UCLA Football: Interview with Quarterback Brett Hundley

Colan Lamont@clamontsportAnalyst IIJune 12, 2012

Hundley has been hailed as the 'savior' of UCLA football since he first arrived on campus.

A five-star recruit, much was expected of the 6'4" quarterback and pre-med student.  UCLA chose to redshirt Hundley last year—a surprise considering his abilities.

Blessed with a big arm and great mobility, I'm sure most UCLA fans are itching to see him get his chance on the field.

Chris Foster of the Los Angeles Times reports that Hundley may have opened some eyes with his spring game showing—completing seven out of eleven passes for one touchdown.  Hundley also showed his athletic ability by rushing for another touchdown.

Having to learn a new offense after spending a year learning the previous one may have been tough, but Hundley showed he is a quick learner judging by his spring game performance.

Hundley and I have just finished this interview, and I hope you enjoy it:

Colan Lamont: What convinced you to join UCLA when you had other big offers from the likes of Michigan and Oregon?

Brett Hundley: I really liked the aura and everything UCLA stood for.  It has great academics and the football team is on the rise

CL: How did redshirting improve your game?

BH: At first I was against it but after going through it, I can honestly say that redshirting was the best thing that could have happened to me.  I feel so much more comfortable with the collegiate level of football (in all aspects) and am still coming back as a freshman 

CL: After spending last year learning the system, how have you dealt with learning another new offense, has it been difficult?

BH: No, This offense is rather simple.  I learned this one a lot faster than the last one. (I can probably say after getting used to collegiate offenses last year is why I learned this one so much faster)

CL: How are the new coaching staff different to the last?

BH: I can't really explain that.  They just bring a whole new attitude and emotion to the team.

CL: How do you approach the quarterback competition going on between yourself, Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut?

BH: After learning as much as possible last year I realized my competition is with nobody other than myself.  KP & Rich are great QB's.  And all I'm trying to do is get that much better every day and the byproduct of becoming the best QB I can be will be winning the Starting QB position. 

CL: What can you bring to the offence that Prince and Brehaut can't?

BH: Ha, everyone asks this question.  KP and Rich Are truly amazing QB's who have amazing assets they can each individually bring to this offense.  I believe the thing I can bring is elusiveness and being able to take off when something breaks down or goes not as planned.  (Make something out of nothing.) ;)

CL: How did you cope with the pressure after being a much heralded recruit?

BH: I have a great family and friend base who is everything to me.  They kept me humbled and not worried about the things in which I couldn't control.

CL: What have you been working on during the offseason?

BH: Working, Working,...and working some more just to get that much better.

CL: Do you prefer being on the move or sitting back in the pocket?

BH: To be honest even though I have the ability to run I'd rather sit in the pocket and just throw the ball.  I mean sometimes just to change it up I like being able to run and make a play with my legs.

CL: Do you have a favorite play that you like to run?

BH: ALL STREAKS! Let someone make a play and score a TD!

CL: How much time do you spend working on your studies?

BH: A lot

CL: How did you feel about your spring game performance?

BH: Good, I feel as if I showed what I can do and how much more I have to develop.

CL: To what extent has Noel Mazzone improved your game?

BH: A lot, Mazzone has so much QB coaching experience.  He has helped me improve in the pocket and also with a lot of other QB essential things

CL: Is there a former/current NFL player that you admire most?

BH: Donovan McNabb (and Cam Newton).  They are great inspirations and amazing football players.

CL: Which opponent do you most look forward to facing?

BH: Ha, USC (I love rivalry games).

CL: Do you know much about the incoming class of 2012?

BH: Yes, I have personally met and talked to a good amount of them.  And I truly believe they will help this team achieve the goals we have set our minds upon.  (2 players from that class are actually from my school! Shout out to Javon Williams and Paul Perkins!)  I expect big things from them this year on the field.

CL: What are your expectations for UCLA's 2012/13 season?

BH: Just coming together and making a progressive step toward our major goal of winning a national championship.

Thanks to Brett for doing this interview and to Stephanie Sampson for making it happen.

Colan Lamont is a Contributor for Bleacher Report. Unless otherwise noted, all quotes were obtained first-hand.


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