Toronto Raptors' 2012 NBA Draft: 5 Prospects to Stay Away From

Patrick BrittonAnalyst IJune 3, 2012

Toronto Raptors' 2012 NBA Draft: 5 Prospects to Stay Away From

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    After the 2012 NBA draft lottery ended on Wednesday, the Toronto Raptors still found themselves drafting eighth overall.  

    While there are plenty of talented players available for the Raptors, there are certain players they should avoid drafting. Some of the players either don’t fit the their system or are overrated in mock drafts.

    While the future already looks bright for Toronto, this draft is still very important for the franchise going in the right direction. The Raptors would help themselves by not drafting any of these five players. 

1. Jared Sullinger

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    While Jared Sullinger dominated in college at times, he will find it difficult to repeat that at the pro level.

    Sullinger is not very athletic compared to the other power forward prospects. He possesses a below-the-rim game.

    With more players like Blake Griffin and Serge Ibaka coming into the league, Sullinger will struggle to cover players who are much more athletic than he is.  

2. Austin Rivers

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    Due to poor court vision and below-average passing skills, Austin Rivers will likely be a shooting guard in the NBA. However, he does not have great size for the position and will struggle defensively.

    Rivers looks for his shot first and I consider him too cocky for his own good. DeMar DeRozan is the future of the Raptors franchise and Toronto should avoid drafting the less-talented shooting guard out of Duke. 

3. Andre Drummond

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    If Andre Drummond were to slip this low in the draft, it would be because teams were scared of his lack of commitment.

    Drummond has the biggest “bust potential” by far in the draft. He is an extremely talented player, but what scares scouts is that he doesn’t seem to care whether he succeeds or not.

    Kwame Brown is one of the biggest busts in league history because of his lack of commitment, and Andre Drummond could easily follow in the same path.

    It would be a huge mistake for the Toronto to draft him. 

4. Jeremy Lamb

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    With DeRozan the future of Toronto, the Raptors would be foolish to use their lottery pick on Jeremy Lamb.

    Lamb is extremely thin and will struggle mightily against bigger shooting guards in the Atlantic Division such as Landry Fields and Evan Turner.

    He will struggle on offense to take contact and finish around the rim. He is too weak to fight off screens and cover bigger guards on defense. 

5. Tyler Zeller

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    With Jonas Valanciunas expected to come over to Toronto for next season, the Raptors should avoid drafting a center in 2012.

    Tyler Zeller is actually older than Valanciunas, and his potential is lower than many of the other draftees.

    While Zeller runs the floor extremely well for a big man, I don’t expect him to ever be more than a dependable backup center/power forward on a good team.  

    Zeller will definitely have a long NBA career, but will probably never be better than average during his prime.