Why Peyton Manning Won't Groom Brock Osweiler for Denver Broncos' Future

Eric Vincent@@IAmEricVincentCorrespondent IMay 22, 2012

Why Peyton Manning Won't Groom Brock Osweiler for Denver Broncos' Future

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    John Elway's game plan for rebuilding the Denver Broncos franchise seems to be through long- and short-term fixes at quarterback.

    Elway and the Broncos were ultimate winners of the bidding war for Peyton Manning this offseason, and they pulled another surprise move in the NFL draft when he used a second-round pick on Arizona State product Brock Osweiler.

    Osweiler has received tremendous support from Elway, who has called him "our guy for the future" and raved about the young quarterback's upside. After all this high praise, in due time Osweiler will get his chance to start as the franchise quarterback for Denver.

    Manning has always been a great leader by example, but don't expect the future Hall of Fame quarterback to sit and groom Osweiler. That's never been in Manning's makeup as a lifetime starter in the NFL, and that won't change in Denver.

    Here are a few reasons why Manning won't mentor the young Bronco quarterback.

1. Manning Signed to Play

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    Without Peyton Manning under center, this an average Denver Broncos team. Assuming he's healthy all season and still in vintage form, Manning makes this team an instant Super Bowl contender.

    Besides a rough rookie season with only three wins, Manning has always played with Super Bowl wishes in his sight. That exact mind set should still be in place this year.

    Despite the Broncos drafting a young quarterback for the future, Manning isn't thinking about that agenda. Elway brought Manning on board to play and win right now, not worry about the next 10 years.

    Manning is under a five-year contract with Denver, and Elway wants to see that $96 million investment pay off. That is a very strong possibility if Manning stays healthy and plays his game instead of molding someone else's.

2. Manning Backups Stay Just That

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    Because of Manning's strong career, the backups behind him never have panned out to be anything more than just that. Players like Curtis Painter and Jim Sorgi have had the luxury of watching and learning the art of a quarterback from Manning during their career, but never amounted to anything higher than an insurance policy.

    Not to suggest Manning is a selfish player at all. If anybody epitomizes a team player, Manning has. However, Manning's contributions have been through winning on the field more so than sitting and tutoring the young players behind him.

    At 36 years old, the hourglass on Manning's career isn't full on time anymore. At some point, Manning will have to pass the torch to Osweiler as the next Broncos quarterback. All that learning will have to come from what Osweiler picks up as he watches and develops behind Manning.

3. Osweiler a Sure Franchise QB?

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    Osweiler showed great potential as a pro during his days at Arizona State. The 21-year-old rookie has just about all the physical capabilities and leadership skills to succeed at the next level.

    However, Osweiler still needs plenty of time to develop into the franchise quarterback Elway thinks he can be.

    Osweiler only started 15 games during his three-year term at Arizona State, raising suspicions of his capability to handle the heavy load of an NFL quarterback. In his junior season, Osweiler threw 4,035 yards and 25 touchdowns.

    Osweiler at times did show signs of being reckless with five games of throwing two or three interceptions. He'll need to control himself as well as learning to control an NFL offense to succeed in Denver.

    The rookie Bronco will spend a few years sitting behind Manning and learning the ins and outs of the game. With already great reviews from Elway and John Fox on Osweiler's progression, he must continue to take steps forward everyday. Osweiler sitting and learning behind Manning could either benefit him in the way of Aaron Rodgers or set him back like Kevin Kolb.

    The Broncos are definitely hoping for the first option more than anything else.