Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum Reportedly Heading to Germany for Knee Procedure

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIJune 7, 2012

Kobe Bryant is heading back to Germany for a knee procedure, and this time, he's taking center Andrew Bynum with him.

Mike Trudell of Lakers.com tweeted this:

The procedure obviously worked well for Kobe, so he'll go back to Germany, * Bynum will as well. Full details in new story tomorrow.

— Mike Trudell (@LakersReporter) June 7, 2012

The procedure is called Orthokine, and it's a non-invasive procedure. It entails a course of injections of plasma-rich platelets that is designed to stimulate healing in arthritis-affected areas.

Since Kobe had his initial procedure done, he has looked so much healthier on the court, sans the bad wrist, of course. It has seemingly done wonders for his arthritic knee, and he has even referred New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez to Dr. Wehling for the same procedure.

Greg Oden and Gilbert Arenas have also had the procedure done.

Bryant averaged just under 28 points per game while playing 38 minutes per game this past season. With the knee issues he had, that would have seemed impossible before the Orthokine procedure. That is seemingly because Bryant has been so willing to refer others to have the procedure done.

The Mamba may have become a bit of a trendsetter when it comes to medical treatment. If one athlete has success with a form of self-preservation, then others are sure to follow. That is especially the case when the athlete is as famous and influential as Bryant.

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It's possible the results could be different in other athletes, but they have obviously seen enough to give it a shot.

Hopefully, other athletes will experience the same types of results, and this can prolong careers and even help non-athletes.

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