Michigan Commit Logan Tuley-Tillman Receives Death Threats After Anti-OSU Tweet

Josh Berenter@JBerenterCorrespondent IMay 30, 2012

From Tuley-Tillman's Twitter: @LoganTillman
From Tuley-Tillman's Twitter: @LoganTillman

Logan Tuley-Tillman, a 17-year-old offensive tackle who committed to play football at Michigan in 2013, doesn't think too highly of Ohio State.

Tuley-Tillman showed his displeasure for OSU, tweeting a picture of a letter from the Buckeyes that he set on fire on May 26, which has caught the attention of people all over the country.

OSU fans didn't take Tuley-Tillman's picture too kindly, and they made sure the 6'7", 314-pounder from Peoria, Ill. would know it, sending him death threats via Twitter.

"I got threats coming at me from everywhere -- death threats," Tuley-Tillman said to AnnArbor.com's Kyle Meinke by phone on Tuesday. "I got somebody telling me he wants me to burn in hell. I got somebody talking about the Holocaust."

Tuley-Tillman, the No. 16 OT in the 2013 class, according to Scout.com, chose Michigan over about 20 schools, including OSU and five other Big Ten teams.

He hasn't hesitated to express his enthusiasm on Twitter for the chance to play at Michigan and knew he'd hear some chatter from Buckeye fans. But he said he was taken back by such strong hatred from people in Columbus about the burning letter.

"Why, 'cause I burned your team's envelope? Stuff like that I don’t understand," he told AnnArbor.com. "I’m only 17. It takes a lot of emotion for someone to do that, just over an affiliation to a school. But you know what? God bless 'em. I'm moving on."

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Tuley-Tillman received the OSU recruitment letter after already committing to Michigan and said he decided to burn it when he realized the school sent a letter to fellow Michigan commit, Mike McCray.

From MaizeAndBlueNation.com
From MaizeAndBlueNation.com

"They came to my house and they offered when I committed to Michigan," he said in Bryan Fischer's article on CBSSports.com. "There was just something about them. They're a good school, I just really hate the whole state of Ohio."

I understand that Michigan/OSU is arguably the most passionate, fierce rivalry in all sports, but sending death threats to a 17-year-old kid for burning an offer letter is far-and-away over the line.

People who send sports-related death threats to anyone, especially kids, need to think a little bit about what they're doing, and reprioritize their lives.

It's a game.

I'm all for intense rivalries and good-natured trash talk, but death threats? Seriously?

"It's the biggest rivalry in sports," Tuley-Tillman said to ESPN's WolverineNation. "It's sad that grown men and women get like this over a picture. I say women because there have been a few adult female Ohio State fans sending bad stuff, too. God bless them, though."

Tuley-Tillman said his mother heard gun shots near their home a few weeks ago and was particularly annoyed that some threats made their way to his mom.

"You know what? She’s such strong lady, it just makes me angry people would harass her," he said to AnnArbor.com. "She was pretty upset, because she was so proud of me throughout this process, and when I committed to Michigan."

From TheBigLead.com
From TheBigLead.com

The Michigan prospect has taken the threats better than most would. He handled the issue with class, and said he'll use it to fuel the fire—pun very much intended—to put his stamp, albeit respectfully, on the rivalry with OSU.

"It's just sick," he said. "I try not to look at it. I'm used to hearing (trash talk) from Ohio State fans. I normally just ignore it. But this, I'll use as motivation."

Buckeye fans won't get a chance to express their hate for Tuley-Tillman in person until his second season at Michigan in 2014 when the Wolverines travel to the Horseshoe.

As for this year, OSU hosts Michigan on Saturday, Nov. 24 at noon.

171 days away, for those counting.


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