme, as Piniella found out when he entered his office.

Repaying a Debt: Part 2

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    You can't knock Ken Griffey Jr. for paying a debt to a teammate. Owing Reds teammate Josh Fogg $1,500, Griffey Jr. made sure to leave the payment in Fogg's locker.

    It must've been a heavy trip to the bank for Fogg as Griffey Jr. paid him in pennies...150,000 of them.