25 Most Fun in-Game College Football Traditions

Dan Vasta@CI_StatsGuruSenior Writer IIIMay 17, 2012

25 Most Fun in-Game College Football Traditions

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    College football is at its best when their fans are on their feet jumping for joy and screaming at the top of their lungs. 

    We have gone over the best game day experiences already, but we have not mentioned the best in-game traditions.

    Anything before or after the game would not be considered in-game since it must be when the game is technically being played.

    Obviously, when the game is in between quarters or at halftime, that would still count as an in-game tradition.

    There are hundreds of traditions that we have seen every fall Saturday, but here are your top 25 most fun in-game traditions of college football.

    Note: Howard's Rock, for example, would not count since it is before kickoff. Alma mater songs are after the game, so they, too, would not count. Feel free to shout out your personal favorite if it did not make the list. There are no rankings here.

Michigan: 'Seven Nation Army'

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    Everybody knows about Michigan’s Go Blue Banner and "Hail to the Victors," but in terms of when the game is underway, there may not be many stadiums that get put into a frenzy like The Big House does.

    During their night game this past season against Notre Dame, Michigan’s stadium was truly electric.  The fans were on their feet practically the entire game, and it was a thrill just to watch from our couches. 

Wisconsin: 'Jump Around'

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    One of the elite atmospheres in the Big Ten and in all of America, Wisconsin knows how to party.

    Game-day experiences are amazing, but once certain games get underway, the atmosphere dies down a bit.

    That is not the case in Camp Randall, especially when the third quarter comes to a conclusion. “Jump Around” is one of the greatest in-game traditions in the sport.

Florida State: Warchant/Tomahawk Chop

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    The Florida State band is solid during the game, but the fans love nothing more than doing the old FSU tomahawk chop.

    We see the Atlanta Braves use the hand gesture full of tradition at Turner Field, but the Seminoles' student section is more impressive showing it off at the Doak in front of 80,000-plus screaming fans (especially during night games).

Florida: Gator Chomp/'We Are the Boys from Old Florida'

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    The Gator Chomp is one of the better and more recognizable chants in all of sports. The Seminoles have their tomahawk chop, but the Gators are right there with that darn addictive Gator bait.

    Life in the Swamp is not always enjoyable because not only is it loud, but the opposition can expect to feel as if they are getting eaten alive by real gators.

    Also, do not forget that when the third quarter comes to an end, the singing of “We Are the Boys from Old Florida,” one of the best songs, takes place, to which the entire stadium sways together in unison (the song is believed to have originated in the 1920s).

Texas: Hook ‘Em Horns

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    Many argue the Longhorns have the best celebratory hand signal in all of sports. Just screaming, “Hook ‘Em” means so much down in Austin, but it is being used all around the country.

    Whether you despise Texas and use the downward Hook ‘Em (if you happen to be a Boomer Sooner) or if you just try out the hand signal on for size, it is rather popular.

Arkansas: Hog Call

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    “Woooooooooo, Pig! Sooie!

    Is there a more random, yet better chant that is full with as much pageantry as this one from the Razorbacks?

    Not only is it awesome to cheer for a team that has a pig as their mascot, but if you watched the Razorbacks' offense, you would swear that they could fly on the gridiron.

    It is chants like these that make you believe college football and college sport overall is the best.

Nebraska: Throw the Bones

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    Any big play by a defensive Cornhusker will allow the fans and players to form an "X" by crossing their arms in front of their chest.

    Nebraska is such a historic program that the traditions are endless, but even the in-game experiences can go on forever with the red balloons (let loose after first TD).

Ohio State: Script Ohio and Dotting the 'i'

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    Done usually before the game, we will also see the dotting of the “i” after the game and/or at halftime.

    Carmen Ohio, of course, is the obvious choice for traditions, but it is done after the game. For true experiences during the game, also do not forget about the simple O-H-I-O chants that are never-ending.

Michigan State: Zeke the Wonder Dog/ 3rd-Quarter Cheer

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    Most Big Ten fans will say you better witness the halftime show in East Lansing.

    Usually, that is when you make your run to get some food or drinks and or use the restrooms, but missing out on Zeke the Wonder Dog is not a smart choice.

    Canines that can catch Frisbees with the best of them is enjoyable, and in case you like to really be entertained, just wait for the third quarter to end.

    The MSU drum line will go off in the southeast corner of the stadium by getting the fans on their feet as they prep for the final quarter of regulation.

Penn State: Whiteout

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    Beaver Stadium is amazing to witness at night time, but the whiteout is a spectacle. The Big Ten is known for their stadiums, but their fans are right there with arguably any conference in America.

    Throw in the, “We are…Penn State” cheers, and you will just fall for the Nittany Lions.

    Most are aware of the s-zone where the student sections is, but the music traditions that are played brings a ton of memories ("Don't Stop Believin'," "Sweet Caroline," "Hey, Baby" and "Livin' on a Prayer").

    Plus, if this video doesn't get you pumped for Penn State football or college football in general, then maybe you should check your pulse.

Iowa: I.O.W.A

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    The Hawkeyes do not get nearly enough love these days because they have appeared in just two BCS games since the BCS era began in 1998.

    However, after every touchdown for the Hawkeyes at home or on the road, fans will shout out I-O-W-A as if they will never score again. The Hawkeyes' most popular tradition when the game is over would be, “In Heaven, There is No Beer/Hawkeye Victory Polka.”

    Many programs have tremendous traditions before the game, but not all have a ton during the game. The Hawkeyes have a few underrated traditions before, during and after the game.

    Note: "Back in Black" and "The Swarm" are pre-game rituals for the Hawkeyes, so they would not qualify since we are talking about in-game experiences

Virginia Tech: 'Hokey Pokey'

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    The Hokies love their “Hokey Pokey” dance after the end of the third quarter, and most know how raucous the crowd can get.

    Before the game gets underway, “Enter Sandman” will get everybody going, and once the game gets started, everybody is ready to go.

    The firing of “Skipper” is exciting as well for Virginia Tech, as the cannon will light up the crowd after every single score.

Miami FL: The U

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    Everybody knows as soon as the smoke clears and the players come storming out to get the game underway, it is only a matter of time before you see the entire stadium flash “The U” right at your face from point-blank range.

    The swagger that it gives the players, fans and everybody around the stadium is epic, but it is so much more than that. Sebastian the Ibis is legendary, and he has been flashing “The U” up for decades.

    Lil’ Joe and Touchdown Tommy are cannons that are fired after every 'Canes touchdown, just in case you were sleeping during the game.

    Last but not least, many believe that the four fingers held up high was indeed invented by Miami.

    Their tradition has been famous for a while now and once that third quarter comes to an end, everybody in the stadium will hold those four fingers up high to make everybody realize how vital it is to close out a ball game. 

Alabama: Rammer Jammer Cheer

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    Often chanted before and after games, Alabama’s famous victory cheer is done in the closing moments of the ball game when the victory is locked up.

    As soon as the fat lady begins to sing, the fans will follow with this classic, quick chant, which changes upon their opponent. Ending with, "Rammer Jammer, Yellowhammer, give ‘em hell, Alabama!"

    Throw in the mascot name of the opponents and every Alabama fan in the stadium can sleep peacefully at night knowing their team kicked the teeth in of the opposition. 

LSU: Geaux Tigers

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    Regardless of the athletic team, the Bayou Bengals will be cheering on their Tigers no matter what.

    Geaux Tigers means “Go Tigers,” as it acknowledges their French heritage, but it has become an automatic saying, whether LSU is at home or on the road. 

Tennessee: 'Rocky Top'

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    After every Volunteer score, the band and all of Neyland Stadium will shout out the infamous “Rocky Top” fight song.

    Many absolutely hate the song, but nobody likes losing, and when an opposing team is having more fun than you, it is hard not to frown or be disappointed.

    The Vols are absolutely loaded with traditions and game-day experiences, but in terms of in-game ones, this takes the cake.

USC: Traveler and Tommy the Trojan

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    Every score can be vital in college football, especially when you are trying to make a statement. USC may be making a ton of statements with Matt Barkley back for business, but that isn’t the most important news.

    The more scores, of course, means more exercise for Tommy the Trojan and his buddy, Traveler.

    They roam and race down the sidelines after every score, but they may be a bit tired when the offense is putting up 40 points nearly every game in the upcoming season.

Oklahoma: Boomer Sooner

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    The Sooners are known for their pregame ritual of having the Sooner Schooner come out, but that of course is before kickoff.

    In terms of in-game traditions, you do not need to go any further than the Sooners' endless tradition of shouting, “Boomer...Sooner!”

Oklahoma State: 'The Waving Song'

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    Pistol Pete is one hell of a mascot, but there were a ton of touchdowns that were scored in Stillwater one season ago.

    So, most witnessed “The Waving Song” quite a bit last season, as Mike Gundy enjoyed Brandon Weeden, Joseph Randle and Justin Blackmon going bonkers for his Pokes.

Kansas: Rock Chalk Jayhawk

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    The basketball program is clearly on another level compared to the football squad, but Charlie Weis is hoping to change that.

    The fans will be primed and ready for some immediate success, and we can always count on one of the more famous and tradition-filled chants in all of college sports.

West Virginia: 'Let’s Go, Mountaineers'

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    “Take Me Home, Country Roads” is a great postgame rant to sing along to, but this is after the game. As far as in-game traditions, the Mountaineers will still get pumped up on key first- and third-down conversions.

    The crazed fans are creative with their chants, as they will shout, “OH” until the P.A. announcer makes it official for the first down. The simple shouting of “Let’s go, Mountaineers” is simple and easy, but the Morgantown faithful makes it seem much better than your average cheer.

    Geno Smith and that offense will be explosive in 2012, so expect the “Mountaineer Maniacs” to be rocking and rolling all season long.

    Note: Firing off the musket should be added as well to the many traditions of the Mountaineers.

Pittsburgh: 'Sweet Caroline'

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    Neil Diamond is loved by everybody at Heinz Field, and win or lose, the Panthers will enjoy when the third quarter comes to a conclusion.

    Even if the game is in question, their fans make it well known that “Sweet Caroline” is the perfect fun-loving song to enjoy at a football game.

    Note: The red zone pouring of ketchup on the JumpTron is not too shabby of a tradition, either.

Purdue: 'Boiler Up'

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    It is tradition for a student to bring the capital "P" to the stands, but shouting “Boiler Up” clearly never gets old.

    Any sort of an exciting long gain or touchdown will ensure a quick chant from the fans, but the Boilermakers thoroughly enjoy having a good time before, during and after athletic events.

    Boiler Up!

Notre Dame: Irish Jig

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    The traditions are endless on game day in South Bend. Notre Dame is like heaven if you have not been there, but it really is a spectacle.

    The excitement and pageantry in the air is arguably the best experience in all of sports. There is never any down time in which you will be waiting for the fans to not get on their feet with some sort of chant. 

    Going from the band to the the Irish jig with their mascot, games in South Bend only make you wish that every single day was a Saturday.

Texas A&M: 12th-Man Towels

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    Truly one of the most passionate fanbases in the entire country, Texas A&M loves their college football just as much as any program out there.

    Even before they won by receiving the most votes for College Gameday to come to College Station to film an upcoming commercial, the campus goes bonkers every weekend during the fall.

    Whether we are talking about before, during or after the game (yell leaders always get the crowd going), the Aggies have arguably more pageantry than any team on the planet, and they will fit right in with the SEC.